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  1. Staff of the Month - April 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! All the best, Cj
  2. Player of the Month - June 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Tabitha You've been extremely helpful in-game, answering questions and helping newer players whenever you can. We hope to see your continued support to Ataraxia! Congratulations, Kind regards, The Staff Team