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  1. Gambling: No again. Pretty much all of the reasons for not wanting it are valid. Deaths: RS3-esque system, where you can pay coins to recover the items you have. It's a solid gold sink, and dying will actually mean something. Ideally, a death in absolute max gear (melee, range, or mage) would be about 50M, and you can scale down from that. Wildy and PVP: Honestly, a mix of everything. Make the high-tier weapons and armor scale to a more reasonable standard when fighting players, but retain the power when fighting NPCs - as well as adding new content. The wilderness is desperate for stuff that isn't just PVP, WildyWyrms, and Lava Styrkewyrms.
  2. On topic, thanks for the Diamond zone! That plus the spin discount is just totally tempting me to get that $125 extra credit on my account. And thanks for fixing T90 boots. Much love.
  3. IGN: Donald Trump Worth giving it a shot. Good luck.
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    Voting no. Gambling has always been a source of problems throughout every private server I've played since gambling was a thing. If not for the social and community unrest it ends up causing, the economical ones are much greater and impossible to control without creating incredibly controversial incidents. There's plenty of issues that are bound to arise the second any form of it gets implemented. Here's a few I can think of now People will stake their banks, lose, rage, and quit. People will hoard wealth. I'm not against hoarding your wealth, but only if you've actually earned it the right way. Winning a game of chance is not a legitimate earning. Gold may end up becoming a useless item and the only way to trade is with items. This leads to issues for new players and existing ones. When gold is worthless, or wealth is too hoarded to have enough items to go around, what do you do? Do you take the items from the hoarders, effectively stealing from them? Do you reset the economy effectively fucking everybody for the actions of a small few? I vote for the end goal of the server, rather than what I feel I'd do. I'd probably gamble if it passed. But it's not something that would end up working well for this server.