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  1. The reason I made the different locked types was so that a few people couldn't just bet insanely high amounts to fill the pot (locking everyone else out) It could always be expanded upon in the future, making it so that certain cc's can host their own lottery games etc etc
  2. 2. Good idea, I've added it to the backlog until it gets confirmed. 3. More random skilling events is a good idea as well. Could actually make this into a big update with a variety of different events and useful items. But it depends on what you guys want
  3. What about if there's > 3 players it starts automatically, if there's any less than a prompt will come up asking the player(s) if they want to start an early game. If anyone declines, the game does not start. In this case, exceptions could be made for those games (less monsters, etc.) Does that sound alright?
  4. I'd be glad to take on this task!