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  1. I'll be posting a dev blog about this sometime next week
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, been added to the backlog and I'll take a look at it.
  3. Great work these past two weeks everyone. Been hectic. Would like to give a personal shoutout to @Vincent, @Snowie, @E36 and all of the other beta testers for their help this patch
  4. Will be looking into this and will lock it once it's on our private issue tracker
  5. Ataraxia Updates #16 - LootShare - Pest Control Expansion - The Exterminator - Dominion Tower Expansion... DREADNIPS!!! [+] General Changes - Removed spam from Drop Catcher dialogue - ;;toggleperks command for toggling the drop catcher and arcane alchemist perks - Rare token trivia answer has been changed to 25 from 30 - Herbicide now works for noted herbs - Drop catcher will now pick up ghostly essence and AOD drops - Ectoplasmator will now count towards bones buried - Trisk Fragments are now picked up with the Drop Catcher perk - Hydrix has been removed from LMS Common loot & the price has been increased in the shop - Khopesh weapons finally have stats - Discord sync is now be fixed - ;;clue & ;;trivia will refer you to the relevant guide - You can now attack with a Scythe while 2 tiles away [+] Pest Control Expansion - Novice and Intermediate boats are unaffected by this expansion (excluding the QOL changes) - You can now start a game early if all players in the boat accept - Monsters are scaled to the boat level and team size - New mechanics have been added and the monsters/portals have been buffed - Rewards have received a large buff (agro pots, PVP armors, herbs, secondaries, etc. 👀) [+] LootShare - Rare drops will split between players in the form of "virtual shards". When you receive 120 virtual shards of an item, you will receive that item (physical shards will be added once we fix issues with the cache) - Common drops will be randomly awarded based on LootShare points/potential (LSP). Every time you don't receive a drop your LSP goes up - There is a delay of 2 minutes before LootShare will activate - Ironmen cannot use LootShare, sorry 🙂 [+] Dominion Tower Expansion - Every round of Dominion Tower will now grant you Dominion Factor, you can spend this at the store to gain BONUS Experience in Combat skills as well as flat experience! - You can receive a Fire Lycan pet for 20 million Factor..! - As well as buy Dreadnips. These little scarabs will fight alongside you when deployed! [+] The Exterminator Valued at only $7! - Boosts your damage in Pest Control by 25% - Double the amount of rolls on the Pest Control loot table (4 instead of 2) [+] Dominion Domination - This new perk follows the Dominion Tower expansion.. - Costing $10, the Dominion Domination perk grants the following: - Gives an extra boss killcount each kill in Dominion Tower (stacking with minigamer) - Gives 2.5x factor each kill in Dominion Tower. - Gives 25% more bonus experience from DT rewards - Gives 25% more experience to a skill from DT rewards. [+] What Noele has been doing - Noele has been working hard on an awesome logging system on the Admin CP of the Website.. - This includes: Ad Referral tracking, In-game logs tracking & Website registration tracking. - I'm sure I can't go into nearly as much detail as it's worth.. But here: - This will help the entire staff team have a place to track in-game activities and chat logs from the comfort of the Forums/Website. - On top of this, the Ad referral tracking will be extremely helpful for our upcoming Advertisement plans. We'll be able to trace where the best Traffic is coming from and tailor our advertisements towards the websites that do so. - We've also sourced some fancy new artwork: Just a couple to show. [+] Media Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here! There wasn't much this week, as almost all of this is Lare & Jordan's work. Arham has had IRL responsibilities. I have to personally apologise for my lack of activity recently, I've moved house and have been without internet for two weeks. The next few weeks we'll be tryharding getting Advertisements and awesome updates out for you all. Thanks for sticking with us. And a huge shoutout to Lare & Jordan for this week.. And of course.. Noele. Thanks to Jaedmo for writing these patch notes! ❤️
  6. Good ideas so far everyone. I agree that ;;help is lacking info, would any of you be down to write a more thorough guide? You all know the game much better than I do.
  7. @Socrates How do you not receive all the rewards?
  8. This is a wonderful suggestion, and I'd happy to work on it. Although coding what you described would be a pretty big undertaking (which would require a LOT of testing), so I do think it'd be worthwhile to consider what @Skcam is trying to say. Doing this and then having it be dead content would be a massive waste of time. In my opinion though, things like "who has raw sharks?" will be resolved if the rewards for skilling contracts are good enough. If they're good enough, sharks will become more valuable since they're needed to obtain the rewards. It's all about making skilling resources more valuable.
  9. Locking as the thread has died down and I've received all details for this.
  10. Keep the suggestions coming, I'll lock this topic once the next patch notes are released and work begins on it.
  11. Okay, I'm gonna look this over with the other devs and hopefully come up with a plan to get this in a future patch
  12. I like this idea. Ideally, I'd rather scrap dailies completely since the code is a mess and redo it as "skilling slayer." Idk how you guys feel about that though But I could just keep both as well. Another idea I had was to add rare "high level" random events where you can get some goodies.
  13. The reason I made the different locked types was so that a few people couldn't just bet insanely high amounts to fill the pot (locking everyone else out) It could always be expanded upon in the future, making it so that certain cc's can host their own lottery games etc etc