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  1. IGN: Con V2 This is a very good idea to actually boost forums activity, Great thinking.
  2. Well in pest control you need like 4-5 players to start a game & not many people play pest control at all so acquiring Void or upgraded void armours is quite difficult at least for the newer players, Also all the people with void already will not even attempt to do pest control. So for my suggestion, I think it would be a good idea to decrease the players needed to start a game of Pest Control to either 2 or 3 players so all the players wanting to get there void armour have a easier time trying to get it. With decreasing the players needed to start a game of pest control also obviously comes with will that player even be able to finish the game of Pest Control well is there any chance there could be a rewritten version of Pest Control so that the difficultly of Pest Control could be decreased also for the people soloing or duoing it. So basically the game is scaled off of how many people are in the boat to make it easier for players to solo/duo just like the way complexity 1 sort of scales off of the combat level of the player doing that dungeon in dungeoneering. Don't know whether this would actually be able to be done or not so if anyone actually support's this leave a comment whether you do or not & we'll see what happens 😄 Thanks for reading.
  3. Con's Trivia Guide Let me start off by saying welcome to my Ataraxia Trivia guide in this guide you will find out all sorts of different information based on the in-game event called trivia, this guide will attempt to answer all the questions you could possibly have! What Will This Guide Contain? Trivia Rewards Where you will find the Trivia questions How do I answer the trivia questions How often the Trivia Event happens Questions & Answers Where can I spend my trivia points(NPC Location, NPC Name & Points Shop). Trivia Rewards This will be a little section explaining the rewards you can get when you answer questions correctly so when you answer a question correctly you will earn rewards one of those rewards will be Trivia Points which you can spend in the Trivia Shop & the other reward is a cash reward, 7 people can get the answer correct before the round closes and you have to wait until the next round so the prizes of coins vary between the highest amount to the lowest amount. The highest amount of coins you can gain by answering correctly is obviously being the first person to answer the question right. Most of the questions you answer where you have answered first will be a 375k cash prize but in certain circumstances you can earn somewhere up to 560k, that's a rough estimate then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and last but not least 7th place will also earn coins & points but it will decrease bit by bit until 7 people have answered correctly and then the round ends in which you will need to wait another 6 minutes before answering. Where You Can Find The Questions Where can you find the Trivia questions you may ask yourself, It's pretty easy to be fully honest but for the few who don't see them because at times they can be hard to see with all the people talking in the Friends Chat and all the worldMessages. There's a simple answer they can be found in the chat box where all the talking action goes on, I will post a screenshot below of where you can find them so you can look out for them in the future. As you can see in the screenshot above, It has [Trivia] which means it is a trivia question & the question being "Which Dagannoth King uses magic attacks?" so now we have this and the next question might be well, How do I answer these questions? I will explain that in the next section below so be sure to keep scrolling. How Do I Answer The Trivia Question? In this section of the Guide, I will be explaining how to answer the Trivia Questions in the event of some people not knowing how to again it's a pretty simple explanation but we where all new player's at one point & it was the case with me I had to ask how to answer the question because I wasn't sure how to and the commands list did not tell me how to answer these question. Anyway back to my Guide below you will find a screenshot on how to answer the Trivia Questions That's right, It's that simple you can answer the question by either typing ;;ans Or ::ans - The most efficient way of typing it would be ;;ans because it's the fastest way of typing it which means faster answers & more $$$ for your money pouch. How Often Does The Event Happen? After thoroughly testing the event timing's for at least 30 minute's I've found that the Trivia Event asks new questions every 6 Minutes so if you time it right & plan ahead you could always be one of the first people to answer obviously requiring that you have speedy finger & Also know the answer to the Trivia question. Questions & Answers Questions & Answers will either be listed below or you will be able to download a .txt file that you can keep and have open for whenever a question pops up that you don't know the answer to. I hope you all have some good luck at answering these questions and getting some points and money gains! INFO: To make finding the question you're looking for faster press CTRL + F and type some of the question into the search bar, I believe for MAC user's its COMMAND + F and then the same applies. Questions & Answers.txt Where Can I Spend My Trivia Points? The next question you might ask yourself in confusion is where on earth do I spend my trivia points & what can I buy from the Trivia Point shop, I will be posting screenshots of where you can find the Trivia Point NPC, What he's called & What you can buy with your Trivia Points. You can find the Trivia Point Shop at home at the ;;home teleport or up near your mini-map below the World Map there is a Home Teleport Icon, If you click that it will give you two options the first being the Home Teleport & the 2nd one being The Loadstone Network. The option you want to select is the Home Teleport. Now the Trivia Points NPC which is called Wise Old Man, can be found on the east side of ;;home depending on whether you have your home set as "Kingdom". Once you have found the NPC named the Wise Old Man & you have talked to him, He will give you numerous different options the option we want to take here is option number 1 which is "Trivia Points Exchange" to open his shop to start browsing to see what we want. The next topic is what can you buy with your Trivia Points, There is an assortment of items that you can buy with your Trivia Points you can find items in there such as Mystery Box, Cosmetic Items(Gnome Scarfs, Jester Scarfs, Halo's) Weapons such as Staff Of Light & Crystal Bow, Magic Armour & Small, Medium & Large Protean Packs & a few more items. Now you have spent your Trivia Points, the next step you need to do answer some more questions and gain yourself some more cash and points and then come back at a later date when you have more points to spend in the Trivia Store. Thank you for taking the time to read through my Guide, If you thought it was helpful & would like to support the Guide, please don't hesitate to leave a little like and comment. If you find that I have left anything out at all like a section I have missed of what to do, Any questions or absolutely anything at all please leave a comment and let me know what it is and I will do my best to rectify that mistake as soon as possible to make sure this guide stay's up to do for the newcomers to assist them and help them through there experience at Ataraxia as much as possible. Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoyed the Guide. There will be more to come, Con.