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  1. Really looking forward to trying the new pest control additions out, Good job @lare96 & @_jordan Great work and good job on the forums stuff @Noele. Also thanks for adding them commands in @arham 4 should help the newer players find there way around much easier.
  2. Add abyssal whip as a reward from the crystal chest
  3. Good application, loving how much effort you've put into it man, sorry to say I disagree with you being a support reasons being I've been online at the same time plenty of times and you don't really seem to be that active, you come on for a couple of hours (1-2) and then your off, also again with me being on around the same time as you I feel that you don't really have extensive knowledge about Ataraxia, it's not all about answering questions but ever since you've joined Ataraxia you seem to be really staff hungry and in my opinion them kinds of people always have bad intentions. Best of luck with your application though mate.
  4. Welcome to the server, Hope you enjoy yourself & I look forward to seeing you in-game!
  5. 1- The whole idea behind it is so that skilling is more profitable, Plat and diamond donors have there own OP methods which include, protean tree's & rocks, Gem stone rocks, divine locations etc. This isn't intended for plat & diamond donors. Not everything done within the server have to be done for plat and diamond donors, I'm a plat donor and quite frankly i'm getting sick of seeing higher tier donator get all the best things whilst all the low level, lower donation wise people just sitting there with jack shit. 2 - Yes, there are skilling locations within donor locations but there are also locations all around the map which people would have to use to acquire certain items for example, rocktails and cavefish. 3 - That is the whole idea, basically scrap the task system that is already in place and replace it with this suggestion, there are more than enough supplies to keep the economy going doing tasks. Also again the whole idea within this suggestion is to make skilling more profitable for "skillers", hence this would create more trading of magic logs, yew logs, sharks, rocktails, cavefish... etc. Which would increase the price of certain items & again make skilling more profitable for the skillers within the server + it would drive the prices of the existing items already in the economy & once they settle down a bit it might not be to bad. 4 - Devs are always looking for new challenging project, I have no doubt in my mind at all that something like this would probably be easy for the dev's. 5 - I do not feel like this would be very perk heavy to be fully honest & even if this was to increase the people of the server buying more perks that would help Ataraxia out in the long run with donations which I know for a fact that Jaedmo & the other staff members would be thrilled to see an increase of donations flowing through the server. 6 - The tasks would depend on how the dev's do it, if they want to add things for lower levels like getting lobsters, sharks, cavefish, rocktails they could they don't all have to be mediocre & like one of the things you could buy was something to do with getting rid of shit lower level tasks so they wouldn't be mediocre if you spent your points wisely. Also no shop is needed people just actually have to skill and go and get these raw materials on there own, no everyone necessarily needs to do it, for example people who PvM all day every day they have the own methods of making money & this one is solely for the skillers of the server. It would increase the prices for everything within the server so it would make skillers want to actually play! This would bring more skillers into the economy and more trading, more players = more donations & more votes, more trading = better economy. In the long run this idea could really benefit the server if done the right way. If you was to buy these raw materials it would cost you more money than usual yes but if you acquired the stuff yourself it would cost you nothing. If said task was to collect 500 raw rocktail that would make you money also. Got to actually think about all the positive reasons.
  6. Pooof mind blow away, I think this has got to be one of the best suggestion's I have quite possibly ever seen tbh! The amount of thought and detail put into this seems like a LOT. +1 Support
  7. Goodluck Exoz my dude, don't worry about what Bolin says too much at the end of the day the requirements are there to stop stupid post's like 10 hours played & stuff. If you're committed etc I wouldn't worry, maybe you'll get lucky. No where in the rules or anything does it say that your not allowed to tell people about your support application over yell, i done it to make people aware I applied.
  8. Have fun with whatever you are doing matey, Come back when your good & ready to.
  9. +1 Seems like a good idea but like E36 said it all depends on the demand from other players. When it comes to things like magic logs and rune essence, plenty of that is dropped from Abby demons and other bosses & dragon bones are dropped by the 40s by Corporeal beast so they're relatively easy to get. Also you have things like rune ore, adamant ore & coal that are dropped by bandos boss, so things like that would need nerfing to be able to enhance the demand needed of those item's to make the Economy better. I do however thing that slayer should be somewhat more profitable, it is already as it is by picking up all the rune armour/weapons drops and selling them to the general store but I would suggest for easy, medium and hard caskets to be added to slayer tasks. Reward from the caskets being cash.
  10. Great updates as per usual, Dev team!
  11. Looking good already man. Can't wait to see the rest of this stuff. Glad to have another legendary going for goals.
  12. Great Effort on this man, absolutely amazing! Good suggestion to make all combat types all be on par too.
  13. Great Job on the updates guys, keep it up.
  14. Thanks for this Chris, Really helpful guide P.S - Check your spelling 🙂
  15. Thank you man, Hmm yeah I wonder mate maybe a little race to max is in order 😛 Sure have man and will do bro