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  1. Vincent

    Hello there

    Welcome to Ataraxia! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Hardcore life (while it lasts)! Looking forward to seeing your progress
  2. The cow's been turned into a burger. F.
  3. Ironmen and Ironwomen will now receive daily spins according to their donation rank! You can use the Imbued Gear, which has been reduced from 15k to 10k chimes, to upgrade your decimation!
  4. I like what you've written here! This guide will be useful for players that have just made their account and aren't too sure of which gamemode to pick, and for older players who are considering changing gamemodes and are unsure of the pro's and cons. What I do like to suggest here though, is to make it more attractive visually. Add some colours, some pictures, etcetera. Some examples of this could be ironman icons, and the NPC that allows you to change gamemode.
  5. Vincent


    Welcome to Ataraxia, Cola! Have already had the privilege of talking to you earlier, glad to have you with us!
  6. Time for some February updates! February 1st: Bernie, the Firemaking pet, at 5288 Actions! Just casually started my daily and poof, there he was February 3rd: Another Mysery Box pet obtained! My (and probably a lot of others too) favourite mbox pet, Zenn! February 7th, a good day. I have started my hunt for the ascension signets, hoping to get all necessary pieces before the end of the month. I wasn't yet greeted with the signet yet, but this is even better! The second boss pet on the account! And a couple kills later, 5 billion total exp! February 11th: By now, I have obtained all 6 signets. I didn't screenshot them, as I wanted to refrain from putting in 7 screenshots (signets plus limbs) all in here. But I did manage to get my ascension crossbow today!
  7. These armour sets are currently in the game, as a reward from the Last Man Standing minigame. I'm not too sure of the sets' stats, but I do believe that they're kind of obsolete, and could use an usability buff overall.
  8. In-Game Name: 2595 Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1, Nationality: Dutch Why do you want to be Support?: When I first joined Ataraxia, I, like most other new players, had two questions. Do I like this server? And do I like the people on this server? Both of these questions were positively answered within my first five minutes of playtime. I was wholeheartedly welcomed by both the players and the members of staff that were online. I was guided by some experienced players until I grew stronger.. Up until the moment they kicked me out of the nest to see if I could fly by myself. Luckily, I was able to. It is that amazing feeling when you get back home after a vacation that I want to provide to anyone logging into the server. Whether they’re completely new, veterans that have been playing for years, and everything that lies in between. Making sure that people enjoy their time on the server is of utmost importance to me, as I enjoy providing the same experience that I have had, and am still having. Ataraxia is an amazing server with a loving and dedicated community, including the Staff and the Developers. I am extremely happy to be a part of this community, and would be excited to be able to take it to the next level. What experience do you have?: I have held staff positions on three different servers, the smallest one was slightly larger than Ataraxia currently is. Does size matter? Well, I guess it’s up to the gentlemen in this case to decide. While this number might seem low, each of these periods exceeded a year and a half, and would end the same day the server closed. I’d like to think this shows my dedication to the places I have considered my online home. In terms of RuneScape experience itself, I have played since 2008. I haven’t played too much for the past 2 years, but when I do, it’s RS3. OSRS, while it’s great to have it, just feels like a RSPS with the EXP rate set to x1.. Meh, I just couldn't be bothered playing it. I love watching it on Twitch, though. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Every new person that enters the staff team carries a certain level of risk. Do they perform well? How do they affect the rest of the team? Are they here to stay? I, without doubt, can reassure you that these risks are non-existent with me. I am in good contact with the current team and the rest of the community. I’ve played since the old days where Vichy was still in charge, which has ensured me that I know most that there is to know. My current weak spot, and I am completely transparent on that, is End-Game PvM knowledge. Working on it! All other aspects of the game are incredibly solid. I am confident that I hold the characteristics that make a great player; comradery, trustworthiness, honesty, and some lovable banter when the time is right. With Ataraxia improving and growing at the rate that it currently is, I foresee a great many things, continuing for a long, long time. And I’d love to be a part in that. How much free time do you have?: At a bare minimum, 4 hours per day. There might be days where it’s a bit less, but there have been, and will be many more days where my playtime session exceeds 4 hours. I am currently still in university, so exams are unfortunately still a thing. Depending on how the procrastinating monkey in my brain feels, you might see me a lot more or a lot less in the days leading up to those periods. Don't worry, I never suddenly disappear. I hate those people. Other notes: Those who know me already know this, but for those who don’t: I am direct, in a truthful way. This usually works in my favour, but in rare situations it does work against me. I know that, and I try my very best to pay attention to this. I never intend to hurt or offend anyone with what I say, but it has happened in the past. I believe some banter is great, and an absolute necessity to bond with each other. The only condition that must be met, is the presence of mutual respect. When there's no mutual respect, toxicity lurks closely. I really, really dislike toxicity. Thanks to everyone in advance for reading this, whoever you may be. And to the Staffteam, thank you in advance if this application will be taken into consideration.
  9. I might have something interesting, if the EXP lock command still works. Lock your combat exp, and kill some low level monsters for a couple gold charms. Unlock your exp and use the charms to meet the threshold to be able to use Crimson and Blue charms. If you mine the fallen stars, which I highly recommend, you can get a supply cache if you hand the NPC 200 stardust at once. This cache contains Blue and Crimson charms. That'll enable you to train summoning without ever having to gain EXP in other combat stats. It would most likely take a shitload of time and effort, as you will have to focus on mining very slowly, and then continue, and requires you to bend your rules by locking the exp temporarily, but it adds bragging rights. I don't think anyone can say that they've reached 99 (or 120) summoning without having reset their combat 99s
  10. Balancing the combat triangle is a very difficult and delicate thing, especially with the server having RS3 weaponry and armour sets without the EOC that these armours were originally designed for by their first creators. It's a process of finetuning various things, a process that inevitably contains some mistakes along the way. While the development of the balancing is on the right track, I do believe that this patch contains some flaws.
  11. Welcome to Ataraxia! As E36 already mentioned, you picked the most unfortunate time to join the server. We haven't had a sudden downtime like this in forever. Right now, we've got to wait for a restart, which hopefully shouldn't take too long.
  12. First of all, welcome to Ataraxia! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. I share your opinion that the dungeoneering armours look pretty fly! (for a white guy) and it'd be cool if there was a way to obtain these armours outside of Daemonheim. I myself much more prefer a cosmetic set or override, unlockable from performing a said task (or tasks), over it being an armour with stats. My reason for this being that Ataraxia as a server is close to RS3, in terms of content. i.e. armours, bosses, and content. There's some "custom" EXP bonus sets, but a "Custom" armour set(s) with stats attached to them is not something that lies in Ataraxia's nature. Having said that, if there could be a way to implement these armours, with stats, without disrupting the current system and line of progression, I'd be happy to support that. With this being your suggestion however, I think that could be food for your thoughts.
  13. Thank you for the majority of this update. the QOL, Mole and the combat triangle balancing are very, very nice. However... I cannot say thank you for certain elements of this patch: The T87 weapons no longer being repairable: These weapons have gone from completely non-degradable, to completely degrading to dust in a months time, why did you choose for this, rather than leaving them repairable? Did someone watch Avengers: Infinity War again and were they inspired by Thanos's finger snap? Many people had only just begun to use their T87 weapons and have them in the 20, 30 and 40% charged range. Are you telling these people now that their plan of repairing it is now worthless? Revert this, and just make the repair costs higher. I'm terribly sorry, but absolutely nobody wanted this. The removal of GWD1, Ganodermic and Various slayer drops from being chimeable. Your reasoning is that way too many people camp gano's for a couple days. I get that, so the change for Ganodermic armoury is understandable. But why remove Slayer drops and the GWD1 items? The Slayer drops aren't that common, they're a nice added bonus for newer players doing slayer. It creates a market for these items as they have a chime value. Slayer used to be a viable source of income for newer players, before moving on to bossing. With removing the market for chimable slayer drops, and lowering the scale drop drastically, I believe this distorts the line of progression players go through in an unreasonable way. GWD1 items are common, yes. That's due to how easy it is to obtain with the donator instances. There's other ways to change their influence, i.e. lowering drop rates while in aforementioned instances, or lower their chime value. TL;DR. This update is mostly great, but two elements are way too drastic, and I personally do not see the level of support that would make me sit back and just accept the change. I get the whole idea of creating an item sink, but these changes shoot right past their target.
  14. Goodluck on your goal! Will be interesting to follow your progress and how you're going to deal with certain skills (Training combat skills without gaining Hitpoints exp for example) Did you by any chance get your inspiration from that fella on youtube, called 99OneAtATime?