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  1. Folk metal ( Celtic, Viking, Pagan, Pirate ) Rawstyle (140BPM+), Hardcore, Frenchcore, and depending on my mood I find Speedcores up until 550 BPM'ish also quite enjoyable. Early and Mid 20th century Jazz.
  2. 25 Forum posts, and the 26th is the Support Application, how cute. Just messing with ya, it's tough to get forum posts when there's not many topics to respond to. You're a great fella, good luck on the application!
  3. Very nice guide! There's even a thing or two that I didn't know about lol, thanks!
  4. Sweet looking additions and fixes! Especially the removal of santa hats from Mboxes, I'll cherish mine a lot more now! lolol
  5. Ironman luck incoming! #Pog Just some random Triskelion keys after slayer tasks! And a random hour with vampyrism at Edimmus!
  6. Just your typical Ironman Goals, Accomplishments and Achievements blog, but with a slight twist. I'll be creating my own list of completionist reqs, because I disagree with some of the ones mentioned in-game. Doing the kiln 25 times? Oh hell no. I have always loved being self sufficient as an Ironman, but I just can't be bothered to grind my ass of to get to 99s. I'm just an EXP whore, I love seeing large EXP drops. So when the new Ironman modes were released, I instantly created one, and have enjoyed every single moment of it! I'll be updating this topic whenever something significant has happened to the account; a maxed skill, a rare item drop, a pet, etcetera. Account details: Name: 2595 Password: None of your business. Account mode: Novice Ironman Current perks. This list might be subject to change in the future, depending on whether I get fed up with stuff I encounter. Per'slay'sion GWD Specialist Treasure Goblin Investigator Goals: Max cape Completionist cape Level 120 in all skills Max cap exp in all skills All unique slayer creature drops All unique T70+ PvM drops. Yes, this will include pets. All skilling pets. Every third-age item. Max cash stack. Just for the lulz Achievements thus far: Max cape Full superior elite void Off-hand drygore rapier Boss pets unlocked: Dagannoth prime Skilling pets unlocked: Cooking Herblore Currently working on: Slayer: 642 million exp Crabbe, the Slayer pet Max cash stack: 610 Million GP Current EXP I'll release a bankpic in January!
  7. Congratulations on reaching the point of overpoweredness that comes with having everything Best-In-Slot. At some point, it's bound to happen once you've got the mechanics down, due to the well-known combat limitations that non-EOC has, especially when there's EOC-released items in the game. I'm against the buffing of any bosses for the following reasons: - A buff would mean, like you mentioned, a decreased availability of PvM'ing for those learning the ropes. A steeper learning curve will drive newer players away when they think they can only obtain good gear by purchasing it because they'll won't be able to get it from drops, resulting in an increased likelihood of them not sticking around very long. - What will this single buff do long-term? It might become more difficult now, but with Nex:AOD and The Magister (a bit more longterm) up ahead, there will be newer, stronger items, that will make the aforementioned bosses once again boring for you. Will you then request another buff? You'll end up in a vicious circle of releasing content and buffing all previous content "to keep things interesting for end-game players". What I could support though is a separate Hard-Mode version of those bosses in separate instances, along with perhaps an increased drop rate or something else juicy enough to make it interesting. However, that should only take place once the current projects have been finished and it can be more accurately determined what exactly is needed to fulfill your wishes.
  8. The title of this suggestion leaves little to the imagination. There's a skillcape at level 99, a mastery cape at level 120 (104 mil exp), but nothing beyond that except for in-game announcements, and I think that's a shame. I suggest unlockable in-game titles available to those who obtain 1 billion exp in a skill, regardless of the game mode it is achieved on. What will follow is my personal suggestion of titles, but I guess they can be changed depending on preference. Feel free to provide suggestions for those that have yet to be filled in! ( and for the others of course ) player name deadshot player name with 99 lives player name the strongman player name the swiftly player name the blacksmith player name the guardian player name the herb supplier player name seeker of jaws Hawkeye player name player name the burglar player name not so ramsay player name the holy one Handyman player name Pyromaniac player name spellcaster player name Treehugger player name player name the bountyhunter player name raking weed player name the decorator player name the tracker Friend of familiars player name player name the caveman The divine player name
  9. With the addition of Aggression pots through SOF, will there (ever) be an option for Ironmen to acquire them?