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  1. That single mainhand Khopesh though. As well as skilling supplies for days, lol! Nice progress though, that chest will be pretty impressive by the time you reach 1 Bil exp
  2. Great guide, Love the use of clear pictures and colour. Especially helpful for newer players looking to improve their gear, and/or to make some money on the side. My suggestion would be to include (an estimation of) the prices that players can expect from certain items. Whether it be from the General Store, or prices frequently offered by other players. Also, two small remarks: - Be aware that Verac's armour set enables him to hit through your prayer. Therefore, it is recommended to bring some pieces of food in case you get knocked down to low health. Pointing at you, Hardcore Ironmen, in particular. - For those looking to get themselves a corrupted sigil, the t70 defender upgrade, one must either have a dragon defender equipped or in their inventory. The droprate for the corrupted sigil slightly improves with every brother killed. roughly 1/70 with no brothers slain, 1/55 with all 6 brothers slain. I'm not entirely sure if this increases even further with Akrisae and Linza
  3. I'm in love with this layout. Might wanna copyright it, before someone me steals it. Definitely bookmarking this to check up on your progress!
  4. Vincent

    Hello there

    Welcome to Ataraxia! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Hardcore life (while it lasts)! Looking forward to seeing your progress
  5. Capes and Cloaks Completionist Cape(T) Completionist Cape Enhanced FireCape TokHaar-Kal-Xil Max Cape Fire Cape Amulets Amulet of Souls Farsight Blood Necklace Farsight Sniper Necklace Saradomin's Murmur Blood Amulet of Fury Amulet of Fury Rings Ring of Wealth(c) Ring of Death 'Perfect' Ring Archer's Ring(i) Archer's Ring
  6. Bows Noxious Longbow (T90) Decimation(i) (T88) Decimation (T88) Strykebow (T85) Zaryte Bow (T80) Attuned Crystal Bow (T80) Crystal Bow (T80) 2H Crossbows Dominion Crossbow (T90) Royal Crossbow (T80) Karil's Crossbow (T70) Mainhand Weaponry Ascension Crossbow (T90) Superior Morrigan's Javelin (T88) Superior Morrigan's Throwing Axe (T88) Morrigan's Javelin (T78) Morrigan's Throwing Axe (T78) Armadyl Crossbow (T70) Offhand Weaponry Offhand Ascension Crossbow (T90) Offhand Chaotic Crossbow (T80) Offhand Armadyl Crossbow (T70) Defenders and Shields Kalphite Repriser (T90) Ancient Repriser (T80) Blighted Repriser (T70) Divine Spirit Shield (T75) Vengeful Kiteshield (T90) Eagle-Eye Kiteshield (T80) Dragonfire Deflector (T75) Elysian Spirit Shield (T75) Spectral Spirit Shield (T75) Armadyl Buckler (T70)
  7. Armour Sirenic (T90) Superior Morrigan's (T88) Superior Death Lotus (T85) Death Lotus (T85) Refined Anima Core of Zamorak (T85) Anima Core of Zamorak (T80) Pernix (T80) Morrigan's (T78) Armadyl (T70) Karil's (T70) Third-Age Ranged (T65)
  8. Miscellaneous Auras The runic accuracy aura provides greater chance of hitting your target. Supreme Runic Accuracy - 10% Master Runic Accuracy - 7% Greater Runic Accuracy - 5% Runic Accuracy - 3% Bonus items Reaper Hood This item boosts your accuracy and damage when killing your assigned reaper task Full slayer helmet This item boosts your accuracy and damage when killing your assigned slayer task. Superior Elite Void Mage The set provides 37.5% magic accuracy and 17.5% magic damage
  9. Accesories Capes and Cloaks Completionist Cape(T) Completionist Cape Enhanced FireCape TokHaar-Kal-Mej Max Cape God Cape Amulets Arcane Blood Necklace Arcane Stream Necklace Amulet of Souls Saradomin's Hiss Blood Amulet of Fury Amulet of Fury Gloves Celestial Handwraps Static Gloves Deathtouch Bracelet Spellcaster Gloves Barrows Gloves Virtus Gloves (T80) Gloves of Subjugation (T70) Ganodermic Gloves (T70) Boots Hailfire boots (T90) Ragefire boots (T85) Virtus boots (T80) Ganodermic boots (T70) Boots of Subjugation (T70) Rings Ring of Wealth(c) (Platinum+ donators) Ring of Death Seers' ring(i) 'Perfect' ring (Platinum+ Donators) Seers' ring
  10. Mainhand weaponry Staves Noxious Staff (T90) Dominion Staff (T90) Obliteration(i) (T88) Obliteration (T87) Staff of Darkness (T85) Camel Staff (T85) Attuned Crystal Staff (T80) Chaotic Staff (T80) Zuriel's Staff (T78) Armadyl Battlestaff (T77) Polypore Staff (T75) Staff of Light (T75) Crystal Staff (T70) Ahrim's Staff (T70) Mainhand Wands Wand of the Praesul (T92) Seismic Wand (T90) Wand of the Cywir Elder (T85) Seasinger's Kiba (T85) Virtus Wand (T80) Attuned Crystal Wand (T80) Abyssal Wand (T75) Ahrim's Wand (T70) Crystal Wand (T70) Off-hand equipment Imperium Core (T92) Kalphite Rebounder (T90 Defender) Seismic Singularity(i) (T90) Seismic Singularity (T90) Orb of the Cywir Elder (T85) Seasinger's Makigai Ancient Lantern (T80 Defender) Virtus Book (T80) Attuned Crystal Orb (T80) Abyssal Orb (T75) Blighted Rebounder(T70 Defender) Ahrim's Magic Book (T70) Crystal Orb (T70) Shields Divine Spirit Shield (T75) Best Defensive shield in the game Merciless Kiteshield (T90) Farseer Kiteshield (T80) Attuned Crystal Ward (T80) Elysian Spirit Shield (T75) Arcane Spirit Shield (T75) Dragonfire Ward (T75) Ward of Subjugation (T70)
  11. Armour Sets Tectonic ( Tier 90 ) Superior Zuriel (T88) Refined Anima Core of Seren (T85) Superior Seasinger (Tier 85 Tank) Regular Seasinger (T85 Tank) Anima Core of Seren (T80) Virtus (T80 plus HP bonus effect) Zuriel's (T78) Ganodermic (T75) Subjugation (T70) Ahrim's (T70) Third-Age Mage (T65)
  12. The cow's been turned into a burger. F.