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  1. so...if there something explaining Uzi's perk shop?
  2. that is pretty unlucky... I got a couple coin drops when I did around 350 spins which added up to around 250M but other than that same kinda junk items.
  3. nice update, glad to see all the fixes to existing content and some skilling updates as well
  4. D E F


    welcome to the server
  5. cool write up Dave. Nice to see all the game modes laid out like this so you can see the benefits to each and weigh them out.
  6. I agree with Exoz, I wanted to test the update a bit. At first I hated the idea just because I had become so accustom to ranging everything but I is a nice change of pace to break out other weapons to try and get the fastest possible kills. Range is still viable but in some cases melee or mage might give you a little faster kills. Once the new patches for deci comes out this update will be great. Also, extremely sad to see the wail go away but at the same time glad as I was using that more than I was my drygore mace for slayer. Over all, very good update for the longevity of the server.
  7. In-game Name: Currently 'Mig' previously 'D E F' and 'M1ke' What is your time played?: 590 hours Do you have a lot of free time to test?: It's all depending on my work schedule, on the days I work I can play 3-4 hours and when I'm not working (which is like 3/7 days on average) I can play as much as 12+ hours What content are you looking forward to testing?: Any new pvm/dung content to be updated or released. Also wouldn't mind testing out new skilling content should it ever be released. How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: I can confidently do any boss already released in game and am really quick on picking up on mechanics.
  8. The events are a great idea to get the community working together. I think a cool idea could be some skilling events too where we get bonus xp for what ever skill we are doing as a group so if you're a low level you can still participate in the fun.
  9. Hello all, This is about 300 hours late but im D E F. IRL name is Mike. Been playing rs on and off since 2004 Moved for a job in a Nuclear Power Plant so I've got a bunch of free time and figured I'd look for an RSPS to occupy some time. Since joining I started in the novice game mode and really got into the game. I max'd novice and got 120 dung in a couple days and did some PVM. After awhile I decided it was time for something more challenging and changed to expert. That was a big step and took a couple weeks to max and get 120 dung on that game mode. After doing some more PVM I got bored again and figured it was time for something again more challenging. I'm currently playing on legendary and enjoying every minute of the grind. Server has a great community and staff and it's been nice hanging with you guys. Cheers All, Mike (D E F)
  10. the new diamond zone looks sick, nice job