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  1. Hello all, This is about 300 hours late but im D E F. IRL name is Mike. Been playing rs on and off since 2004 Moved for a job in a Nuclear Power Plant so I've got a bunch of free time and figured I'd look for an RSPS to occupy some time. Since joining I started in the novice game mode and really got into the game. I max'd novice and got 120 dung in a couple days and did some PVM. After awhile I decided it was time for something more challenging and changed to expert. That was a big step and took a couple weeks to max and get 120 dung on that game mode. After doing some more PVM I got bored again and figured it was time for something again more challenging. I'm currently playing on legendary and enjoying every minute of the grind. Server has a great community and staff and it's been nice hanging with you guys. Cheers All, Mike (D E F)
  2. the new diamond zone looks sick, nice job