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  1. good luck, can't wait to see the progress roll out
  2. keep up the grind
  3. D E F


    Welcome nice to met ya
  4. 5/2/19 Everything: Finished Kind of disappointed that there was no message for getting the trimmed completionist cape, but ive got it. Cape #3 in game. Thanks for all the support guys, it really helped me out.
  5. 4/30/19 Currently.... 25,000/25,000 Chimes for ports 5/5 Wildy Worms -- Complete 2,961,004,285 xp 25/25 Kilns -- Completed This will be the last update until I get the cape, probably in a couple days.
  6. D E F

    100 Barrow Chests

    the not having a dragon defender in the invent made me cringe. Cool vid though, nice cash made
  7. 4/23/19 Currently.... 25,000/25,000 Chimes for ports -- Complete 5/5 Wildy Worms -- Complete 2,603,672,096 xp  25/25 Kilns -- Completed
  8. 4/17/19 Currently.... 24,000/25,000 Chimes for ports 5/5 Wildy Worms -- Complete 2,568,885,562 xp  25/25 Kilns -- Completed
  9. 4/9/19 Currently.... 18,000/25,000 Chimes for ports 3/5 Wildy Worms 2,342,650,479 xp
  10. idk who else is going for it hahaha but I guess i'd like to be third :P... and the twist is the (t) in twist for comp (t)