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  1. Just posting pictures on what to do for christmas event. nothing fancy im lazy. Riddle #1 Dig Here Riddle #2 Dig Here Riddle #3 Use snowball on christmas tree Riddle #4 Get carrot from cupboard Use it on reindeer
  2. I'm all for more pking skill determining higher win chances, but hybridding, hell naw. too much effort. if anything just disable protection prayers, enabling us to veng/spec combo and have some k0 potential.
  3. I just find it annoying that some guy with pray melee on can ruin the whole tournament for you. Giving you no chance of winning because he will drain ur whole invent of food cause 0 k0 potential with pray on. And it's even more annoying knowing that he's stupid because he's ruining his own chance at winning by draining himself of all his food as well, leaving him to be slaughtered by whoever won a smite fight with a veng/spec k0.
  4. Upon getting a kill in LMS it should refill ur inventory with food to make the next fight fair. As if a LMS game starts with an odd number of players. the 1 person who didnt get a fight the first round of 1v1s will have a full inv while the rest are low. Also, some people(shit pkers) have protect from melee fights. This will result in both players being drained of all their food until they die. leaving the winner to die to the next person who didnt have a protect prayer fight, who got the kill based off skill and had food left over. Long story short, after each kill we need a full inv of food.
  5. as the title says, should add zooming with scroll wheel without having to hold the ctrl key. it makes things a lot easier and relaxing while playing. OSRS has implemented this and it is amazing. being able to play most the game by just using the mouse is very convenient.