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  1. IGN: Redfigment 🙃 Good luck everyone!
  2. Awesome! Get ahold of me 🙂
  3. I've talked with @Jaedmo after designing the logo below and he gave me the idea of opening a GFX shop for you guys! This is the only piece of art that I have. Recently, my hard drive in my laptop crashed and unfortunately, I lost everything! I will be making signatures and avatars which can be purchased with in game items/cash Signatures: 100m Avatars: 50m Both: 125m
  4. Thank you Gary! Yeah, I hear a lot of people talk about how they've changed degrees a few times. It happens!
  5. Hello everyone of Ataraxia! My in game name is: Redfigment I'm from Illinois, currently working on my associates degree in computer programming, I am on my third semester and will be graduating in May. How did I find the server you might ask? Well, I was playing OSRS yesterday and started thinking about some old servers that I played before they shut down. I decided to check out Runelocus and Ataraxia caught my eye. So far, I'm really enjoying it. Everyone is very friendly and they help when needed. Any further questions? Feel free to pm me in game or on the forums. Have a nice day and good luck everyone! :)