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  1. great update @Jaedmo should be good to do some telous streaks
  2. long-awaited update might come try this
  3. good to see some decent updates coming out 🙂
  4. good quick application straight to the point and meaningful with what you're saying post count doesn't mean much when the forums are inactive as they are. and for Bolin within our clan chat we all check out each others application and guides etc to give feedback. it's a simple mistake from/to// all and all thought good application best of luck!
  5. +1 good suggestion for skillers to be apart of the game
  6. trash kid stay away from rune dragons best of luck man
  7. in-Game Name: Dillon Age: 20 years old Time zone: Aest Brisbane Why do you want to be Support?: Ever since I joined this server I have really enjoyed it spending basically all of my free time playing grinding out achievements maxing and now comping and will be comp (t) once I reach 1k hours I strive towards becoming server support because becoming apart of the staff team is always an honorable thing for me. What experience do you have?: I have been a staff member on 2 servers now but my experience in rsps goes beyond being a staff member I have maxed and comped on many servers from soul split to prodigy-X few servers which I cannot recall the names of but the main two were prodigy-x as I was a sever support for about 2 weeks and got promoted to mod. simply as the owner said at the time "you put in the time" As an Australia, the servers Are not as busy at my times as they are others But I did cover a lot of the other staffs "shifts" if you will. just to make sure nothing bad happened. on soul split I was just a basic player enjoyed the game and played it for many hours day and night and then the staff applications decided to open so as about 60% of the server applied I got picked was a trial period of 2 weeks before the best performing supports (helpers) got picked wonderfully enough I managed to get picked and was a helper for about 6 months before soul split shut down and transferred ownership and relaunched as soulsplit 2. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: everyone should have an equal and fair chance therefore if I'm not picked I'd hope someone who is picked deserves the position and live up to it and show the commitment and drive for the server as much as I feel I am. so to answer the question you should not pick me over someone if that someone deserves this rank more then me. How much free time do you have?: over the holidays I had easily 10+ hours of free time A day managed to get around 3 10 hour sessions going as it's not back to reality as @Jaedmoand I discussed 😉 its still easily around 2 to 4+ hours a day rather be using that time on here than nothing. Other notes: only other thing I can say is if I am picked for a role I will be running as many events as I can as I believe this server has huge potential and the community have been great since the get-go I love this server it eats up all my free time and I hope to enjoy it for many months to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck to all the other applications. yours sincerely Dillon
  8. very good updates as usual was a pleasure testing them 🙂
  9. yeah a toggle on/off feature would be really good.
  10. Chris for guide master 😛 gw man @Chris
  11. @Redfigment yo hook me up with a sig ma dude add me in game Dillon
  12. @Bolinbear @arham 4 nurri put in a lot of effort doing this I'm very pleased with how it turned out happy you both approve of his effort he kept asking chris and I stats of items he didn't have thank god its over 👮‍♂️
  13. very good updates was great fun finally testing them out 🙂