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  1. Definitely been waiting for this, but I would recommend switching up which events are on certain days. For example, don't make PC ONLY on Sundays as that may not work for some people. Move the mini games around throughout the week and at different time of days to try and appeal to most player base. Also I'd look into revitalizing some reward shops from certain mini games to make them more appealing, such as Soul Wars. <3 thank you for doing this Uzi, should make the server way more interactive.
  2. Absolutely love these changes! Most definitely looking forward to the Diamond zone and those protean resources one day! Greatly appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in, and even to those always giving suggestions to improve the server we play :) EDIT: Also don't forget to update the pinned donation information thread! <3
  3. Owner Jaedmo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I only started around mid Nov. but towards the end of the month when the update hit, he performed as expected of an owner, ensuring they'd have the problems figured out and that the Devs are working to the best of their ability to get things right. Reassurance is key for good ownership/management. 11/10 How can they improve?: The only thing I could recommend is being online a bit more if applicable. Owner presence on the server is also reassuring especially for new players to see. Any other notes?: Keep doing what you do. I think I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate all you do for the players and your team. Rating out of 10: 11 Administrator Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I haven't seen Uzi communicate much online when I'm on, but I'm sure he does great work behind the scenes. I definitely see more of him on the forums than in game. Not sure if its intentional but it's something I've noticed. How can they improve?: I'd say a little more open communication with the community would be the first thing that stands out to me, but that could very well be a timing thing, since I'm in the US. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 7 Developer _jordan How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Jordan's name isn't brought up lightly. He's renowned as a great Dev so I can only assume the work behind the scenes he does is quite important, especially when it comes to fixing bugs. How can they improve?: This is the first time I've seen him online as of 11/29/2018 since I've started, so maybe a little more server interaction? Since he's been on today he's been great fun to talk with. Any other notes?: Keep up the great work! Rating out of 10: 8 Arham 4 How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Arham (Godham) played a huge part towards the end of this month when the server went poopy. I very much appreciated the effort he put in late at night (3am?) to get the server at the very least functional before going to bed, and putting a system in place to figure out what was causing issues in case it happened again. Definitely speaks a lot about him as a person. How can they improve?: The bar is already set so high, so your guess is as good as mine. Any other notes?: GODHAM Rating out of 10: 20 Global Moderator Gary How has this Staff Member performed this month?: From what I've seen, Gary has been very interactive both on the forums and in game. There's a reason he's been appointed Global Mod, and it's quite apparent. Great work from what I've seen since I've started. How can they improve?: Not really sure at the moment. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 9 Moderator Arachnid How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Sp00der has been one of the more interactive mods I've seen in game and is always talking with the community. Friendly person and great fun to talk to. Always helping out when he's able. How can they improve?: I could be SO wrong, but I don't see him on forums much, so maybe a little more forum participation? Any other notes?: 1 and only SP00DER Rating out of 10: 8 C J How has this Staff Member performed this month?: C J is very helpful especially with new players in game. He's helped me quite a bit and is always answering questions if he's able. Willing to give items to new players or those in need and is very welcoming. Great mod :) How can they improve?: Probably more forum interaction (again, I could be wrong and I'm just blind or not on there as much either) Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 9 Support Loure How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Loure is online almost as much as I am, which is almost daily for more than a few hours as far as I can tell, so a support who's online a lot is quite important to begin with. He's very helpful online and takes the rules seriously like any support should. Love the support he's provided. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 7 Vengeance How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Veng is on quite a bit, usually doing a lot of PVM but it could just be bad timing, as when I'm on, I usually see other staff doing a lot of question answering and general support. He's interactive for the most part which is good but I don't know him well enough to really give a performance review. How can they improve?: It wouldn't hurt to be a little more responsive to questions from the players or just general help. When I first started he wasn't support, but got it mid way and it was definitely earned at that point. Hopefully it's just my dense self not noticing it much though as I know he's a great support. Any other notes?: Don't be shy if you are :P Rating out of 10: 7
  4. IGN: Jacobb Best of luck! Awesome reward this week.
  5. Chloe always coming in clutch with suggestions 😄 but..legios...y u do dis.
  6. +1 for this I prefer to have 1 hand in my pants at all times. It's cold here, and warm down there 🧐
  7. Teach me your veteran ways 😄
  8. Jacobb

    hello :D

    Happy to see you make an introduction! We gotta pvm sometime 🙂 Thanks for your continuous help by the way!
  9. Big hype for these changes! Thank you to all the Devs!
  10. Perk Name: Oh brother!Perk Benefits: Double's the chance of a unique from the chest. Makes all the doors to the chest unlocked no matter where you spawn.Perk Price: $5Would you buy it?: Yes Perk Name: Vote-tastic!Perk Benefits: Double the amount of money when voting. Double the amount of vote points. Higher odds for uniques from voting. Perk Price:$10 Would you buy it?: Yes. Incentive to vote! Perk Name:Speak your mindPerk Benefits:Bypass timer to be able to yell again. (or a vastly shorter amount of time)Perk Price: $3Would you buy it?: Yes Perk Name:Say your prayers!Perk Benefits:50% chance to save a bone when using it on an altar.Perk Price:$10Would you buy it?:Yes
  11. its mah first friend 😄 ILY
  12. Glad to see you here! PM me if you have any questions 🙂
  13. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you find yourself confused or just have a general question, always ask the support chat or feel free to PM me if no one answer. Good luck!