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  1. Bearhelm, Runecrafter Robes (from the Great Orb Project, not Runespan) and Decorative Armor from Castle Wars.
  2. Oh hey, Stranger. Been a minute since we've had a chat! I'll definitely look out for you in-game. PS: Share the RNG, I won't tell.
  3. L L

    hello all

    Alcoholics Anonymous? I must have the wrong thread, could you point me to Narcotics Anonymous? Nice to meet you, Jeff. If that is your real name.
  4. L L

    L L/Yuma

    Sup everyone, Been a minute since I played but I've been getting back into it on my Novice account "Gaea", will start playing on "L L" and competing on Legendary highscores once I make enough money to buy some perks! Little background for anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a 22 year old degenerate living in Montreal with my girlfriend. Currently working for Keywords Studios, one of the biggest video game affiliates in the world! Anyway hope to see ya'll in-game, take care! First Expert/Legendary to trimmed comp before reset :)