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  1. hello evry one, i play ataraxi for about 2 weeks and i think theree several thinks that could change for better and make this server even more fun 1º- legio boss was buffed to mutch in my opinion, its harder to solo legion than nex/kk/ a bag of brew and u kill like 7-8 per trip max 2º dominion tower could give other rewards, like u need 100kills for gloves and what do u do whit the factor ? could add rewards to chest like skill suplies food herbs pots cash etc 3º clues- well i dont have the perk for clues and its a pain when u do like 6 - 7 steps puzzles and bam! u find that step u doing its buged or spot not coded .think they could try fix that 4º las man stading was a great update i go evry time i can, but why give a brew on ur bag if dont have restore = if u drink a brew u get more defence ya that great but then u cant use vengence since ur mage lvl goes under 94, and should make lms sigle and multy randon but when is say single i mean if u in a fight no one can attack u... and for now this is what i think could be fixed for better
  2. hello evry one my ingame its devilshark08 and im 25 years hold i play rs from 2009 quit when eoc came, then i start playing rs and never play one for mutch than a week but this server is making me get glued to my pc screen cuz make me remember the old times that i play rs, plz keep it this way and great staff by the way
  3. 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? - staff is awsme always trying to help and economy make me remember when i play rs at 2012 =D 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? can add/enable pvp and boost mage in game, since off hand are added make them better making like drygore off hand ascencion off hand crossbow, fixing divination xp rate drop and try fix vote system most of the times we cant vote in all 5 websites, fixind tormented deamons they to easy to kill and legio boss same think to easy to make a ascencion cb ingame namedevilshark08 ps: this one off the best if not the best server i ever played im nerding so mutch on this game =D