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  1. up vote bro, would love to see you on the team. I think youd be very good
  2. i voted yes BUT, I think while defenders have def. and of. stats, the off-hand having no def bonuses should give slightly higher of. stats to make them evenly wanted in game.
  3. Very nice guide, well broken down and with lots of info. Thanks for taking the time dood!
  4. I think most of you know me by now but for some depth, im 22 based in Illinois, USA atm and I grew up where I live rn. I started Araxia 2 years ago with the username Tweed and loved it from the start. from the community to the servers user friendly style I just couldn't get enough. sadly I was involved in some personal bs that kept me from playing almost all of last year but im back for good now! hmu to duo some ish!
  5. Ingame name: Exoz 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? How helpful and friendly the community is. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? tbh i dont like home :( but other than that i love this server :) Good luck to all!