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  1. rieka9411

    Buying perk

    i am looking for the investigator perk. 450m offer. IGN rieka9411 or message me on discord.
  2. Hello! so my suggestion is about a trading post inside the forums. why? well the reason why is because the G.E. in the game isnt used as much as it is expected to. i think with an offline mode of trading (forum posts with sell/buy orders) we might have a broader trading option instead of GE or spamming the chat. if anyone has something to add or a question. please feel free to ask.
  3. hi im rieka9411 😄 otherwise known as kevin. some people might already know me since im not really a forum guy to be honest. i started a few weeks ago and still a total noob in the 718 patch. im also known to not have a filter while speaking... and i apologize in advance 😄
  4. Hi ardougne! first of all super nice guide! but i noticed a tiny mistake. the pouch "wolpentinger" requires 1x wolf bones & 1x raw rabbit. i stumbled upon this while leveling my summoning with your guide. thanks for the hard work!