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  1. 1: Would you like to see this becoming a consistent monthly occurrence? (Yes or No). Yes sir, maybe with some monthly changes to do not make it so boring/consistent 2: How can we improve going forward? (Event Suggestions/Feedback) I'd really like to see Lootshare, also a long time ago I suggested about making items shards for T70+, so this way if you don't get anything in LS, you can save up or sell the shards for gains.
  2. In-game Name: BoshWhat is your time played?: 433hrsDo you have a lot of free time to test?: Yeah, I can play like 6+ hrs per dayWhat content are you looking forward to testing?: I want to try out Bosses mostly, but I can test everything that will be added without any problem, looking for bugs aswell.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: Only boss I don't know at all its Magister, but I can do some research without any problem, the others I've tried them all in RS3.
  3. In-Game Name: Bosh. Age: 20. Timezone: UTC−04:00 Venezuela. Why do you want to be Support?: I want to help out all players, also stop being the clown of the server haha, I need to be more serious, What experience do you have?: I never have been Support on any server but I always liked to help out players everytime I could because in my opinion, it really feels good ask anything no mather where we are, in a game, forums even in real life, and someone replies to you, makes you feel very conformable, just like in home. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I never liked to say I'm better than anyone else, but I always try to do my best, also I think we need more active Server Supports, I mean I'm very active and I might be more if I become Server Support. How much free time do you have?: I can play like 5 hours per day or so, could be more or less, depending if I'm busy in real life or not, but if I'm not busy I play mostly on Ataraxia. Other notes: My english isn't very good, I've never studied it at all, only school but I already knew what they taught, so I might make a lot of grammar errors, but I do my best I promise. I was in jail for like 20 minutes or so because a mistake I did, also I used to get kicked from Friends chat because I was talking in spanish xD.
  4. Bosh


    Nice guide but Summoner skilling outfit is 500 actions not 1k per piece
  5. I support you my dude. +1
  6. Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Well I really don't see a lot Jaedmo (maybe 4 times the month?) but he's doing great with updates. How can they improve?: I know developing takes a lot of time so just keep going like that. Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: As always, Uzi is always helpful and I like how he handle things. How can they improve?: Nothing to say about this guy ❤️ Other notes?: love u Rating out of 10: 10 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: I really liked the updates from this month. How can they improve?: I would like to see more updates per month, but i think that's too much. Other notes?: Good job :') Rating out of 10:8 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: Milo is other staff that always helps and I enjoy talking to him. How can they improve?: Keep going like that :) Other notes?: Eww Iron. Rating out of 10: 10 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: I barely see Spoder on but when he's on, he always helps the people and keep the maintains a funny atmosphere in server. How can they improve?: I want see you more on :C Other notes?: Arañita. Rating out of 10: 8. Support Loure How did this staff member perform this month?: Loure is very helpful anytime :) How can they improve?: Stop kicking me from fc <.< Other notes?: Eww it's Loure Rating out of 10: 6 Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: To be honest I barely see him so I don't know what to say How can they improve?: ^ Other notes?: ^ Rating out of 10: 3 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: In his very short life as Server support, he has been good helper, I hope he keep going like that How can they improve?: Nothing to say Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 6 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: He helps but I don't see him too much How can they improve?: All good :) Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 5
  7. 1. Anquish and Torment prayers: Instead of having Turmoil, Torment and Anquish in one, you should separate them, if you can't add more prayers, just replace it to prayers that no one uses for example Leech special attack and Leech energy. 2. Dying: Everytime we die, we should have to pay a penalty based on our gear (Not so expensive, just a money drain), of course if we don't pay, we have 2 options, pickup the gear in the place we died or get the money to pay (no gear degrading). (Ez new perk). 3. Misc rewards: Every X amount of actions (100-500?) you have a chance to get a reward, this could be Coins, lamps, Clue scrolls or Mboxes, this way you make sure that skillers will get gains too, not much like PvMers do, but should be decent. 4. Divination: I wish we could make Sign of life, Sign of death and these stuff that helps a lot of corse with limits because come back to live when you die is op.
  8. Thanks for this, I wish I had the level to try this :/
  9. Thanks for the guide, you could make one for other paths aswell (:
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    Welcome buddy have fun and enjoy your stay.
  11. Hello and welcome buddy.