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  1. Its mostly they aggro for 2 minutes and when they respawn it takes like 10 secs for them to become aggresive again. Kinda odd. Happened with gano's and rorarri's
  2. I dont notice alot of bugs, but some have been standing out. 1. In a pz using aggro pots they ignore you for a couple secs before attacking again, this happens quite frequent. 2. Somehow the corrupted creatures despawned and never respawned. 3. In rots there sometimes is this glitch where instead of healing 500 when they respawn they heal 2500 and only take 1/5th to respawn again. Had this happen a couple times 2 weeks ago, idk if it got fixed yet. These are a few that i noticed, i will update if i notice any more.
  3. Please make it so people stop teaming in lms it kills the minigame for everyone else playing. Make it not allowed or have solo. Getting tired of getting piled every single game...
  4. iron cookie


    Hello, My name is Damon and i have been playing this server for some decent time now. I mostly play on my ironman nowadays : iron cookie but sometimes i hop on my main to do some bossing. Lets get that fucking bread boys and girls. ❤️
  5. Heey, Awesome that you're doing this. Ign = iron cookie, i do have a main with 75+ hours but i play more on my ironman i hope this isnt a problem. On this account i have 27+ hours.