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  1. Thank you for applying Chris But I feel for right now you're not the applicant that we are currently looking for. I know you're a loyal and active player but I don't believe you will fit well with the current team I think that it is possible in the future but just not right now 😛 Your application has been Denied All the best, Milo.
  2. Since it might be worth letting you know, I believe it takes 4 and a half hours for a magic tree to grow.
  3. Hot Milo

    Hello there

    Welcome man, enjoy the grind of that HC. Don't die 😉
  4. Staff Updates 7th March 2019 ---- @Nik has been promoted to Server Support Nik's first application was denied and he decided to push forward and proved to us he is ready for the role. He is consistently active almost all of the day, a huge help for us. Congratulations, well deserved. @Vincent has been promoted to Server Support Vincent (2595) has been around for a decent time now consistently helping in the FC. He's active and well spoken, always looking to boost morale. He has proven to us that he deserves to be a part of the team. Congratulations. @Moo has been promoted to Server Support Moo, ever since he joined was always happy to help and quick to answer questions with no hesitation. Moo never did make an application and we instead asked him if he would assume the role. He took that head on and has been a great asset so far. Welcome and goodluck! @Snowiehas been promoted to Game Moderator As we all know Snowie has been dedicated to the server before, and since his promotion to Support And for that he definitely deserves the promotion to Mod. Congratulations and goodluck. @E36has been promoted to Game Moderator E36 was very scarily promoted to Support and we were all scared for another game break situation. Thankfully though, he proved himself to not break the game and to instead help players. He's been consistently active and helpful so he was promoted to Moderator. Thank you for not breaking the server. Yet. @Bolinbear has been demoted from Server Support Unfortunately Bolin had activity issues and his time as Support was cut short. Thank you for everything you did for us. @Dillon has resigned from Server Support Dillon resigned from Support due to real life issues which prevented him from performing to his best. All the best with your future endeavours, And of course, thank you for your time. Oh, and yeah, I got Administrator. Best regards, Jaedmo, Uzi, Milo.
  5. Hot Milo


    Welcome back man. Hope you enjoy ironman mode as much as I do.
  6. Please try not to comment on posts older then a month 💙
  7. Added Giant Mole rates. (God bless Arham i love that man)
  8. F Goodluck next run
  9. To begin with I was sort of neutral and I had no opinion on you, which is a good/bad thing. Means I don't really see you often, timezones/me working would have a lot to do with that and you did explain that you're quiet. Which in my personal opinion is probably a bad thing as not many people know who you are, or how you act in certain scenarios. So I think having a bigger appearance across the community would be better before applying. But that also means you're not a problem player and haven't caused staff any strife. While Imodz's comment is totally unneeded and immature, you probably would of been better off ignoring him rather then trying to get a response with a witty remark. I can tell that it was made in bad taste. Based on things like that we sort of have to assume that it will be how you will act as a staff too. I think it would have been better to wait longer before applying as new spots are always opening up. A lot has changed since December. So with that being said your application is Denied But I do feel like you potentially have a chance in the future with more time and a bigger presence in the community and would like to see you apply in future.
  10. Missed a number, start again.
  11. Hot Milo

    Hey, Im Jax!

    Welcome man. I highly recommend joining our ;;discord (Type that in-game and hit enter). You'll find you can get help really quick there if the friends chat hasn't already. Also gets you in contact with staff fast too. Enjoy!
  12. There are methods of doing the websites to get all 5, It'd be great if we didn't have to do that but unfortunately it is out of our hands. For Rune server, Vote on the site, leave it up. Open a new one and wait on the page for like 10 seconds without leaving it. Works every time for me doing that. And always vote Mopar first.
  13. Hot Milo

    See ya

    Sad to see you go, might be quiet from now on but oh well. It definitely is a shitty way to go. Figured I'll mention that no one who has died due to their own internet have had their status reimbursed though. The only Hardcores that were reverted were death tiles (Servers fault), Dying in LMS and losing status (Servers fault), Dung death (Servers fault)... You get the point. Hope you decide to eventually come back. It might be better as regular in the long run (doing aod and rots without your heart going 500 miles an hour) Goodluck wherever you go 😛
  14. Good luck man. Should be interesting seeing your progress 😛
  15. Getting t90 melee weapons requires a range setup, so not sure how that made any sense. It was more powerful then rapiers. That generally means its too high for its tier. I think you're upset that your primary OP weapon is no longer suitable.