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  1. Love these updates, little quality of life updates like this is what puts servers above the rest.
  2. Henlo ^_^ 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? I love the activeness and variety of the staff/dev team and their constant updates and contributes to improve and keep the game a smooth and welcoming environment. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? The game could be easier to learn. The community it really helpful but a database of content like drop tables etc would be really helpful (this could exist and i don't know about it) Please include your in-game name with your response. Erinescence
  3. eeeee the kitties ❤️ absolutely love them Also thanks everyone
  4. Hey everyone My name is Erin, I'm an amateur weeb and full time homo. My hobbies consist if forgetting how to walk, not knowing what I'm talking about and attempting to understand why god made me this way. Send me pics of your cat and I'll be your friend forever. Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer. That is all. ^_^