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  1. Thanks for being a committed member of the Ataraxia community. Best of luck with your application Dillon!
  2. To add onto this, I think it would be an awesome idea in general for the character to use off-hand animations if dual wielding. Great idea @Nik 😄
  3. I love the effort put into this! I definitely think the combat triangle needs an overhaul. I hope to see some updates on this in the near future. :)
  4. E36

    We run raxi

    I never said that haha I do have my clan already though.
  5. E36

    We run raxi

    Best of luck guys!
  6. You guys sure got a lot done! Great update! <3
  7. In-Game Name: E36 Age: 25 Timezone: -08:00 Pacific Why do you want to be Support?: Since I started playing Ataraxia back in the beginning of 2017 I have continually enjoyed helping new players. I believe a strong staff team on a server is very crucial, especially when it comes to retaining a player's interest. What experience do you have?: I have been a staff support on Ataraxia in the past (before reset) and have owned/managed 3 servers of my own. I resigned as support from Ataraxia due to lack of time after my daughter was born. For work I'm a security supervisor. On a daily basis I respond to calls and resolve conflicts that are usually between two or more parties. I know how to work together as team to swiftly resolve any conflicts that arise. My overall experience has given me what it takes to be an effective staff member on this server. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I am trustworthy, fair, reliable and experienced. As support I would always act in a proper manner and treat all players equally. I would always approach conflicts between players with an unbiased opinion while remaining calm and collective. I will always go above and beyond to help players. I want to see the server thrive, and as a support I know I can bring a positive impact to Ataraxia. How much free time do you have?: I play approx. 8 hours a day, sometimes more. I am able to play at work, and at home, so my availability is pretty open. Thanks for taking the time to read my application!
  8. Definitely a good idea! Gives me a chance to plan ahead for events to make sure I'm on. Possibly host some rune armour or dharok PVP tournaments in white portal for a prize for an event?
  9. When I get tired of my sig I'll hit you up :)
  10. Ingame name: E36 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? How frequent updates are added. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? Possibly add PVP back in the future. Good luck to all!
  11. Thanks for the giveaway! IGN - E36
  12. That I understand, but we should also strive to be great at every aspect of RS. This would affect little to nothing for those who don't PVP, but would allow us to open our doors to a wide variety of players who otherwise would never give Ataraxia a chance solely because it's a 718. There isn't a single 718 out there that has a proper PVP system by the way. 😉 Thanks for reading and responding. ❤️
  13. Hello everyone, I'm E36 (previously known as VR4), As I'm sure you're all aware the wilderness itself is pretty much dead content. I have a few suggestions that would liven up the PVP scene on the server without affecting the classic Ataraxia feel too drastically for PVMers/skillers while ultimately bringing in a whole other potential player base for PVP. I know PVP isn't very popular on 718 servers, so this is a bit of a shot in the dark. Wilderness Warbands: For those of you who don't know what Wilderness Warbands is; refer to https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Wilderness_Warbands This used to be on Ataraxia prior to the reset if I recall correctly, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement while also giving us a new event to do to get some nice skilling xp. This also used to give a chance of receiving an equipment dye (blood, 3rd-age, barrows). Wilderness Key System: The wilderness key system would simply be keys of different colors being dropped by NPCs in the wilderness. You take the key to a specific location on the map in the wilderness, dig with a spade, fight a boss that makes you red skull (meaning all items are dropped upon death with or without prayer on) and dig up treasure with a set amount of coins, and random drops of sorts, and of course some sort of rare drop. This could also drop clues, or potentially add a new point system for a shop to upgrade Ancient Warrior (otherwise known as PVP gear) such as Vesta to their Superior version. Refer to http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Superior_Ancient_Warriors%27_equipment. Revenant Caves: Revenants would drop keys for the wilderness key locations more frequently than most NPCs in the wilderness. They would also drop artifacts that can be turned in for either points for the superior shop, or coins. Wilderness Bounty Hunter System: A wilderness bounty hunter system would allow you to get a target in the wilderness that could be tracked via a command of sorts. I.E "Your target is Player 123456." ::targetlocation (or whatever) "Your target is 50 steps South 45 steps North." or something similar. All of this, if executed properly, would also promote the use of clans to coordinate through the wilderness when someone receives a rare drop from wilderness keys. It would also make people want to join clans, or teams, to be able to control the revenant cave. I truly believe this would start a whole new type of gameplay for Ataraxia while hardly interfering with current gameplay.