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  1. Way to go Spooder! Congrats man! @Arachnid
  2. E36

    Ataraxia MOSH PIT

    This is beautiful lmao
  3. Congrats bois! Welcome to the team! ❤️
  4. Great update as usual! Love the new Drop Catcher feature!
  5. Lots of changes! Thanks for keeping everyone updated @Hot Milo!
  6. This is so awesome to see! Great work on the layout! Sorry if I end up stealing it ❤️
  7. Hello! Welcome to the server! Feel free to PM me in-game with any questions! :)
  8. E36


    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your stay! ❤️
  9. E36

    Hello! I'm Kope.

    Usually it's a very quick turnaround, less than 30 minutes, however it's a very slow part of the night for our staff team and the owner is offline on Discord. I can't give a specific time frame unfortunately, I can only say as soon as someone is reached that can perform a restart it will be immediately resolved. I appreciate your patience.
  10. E36

    Hello! I'm Kope.

    Very unfortunate that you logged into a bad situation. We're working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. I promise you Ataraxia is worth the wait! Welcome ❤️
  11. To add to this, I've also noticed that ironmen are having difficulty getting a rune set early on (particularly for getting their defenders). I was thinking maybe remove the decorated rune sets from crystal chest and only have normal rune? Or possibly add them as a drop from another NPC?
  12. I edited my original post because I forgot to mention my idea of lucky abyssal whip and Saradomin sword in a shop. The prestiged weapon is a cool idea, however it's not an easy to implement as opposed to a lucky whip/saradomin sword.
  13. I edited since I forgot to mention the idea of putting a lucky whip and saradomin sword in a shop possibly, but that's also a good idea. Thanks for the input.
  14. Hey everyone! it has been brought to my attention that newer players are finding it difficult to progress early on in the game. One thing mentioned was that abyssal whips are not easy to obtain from other players due to no one selling (they're being chimed). This has (on more than one occasion) caused players to leave the server within the first few hours simply because they don't want to have to use a dragon scimitar until they can get 85 slayer to farm their own abyssal whip. (Possibly add lucky abyssal whip and saradomin sword to a shop?) I also learned that new players aren't aware of the chime system, or ::market for that matter, until someone happens to bring up chimes in a conversation. Maybe a new world announcement needs to be put into place. Players have also mentioned that the clue scroll system is still broken and needs lots of work. I constantly hear that it's as if the server is trying to force players into buying The Investigator (clue scroll) perk, which is not something we're aiming to do. Regarding server events I've heard that our trivia questions during events should be general knowledge, not server knowledge, since the goal is to help newer players advance too, not just players that have been around a while. The reason for this thread is to get a few more ideas from players regarding early content. As much as I love to see new content, I think the early game content needs a few tweaks to make the game desirable to play from the beginning. Please comment below with any ideas, or complaints about our early game content. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks guys! :)