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  1. SomMC

    New Perks!

    Yeah some sort of compromise would be good for such a perk.
  2. Does buying Ataraxia dollars count towards the same person's donation level. i.e. if i buy $250 worth of Ata Dollars and sell them, do I get 250 donated onto my acc name?
  3. SomMC

    New Perks!

    Nice ideas but I think the ;;task perk should only be buyable and work if you have donated a certain amount. Bc it's so unfair to people who donated $250 and $500 to basically lose the entire boss/monster teleport. Or maybe the perk should be very expensive for non-plat/diamond/master donators, i.e. $100, and for those plat/dia/master make it a symbolic $10-15.
  4. Nice I like this series, good luck continuing!!
  5. nice, thanks for this. you manually recorded EVERY SINGLE KILL?!?? holy shit
  6. Thank you for the great service, really big improvements and a great guy in general ❤️ +1
  7. This guide deserves more recognition 10/10
  8. 1. would help if more monsters were in pz/dz instances, that way they can come onto you more quickly.
  9. Can also vouch for this, he did my cave + kiln. he used some of my t90/end-game gear, and he also transferred some of his t90/t92 gear over. done very quickly and well. Thanks @Nurri
  10. I will make more replies as I think of more things. - The first thing that came to mind is when you have a full bank, right? And you have 28 items in your inventory that you try to deposit. Lets say magic logs. BUT you already have thousands of magic logs in the bank. It still doesnt allow you to deposit the magic logs with the deposit button in the bank. Secondly, to access the extra Bank (after u buy the perk) you gotta be clicking on weird bankers in mz and what not. thats quite annoying - i'd suggest to have an option in the bank interface to open the second bank or just another command. ;;b for first bank/primary bank. ;;b2 for the secondary bank. @Craftwork is a legend and showed me a way to counter this. ;;settings -> ;;misc -> enable interface -> works perfectly. EDIT: However, it is still not practical to continuously do multiple clicks each time I want to open the bank. I'd prefer if i could open the bank and somewhere in the bank window i can select to open the second bank, rather than a window asking me if i want bank 1 or bank 2. - Thirdly, the tree patch in Priff is not working properly and hence you cannot check health and then you gotta cut the tree and wait for all that. takes an extra 30sec, nothing major but a thing nontheless. i wont cry if you dont/cant fix it, but you said you wanted a list, so thats one of the things i encounter 2-3times a day - Fourthly, in summoning when you want to make the scrolls from the pouches you have to manually scroll through the entire option list till you find the scroll making option that fits the current pouches you made. It should automatically put the scroll in the position as it does on rs3. Also, when making pouches all pouches in the interface are 'lit up' as if i have the ingredients for all of them, even though i dont. - Fifthly, the diamond donator outift is kinda awkward to wear. having to look for invisible pieces and equipping it through a variety of different methods is a bit unusual, but proves to be a nice challenge lol - Sixthly, you cannot string bows on the Portable Fletcher even with perk. It just doesn't work. - Correct me if im wrong, but there is no currnet killcount for AOD. that would be a nice addition. - when you go and search an item in the bank, you withdraw it and then usually i cannot withdraw any other item. so i have to close bank and reopen, etc. -> this is especially bad when withdrawing armor, like sirenic, where there are multiple pieces so i have to open, search, click, close, open, search, etc multiple times. - not a bug but a suggestion. There is a Starters Guide that is really good and covers pretty much everything. I remember seeing this only after having tens of hours played and I wished I would've seen the guide before. -> advertise this guide more; perhaps in world yell or some other way so that new players actually load it up and can properly read it. would help imo - When using Protean items you cannot get a pet. Personal experience, I got 1B Smithing on Expert (around 13k bars) and I did not get the Smithing pet sooo yeh. - Also you cannot get clues when using protean items or cutting protean trees:( There were other small things, I cant think of them rn but I will write them down as i encounter them again, thank you for the willingness to fix issues for us. It's much appreciated by everyone at Ataraxia <33
  11. Yeah I like this guy, good application form, too. well detailed and makes logical sense. well spoken indeed + good knowledge of the game + 500 hours. good luck +1