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  1. SomMC


    Hey mercie mate Fake Amg, good to meet ya officially here, see ya more ingame!!
  2. Good guide, definitely a guide i didnt know i needed but definitely wanted from u ❤️
  3. Perfect ❤️ Updates looking good. The new Starter Gear will definitely be a big big improvement... I remember when I started I was afk killing hill giants in my 70s bc of my shit gear
  4. Welcome bro, you seem like a good guy:D
  5. It's a legendary quote!:D ❤️
  6. SomMC


    Looks lovely, definitely joining @Will
  7. Only big clan are Reapers? aka your clan right?
  8. Good guide. Back when I did smithing, I was always so frustrated with the Coal situation, especially with higher levels. Your way looks to be less frustrating but nothing beats the Smith Perk 😛 But the ultimate way to get 1b Smithing xp is with Protean Bars @ Diamond Zone 😄
  9. Good videos, I like em
  10. +1 I like your music taste ❤️ @Perfect
  11. I personally see the Trusted Player only as a recognition by the Server Owners that 'Yes, we trust this player, he spent a lot of time and money with us, we believe he is legit, his intentions are not deceitful and his services are legit, based on our & the communities experiences with this player.' It would allow other players of the community to trust the player more. Although, as I said in the other post, I found that by just being one of the top on hiscores & having Diamond Don that the (entire) community would trust me with anything. Why would a player, who dedicated 500hrs+ and donated diamond and is worth bills ingame, scam for a tiny amount? But what if scams did occur. Then what? The server will refund the victim + ban the 'trusted player'? It would be the server's fault bc the server would publicly announce that the server trusts the player. Quite a risk seeing as the Trusted player is not officially part of the Team. Adding this Trusted Player rank could add confusion as to what exactly the player is. Is it just an experienced player? Or a guy who donated a lot and thus gets better treatment than others? Is it a Staff member in disguise? Do this person even have any power? Does he only sell services or does he give advice? The second point: I agree with you @Arachnid. I wouldnt like seeing Server Supports & Mods logging in, only to see that a 'Trusted Player' performing a service on that account. So then I'd have to be wary every time I PM a Staff member bc what if someone else is logged in. With the third point, it sounds good. But how would the Staff decide who gets the Rank? I might decide to sell a Firecape service and all of a sudden Jae will give me Trusted Player just bc I may do a Firecape service? In that case, 80% of the community will have a Trusted player rank. How would the selection process go? It would be hella shady and I bet that the people who donated the most would get preferred treatment & get the Ranks. If Jae is to put his neck on the line and say 'Yes, my team and I trust this Player', then will he really choose a player who does offer a good firecape service but has only 130hours played and donated $20, or will he choose a player who played 500hours and donated $750? I got my trust more in the latter person, purely bc he seems less likely to scam and not bc he offers a superior service.
  12. Will you need a middleman for gambling if they are adding a new gambling system? @Opi I found that if you donated a lot of money (plat, diamond, master) then people trust you anyway. I just tell/show people Im Diamond and they just lend me or allow me to do whatever we agreed to do. The trusted players, I assume, would usually be the players who have spent a lot of time ingame (hundreds of hrs), those people have usually donated a lot of irl money & are on top hiscores, so their respect & trust-worthyness is already really high. BUT, it is not 'officially recognised'. So I can agree, that perhaps recognising players that are trusted could benefit. I dont see any harm to such a thing being added. An ingame symbol would probably need to be added bc otherwise it would be hard to recognise as @Arachnid said.
  13. Welcome bro, good to see you ❤️
  14. this finna count towards my tot posts?