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  1. 1. Legios - I support to make legios not afkable, but since its main source of asc bolts it should be easier to kill them without good supply... what about "running method" where you can avoid damage by running away at right moment from that storms? lazy people can still kill them old way and tryharders can kill them without food by using harder method. 2. Boss timers - add boss timers to all bosses, but only if you kill them solo. It should make new kind of competition between players and there should also be table at home with best times of each boss. 3. Boss killcounts - same idea, make table of most kills on each boss. 4. Qol boss task - Dont give legios task to people who dont have slayer level for it. There is no reason to avoid this easy task by not lvling up slayer and its kinda annoying to skip it all time or make slayer only cuz of it. 5. Qol - Dominion tower skip intro option. 6. Lootshare option (no coinshare) - make it easier to duo/trio bosses with your higher tier friends mainly cuz of pet drops and untradeable drops
  2. 1. I like pre-eoc content and all other servers have that off-hand style shit that I really dont like at all. Also like that every player can choose his own play mode. 2. Urmm PvP for sure... Not big fan of pvp but still once per 1-2week I would like to do some pvp events IGN: Santa
  3. you should add suggested level requirements + 95slayer and what prayer to use, but very nice guide thanks!
  4. Well I know I have +3 hours of max requirement but when competition started I was still 75 xD. Just trying if its possible to enter anyway if not I won't be mad. Good luck to everyone! Ign: Santa
  5. I started playing this server with my girlfriend. She is pretty new to runescape and because we don't have much time playing official server I showed her private server. We enjoyed this server so much, I teached her how skills work, how to PvM some bosses and we had really good time. She wanted to be as much efficient as possible, so I showed her what she can do while watching youtube for example, without paying too much attention to game. She mostly enjoyed to do semi-afk chaos dwarfs and divination (you probably have seen a lot of d picks drops from aurie 😄 ). I also told her that runescape, even rsps community is kinda friendly and mostly there are just a lot of trolls, but no toxic people. She was happy to hear that, cuz she have problem playing competitive games where are a lot of toxic people flaming... basically she takes everything very personal. So I though this is perfect game for her. But today some 3-4 people proved me wrong. They accused her for botting, because she trained divination while watching youtube on second screen and didn't respond to them. It's okay if youre not sure to report that to mod/admin and he will sort that, but I have no idea why they were rude to her, flaming her eventhough they couldnt be 100% sure she is botting. (btw she answered as soon as they tp her out. ) There were 3 people flaming her all the time and because she takes everything personally she started to cry and told me that this is the last time she is playing this game. I only know two names of flamers (Imodz, the flow). Also im sorry that I though Uzi was the rude one he only explained her rules about afk skilling, and did his job. Sorry for bothering you with this topic, but I really felt to share this and maybe those who flamed her should think of themselfs. Maybe she will give runescape second chance in the future, but I'm not sure if it's gonna be on this server.
  6. santa

    Developer Q&A!

    Is there any chance to add lootsharing? I want to PvM with my gf and she is mad that I get all drops so she have no chance for pet.
  7. 1. yh im okay to make ge price little bit higher but THAT higher is too much 2. yh there are couple low level herbs, and sure making little bit harder to get overloads seems fair.... but atleast make unlimited toadflax.... you can use more than 500 sara brews per day if you tryhard PvM and server is not big enough to easily get them from people who focus on collecting them. Thats why most ppl buy them 150k each and still they cant find decent sellers.... 150k for sara brew? thats kinda messed up....
  8. Hi, First of all I want to say that I enjoy this game a lot so far, but there are couple things that I really hate. 1. Bolts. There are only 100 ruby/diamond bolts in shop so it makes early ranged really depressing.... you have to keep buying bolts when you get to home and you hope that its gonna be enough for boss trip. Why not buy them from GE? ... hehe sure let me buy that basic diamonds bolts (e) for 1300 ea so I can do slayer with them ... oh I want to PvM so I should buy some ruby bolts (e) ohhh too bad they are 7k ea. For new players this makes game uncomfortable. 2. Herblore Okay, why regular players have to make potions same way as Ironman accounts? Im okay with making ALL potions by myself to not make it too easy to get, but with herblore shops that have herbs and ingredients. I suggest to remove potions from shop and rather make herblore supply shop and make your own. Thanks for your attention and Im sorry for my english, feel free to leave comment and discuss if you agree or disagree.