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  1. Awesome man great way to get some life intothe forums 🙂 ign Chris
  2. Hey guys im chris rank 7 expert 18 y/o and i like to party. Hf playing and gl to everyone.
  3. In-Game Name:Chris Age:18 Timezone: CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour Why do you want to be Support?:I like ot help this awesome community and new players. What experience do you have?:was support on 1 server and helped a lot of people out. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?:like i said before i like to help the people that start playing. How much free time do you have?:i have some free time usually i ame from 7am to 1pm at university and then i have time to play. Other notes:
  4. Maby try and make different types of lms that change ur stats to pure, max main, range tank etc.
  5. ign:Chris 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? Great community and the awesome updates 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? Maby read PVP gl & hf all