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  1. Poggers 🙂 Barrows perk and gj dev team adn beta tester 🙂
  2. im sorry for killingur parents ;(
  3. Araxxor/Araxxi-Minion path Araxxor/Araxxi is an end game boss. When you loot it's corpse you can get spider leg pieces, weapon hilts(Araxxi eye, web and fang). You get random supplies and a pheromon which you can use to reset enrage on the boss. Pheromon has an effect aswell. While you have it in inventory araxxor adjusts to ur combat style, if you use range araxxor will be magic based. Gear: RANGE Helmet: Sirenic helmet > Reaper hood > Pernix cowl > Superior Morrigan's coif Body: Sirenic hauberk > Pernix body > Superior morrigan's leather body Legs: Sirenic chaps > Pernix chaps > Superior morrigan's leather chaps Weapon: Noxious longbow > Ascencion crossbow > Decimation Boots: Flarefrost > Glavien boots > Pernix boots > Armadyl boots > Ranger boots Amulet: Farsight Blood Necklace > Reaper necklace > Farsight Sniper necklace > Saradomin's Hiss Gloves: Swift gloves > Tracking gloves> Pernix gloves > Ascension wraps Shield: Divine spirit shield > T90 defender > Vengfull Kiteshield > Elysian spirit shield MELEE Helmet: Malevolent helmet > Reaper hood > Torva helmet Body: Malevolent cuirass > torva platebody > superior Vesta's Chainbody Legs: Malevolent Greaves > Torva platebody > Superior Vesta's Platelegs Weapon: Drygore Mace > Noxious scythe > Drygore rapier > Drygore longsword > Superior Vesta's spear Boots: Emberkeen boots > Steadfast boots > Torva boots Amulet: Brawler's blood necklace > Amulet of Souls > Blood amulet of fury Gloves: Razorback gauntlets > Goliath gloves > Barrow's gloves Ring: Right of wealth (c) > Ring of death > Perfect ring > Berserker ring (i) Shield: Divine spirit shield > T90 defender > Malevolent kiteshield > Elysian spiritshield Best aura to use as araxxor/araxxi is vamyrism aura, if vamp aura is on cooldown you can use poison purge. It's good to bonfire before you start the kill, becouse you will have higher hitpoints. And to save on supplies to use overload at donator zones. Every time you do Araxxor/Araxxi hey enrage more and more and it increases the dmg they deal. That's why it's great to have an ely and divine spirit shield for the last fight you have to kill araxxi. Araxxor has 3 combat style: Blue leg tips = magic Green leg tips = range Red leg tips = melee Starting the fight: To enter Araxyte hive u have to go under quest tab and bosses. The teleport is on the last page. When u get into the cave u have to cross the gap. After that you run south. When you get to the end click on the webbed entrance. When you start the kill you have to run east and burn the west web. After you burn the web run up the path. When you run up the path, araxxor will heal some of his hitpoints. At this point araxxor will start spawning minions, some of the minions aren't threatening and they will only heal araxxor or deal a little bit of dmg. The minion's you need to be carefull about are mirrorback spider's. Mirrorback spider's will reflect ur dmg back at you and will probably kill you. So when they spawn stop attacking. If you use a titan and the mirrorback spider's appear the dmg that the titan does wil get reflected back at you aswell. There is a chance of an acid spider spawning and when you recieve the msg you should run away from the green puddle. Acid spider(instant kill?s you). Pulsing spider(heals arraxor and arraxi). Imbued spider(Deals magic dmg to the player). Bladed spider(Deals melee dmg). Mirrorback spider(Reflect's your dmg back at you). After you get araxxor down to 1 hipoint's, you will proceed to the last stage of the fight. Araxxor will dissapear and Araxxi will appear. While you are fighting Araxxi and you get her to about 1/3 of her hitpoint's a dark core will appear and it will mark you and deal 250 poison damage if it hits, you can easily sidestep it. After you kill Araxxi you can loot her corpse. After you loot her corpse you can right click and leave the kill or use the portal next to its corpse. If there is anything i forgot and should add to the guide please tell me down below in the comments.
  4. Chris

    We run raxi

    If you want to join the clan pm me or dillon 🙂
  5. Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Great as always, always listensto the palyers to make the server getbetter How can they improve?: Maby he should paly the server a bit more so he can see how the new updates are Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10/10 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: Awesome dude, always helpfull How can they improve?: Be online more 🙂 Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 7/10 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: They did an amazing job, not only they fixed a lot of bugges, they made a lot of awesoem content How can they improve?: There in ont anything to improve the dev's are awesome Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10/10 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: He did a great job was onlnie almsot every day, responded to all the players and helped us a lot How can they improve?: Nothing to improve Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10/10 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: Love this spoode fella, great guy better mod How can they improve?: Be active more 😮 Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 8/10 Support Loure How did this staff member perform this month?: Didn't pay much attention to loure, but i assume he did a great job How can they improve?: Maby help people more Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 5/10 Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: Don't have much to say about him always did a great job and always will do How can they improve?: Nohting to improve Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10/10 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: He's a great addition to the support team, online everyday and very helpfull How can they improve?: Not alot to improve he just recently joined staf team, time will show what he needs to improve Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 8/10 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: He's the support of the month joined recently but did a lot to help players. How can they improve?: Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 7/10
  6. I will do a minion path guide aswell
  7. I don't agereee with gwd2, you have hardmode for it to be challenging. Nex is a mid-late game boss and is really too easy. Lets not start with kk. kk is so easy you dont even eat food with vamp aura so, i would buff kk.
  8. In-Game Name: Chris Age:18 Timezone:CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support because i love to help new players, the community and everything about the server. i can be unprofessional sometimes but usually i ame very kind and concentrated about the game and helping other players. What experience do you have?: I have some experiance of being a support, because i have been an support on an rsps already. It had around 50-60 people and it was really fun. I have learned how to be a staff member. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Have played this server for some time already and got a lot of information about this server. I have played a lot of rs3 and did a lot of endgame content. I ame online every day and have some experiance on this server. This is not my first 718 rsps. How much free time do you have?: I have a lot of free time. Im usually online for about 4-5 hours a day while being home. I ame at university from monday-friday and i can play ataraxia even in uni. O n weekends i ame online 10 hrs or even more. Other notes: I have played runescape for a long time and im sure i can be a good assistence to the staff team. Thank you for reading this post and have a great day :).
  9. Nice man, divination is realyl slow.