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  1. Absolute mad lad. I love the 0 damage from teleport nulling, shows you just how lucky you were to escape with how many hitsplats you get. Thanks for putting in all the work Arham. Really makes me happy to see when our feedback is taken into consideration. This will be a very nice update once all this goes live!
  2. I like these, but I feel like these are from a long time ago, the clips! Still fun to see the progress though.
  3. Chime shop items can be rotated in and out, more can be added and removed at any time. It's not an issue right now, and it won't be in the future because there are easy solutions. It's a really expensive perk so I doubt many people will find it worth it anyway, but it's there for people who really want to pvm in the best gear all the time wihout feeling like they're wasting money.
  4. Not everyone will get the perk. And the energies and scales would leave the game for chimes by the time they get too cheap. Right now they are very expensive so it wouldn't hurt for them to get a little cheaper anyway.
  5. It only really affects 3 armor sets in the game. And all of those sets aren't TOO hard to come by. Worst case scenario they decrease the price of sirenic scales and malevolent energy a little bit, but even then, there are plenty of ways to avoid that. For instance, selling sirenic sets for chimes. It's basically budget invention, but it keeps the value of items high, and just reduces inconvenience for top end PVMers.
  6. It's bad cause imagine doing slayer and getting all those trash drops clogging up your inventory, it would get pretty annoying. Where would you even use it to get a real benefit out of it?W hat do yuo kill where you actually want every drop that's not a boss? Even for bones, better to just use a bonecrusher. And charming imp already banks charms. So I can't really see the use for it unless it just piles stuff into the bank but that seems extremely overpowered. Also Omnicharger would probably decrease the price of top end gear a bit because you'd only need to get malev and sirenic once. But then again, they are really expensive right now anyway. So it's still a decent grind to get them.
  7. That would be aids as fuck. I don't want that. Maybe autobanking, but then again that seems really OP.
  8. Perk Name: Escape Rope Perk Benefits: Skip the tunnel escape in Rise of the Six Perk Price: $10 Would you buy it?:  yes Perk Name: Slayerporter Perk Benefits: Type ;;task to teleport to your current slayer task Perk Price: $10 Would you buy it?:  yes Perk Name: You seem familiar Perk Benefits: No longer need scrolls to use summoning familiar special attacks Perk Price: $10 Would you buy it?:  yes Perk Name: Omicharger Perk Benefits: Stops all armor and weapons from degrading entirely. Perk Price: $50 ($25 if you have charge befriender) Would you buy it?:  yes Perk Name: Stargazer Perk Benefits: Type ;;star to teleport to the current star. Perk Price: $3 Would you buy it?:  yes And of course, the one I've been requesting forever: Perk Name: Maze skipper Perk Benefits: Spawn in the chest room at barrows, skipping the maze. Perk Price: $5 Would you buy it?:  yes
  9. Then I don't really want it tbh. It's a bit egoistical but it's not in my own best interest since I have a T90 defender already. I'll vote eys anyway cause most people seem to want it but that is kind of lame.
  10. Meh. It's alright I guess. As long as it doesn't make T90 defenders/reprises obsolete and doesn't decrease the chance of getting the main drygores, I'm down with it.
  11. Ataraxia is pretty great but it has several tiny quality of life problems that keep it from being the smoothest RS experience out there. In this thread I'll list any I can find/think of and explain my reasoning. Teleporting needs to null damage This happens in any RS server including the real game. Teleporting nulling damage has always been an important part of both PVP and PVM, allowing for close escapes and in some cases (Blink in dung) it's part of the boss mechanics. People always complain about Blink because you literally can't fight him without dying unless you spend 5 inventories on food and pots. You're supposed to teleport when he says "Here it comes!" to escape his attack, but due to how this server handles teleporting you get damaged anyway and that defeats the whole purpose of the boss. Home teleport in Dung should be usable outside of combat Ataraxia's dung is one of the best fully functioning working dungs out there, but there's one huge inconvenience and annoyance that really slows down the dung experience and makes it frustrating, and that's home teleport. Home teleport should always be able to be used for a quick escape to home base or to go on another path./ Requiring you to be outside of combat to use it makes Dung so much slower and fruystrating to do. Combine this with teleports nulling damage and you'll have made the Dung experience probably the smoothestt of all RSPS I've played. Make the healing NPC heal poison The healing NPC was a godsent when it was added but it should heal poison too, because nothign is mroe annoying then resetting your health only to realize you're half HP a few seconds later cause she didn't cure your poison. Seperate Pawyas from Grenwals more at Isafar hunting teleport (and increase grenwal spike yield) While training hunter, pawyas are incredibly plentiful at isafar while there aren't many grenwals, and they mix in with eachother so it's impossible to consistently grind them. It would be much nicer if they were a bit more seperate and if there were some more grenwals. Also, Grenwals should give more spikes to make them less annoying to farm for herblore. Queen Black Dragon loot room teleport The portal at QBD after you defeat her doesn't work and currently thew only way to leave qbd is by teleporting out. Not a huge issue but just a QoL thing. Bork reaper tasks Would it be possible to let Death only give bork tasks when you can actually fight him? I've lost a lot of money skipping Bork reapers simply cause I couldn't fight him due to the time limit. Alternatively, disabling Bork as a task would work too. Dominion tower rework Currently the dominion tower meta is to kill yourself when you get a gwd1 boss or Chaos ely and just do the easy quest bosses. There has to be a better, more balanced way to make dom tower fun and not just a grindy chore. Will add more as I think of stuff. Feel free to leave your own QoL suggestions in this thread as well.
  12. - Discourage hiding. Make it so that if you're outside of combat for over 15 seconds, you will either get a notification to stop being a coward and fight or get kicked/reduced rewards. Or maybe NPCs will spawn to attack you like in RS3 fight pits. - Like Gary said, make everyone have 99 everything so it's more fair. - Keep it multi combat. Part of the fun is seeing who you can trust and piling people. - Remove T90 gear. It's just too OP. Drygore rapier hits 550 through prayer. - A timer on the notice board so we know when the next LMS is. - VERY IMPORTANT: Disable auras without having to unequip them! LMS severely limits what you can do PVM wise if you have to unequip your Aura every time there's a LMS game. It really sucks to have to go auraless for hours if you wanna do LMS. - Reward participation and kills. Give everyone a tortured soul for every kill they got, regardless of whether they won or not. This gives people an incentive to attack as opposed to waiting the battles out. - Make it possible to start with fewer people. 6 people is too many during dead hours. Make the minimum 4 to eliminate that problem.