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  1. Chloe

    See ya

    Earlier today I disconnected at Vindicta on my hardcore ironman. Unfortunately the owner has informed me they won't be able to reimburse my status despite having photo proof and timestamps that it was indeed out of my hands. I'm not gonna fight it, it's fine. Not interested in playing the game anymore though. I wanted to play as a hardcore ironman, and I had fun doing it. But losing my hardcore status like this just isn't fun, and it feels unfair to me that I wasn't able to get it back despite others having been able to. I probably won't come back for a long time. I'm burned out with the server anyway. Not interested in playing my main anymore and not interested in playign as a regular ironman because it's not my fault I lost my HC status. I had fun while I was here though so thanks for the good times. Have fun on the server, seeya maybe.
  2. Come back before I take over rank 1
  3. Chloe

    Log in beetch.

    1. slim
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      Dude I'm about to take over rank 1 hcim and theres like 50 people online all the time it's a gud time to come back and take back the highscores from me.

    3. slim


      Got a lot of stuff going on atm, might come back for a bit once I've moved house 

  4. I need Nitro to post all my meme emotes from other servers!
  5. It's exactly what he did. He claimed I was just protecting my "op weapon" when it was never OP. One person claimed it was and everyone just agreed despite never seeign anyone use it ever. It's stupid. Rapier was always better. Don'tt ake some random guy's word as gospel and run with it and then DECIMATE the weapon people worked so hard to get.
  6. It wasn't more powerful than the drygore rapier you're just parroting nonsense because the rapier was always stronger. It losty 50 str power. That's not a nerf, that's taking 1/3rd of it's strength. They made it worse than a chaotic rapier. I think you're just ignorant about the game. T85 weapons should be powerful. Not weaker than T80s.
  7. The Nymora nerf is beyond ridiculous. You nerfed it so hard it's no longer useful. Shoutout from all the ironmen trying to get t90s. This is just sad af. The strength bonus on it is so bad now. Really disappointed.
  8. Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen him around much in game lately. Miss you dad. How can they improve?: Come back from buying cigarettes please. Other notes?: I know you love the server and we love you. Rating out of 10: 9 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: Despite not being around in game as much Uzi is working hard behind the scene son improving events, something I've been asking for for a long time. And when he is on he's always quick to help which makes him realiable and approachable. Would kiss/10 How can they improve?: Be around more, ideally. I know it's a busy time though so we'll see how we go in the future. Other notes?: What a beast. Rating out of 10: 9 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: A bit of a yikes, despite the great updates coming out lately with new content, the ball was dropped several times when it came to bugs. Nulls, making slayer unplayable, slayer xp being dogshit for the entire month, Nex bugging the F out. The return of the 50% glitch. All things that were kind of working against the updates and keeping them back from being great. How can they improve?: Do a bit more testing on the updates befopre pushing them out. I'd rather wait another week for content and have it ber good than get cucked by bugs that fuck me over ore than the previous patch did. Other notes?: Testing servers are gettign some more activity which is nice, though it is too bad it's usually in the middle of the night when you test stuff together so I miss out a lot as a beta tester. Rating out of 10: 7 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: He's online a lot. Can't say I've seen him do much yet. He's a presence though which is always good. He's a bit of a meme and not taken too seriously but he's ok I guess. It's always good to see a moderator present, especially for players who might have questions or concerns. How can they improve?: Maybe act a bit more like staff in public. Other notes?: He's a good boy Rating out of 10: 7 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen spoder around as much lately but when he is online he's always fun to be around and active in fc. Always friendly. Well liked in general. How can they improve?: Be around more pls. Other notes?: Spiders aren't insects. Rating out of 10: 8 Support Loure How did this staff member perform this month?: RIP How can they improve?: RIP Other notes?: RIP Rating out of 10: RIP/RIP Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen him around as much lately and when he is online I don't really see him talking in FC. A bit too ba d cause he's an awesome dude and v nice and helpful. How can they improve?: By adressing my concerns~ Other notes?: Jesus, show me the whey. Rating out of 10: 7 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: Friendly guy, he's online a lot which is helpful. Nothing much to say really. Good addition to the support staff. How can they improve?: Nothing I can really think of. Other notes?: - Rating out of 10: 9 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: A bit more activity would be great but when he is here I feel like he's friendly and approachable. How can they improve?: Be online more. Other notes?: - Rating out of 10: 8
  9. In-game Name: Rimuru/Star What is your time played?: Combined 1000+ hours Do you have a lot of free time to test?: You bet. What content are you looking forward to testing?: New bosses, old bosses with new weapons, reworked bosses after buffs/nerfs. Prayer. Bug testing, solving exploits. How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: None. All the new bosses I fight will be my first time facing them. I guess I can give a fresh perspective on those bosses.
  10. I got my PC last year. It has an i7 7700K, an MSI GTX 1080, 16 gigs of ram. I'm runnign 2 1080P IPS monitors and one UHD 144hz gaming monitor. I have a 500gb boot SSD with my most played games and a 4TB HDD for my steam games.
  11. Come back before my hcim steals your spot on the high scores.
  12. Owner Jaedmo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: The most hard working staff member by a long shot, I have no idea how he manages to run this server and at the same time have so much time to answer my dumbass questions all the time and somehow manage not to go completely insane. Best owner. How can they improve?: Give more free stuff. Any other notes?: I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass. Rating out of 10: 12 Administrator Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Haven't seen him around that much. I know that he keeps busy with the forums though, and he manages to run community events from the forums pretty well. I assume he keeps busy behind the scenes as well. But yeah, "not around that much" doesn't mean that much coming ftom me. How can they improve?: Spend a bit more time in game with the lads, throw a few community events with minigames or whatever. Dude, open white portal in clan wars so we can all have fun. Any other notes?: Pls give us PK events, would be swag af. Rating out of 10: 8 Developer _jordan How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I know coding can be a bitch, and fixing somethign can break something else. But goddamn, Nex this last week has been a mess. But you managed to fix her in the end. And we have instances now. Amazing stuff. How can they improve?: Break less stuff ree. (kidding) Maybe spend more time online in the main game? Don't see you around too much. Any other notes?: Step up your meme game. Rating out of 10: 7.5 Arham 4 How has this Staff Member performed this month?: 100% the most hardworking developer on this team. He's definitely the one getting shit absolutely done. Not only did he nail all the quality of lfie changes from a thread I made, he actually posted updates on the forums to show off all the cool stuff he was working on. 100% endorse this dude, he deserves employee of the month. On top of that he's in game a lot and helps you on discord with questions/bug reports too. Absolute mad lad. How can they improve?: Figure out how to divide by zero. Any other notes?: Is also friendly. Rating out of 10: 10 Global Moderator Gary How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Friendly dude, helpful. Not much to add. He is a great asset to the team. Does his job and an overall chill dude. How can they improve?: You do keep to yourself a bit I feel, maybe community events. I know I keep saying this, but it's pretty rad. Any other notes?: Next ironman episode when? Rating out of 10: 8 Moderator Arachnid How has this Staff Member performed this month?: He's online at times where I'm not usually. I've had my run ins with him. But he's nice and helpful. A good asset to the team. How can they improve?: Maybe intervene sooner before drama escalates in friends chat. Any other notes?: I'm sorry if my behavior has made your job harder. I'll try to be better in the future. Rating out of 10: 7.5 C J How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Definitely the most active staff member, always online despite desert internet. Not very interactive with the community, mostly keeps to himself and does PVM. Helps when his help is necessary. How can they improve?: Lately he has been extremely toxic towards me in particular. For this reason I have him on ignore and no longer associate with him. He singles me out in LMS, gets his buddies to tag me so I can't win. I know it's only a minigame but the bias against me and the way he treats me is not the wat I'd expect a moderator to behave. Any other notes?: I don't like him personally. We used to be friends but he's made sure to let me know he doesn't want to be friends. Which is fine. But singling me out is childish. Griefing me is stupid. Rating out of 10: 6 (for me personally he's lower, but in general his performance is alright.) Support Loure How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Memes aside, Loure has been a pretty chill suport. He's helpful and tries to keep the peace. His activity is a huge plus as well. How can they improve?: Can't judge much yet, he's only been a support for a few days. I look forward to seeing him grow into the role though. Any other notes?: I thought he would be meme tier but he's surprisingly mature. Rating out of 10: 8 so far. Keep it up. Vengeance How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Friendly, chill and active dude who's helpful. A nice support to have. Great addition to the team. How can they improve?: Literally no way I can think of. Any other notes?: I'll have rice and a fish cake. Rating out of 10: 8.5
  13. Neverlucky but might as well try right? 😮 IGN: Chloe