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  1. Glad to have met you already! You are a fantastic person, fight well and give freely friend.
  2. Rikku


    Thank you, it's funny to see you still using that signature haha.
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    Thank you very much! I hope to see you in-game.
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    Thank you very much! Thank you, much appreciated!
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    I logged on today to see how the server was going and found it bustling with people! I'm so happy to see that the server I played long ago (pre-reset/re-release) has grown so much. I can't wait to meet more of you guys and become part of the community again. I go by Kirito and Rikku in-game, and simply Rikku on the forums. I do a lot of art based things (posted on the forums somewhere?) and am willing to do commissions. Eventually, if I have the time, I hope to add to the community by making guides and perhaps a guild/clan. I see Opi is still here but most of the players I remember seem to have left. That is all the more reason to get to know you all better though! Please feel free to message me for commissions or about anything at all. Sincerely, Kirito/Rikku
  6. I really love the organization of the guide! It's very helpful and easy to follow. The map is wonderfully done and the highlights aren't messy at all. The only thing I would change is making the headers decretive, this is extremely minor but since you put so much work into it already it would look really nice! If you'd like, private message me and I could make them for you!
  7. Forum Suggestion: The new forum theme is amazing and a lot easier to use than the old one, but it is somewhat difficult to see read from unread threads/posts. Unless there is something I am missing, it would be nice to add something to distinguish between the two. It would be as easy as making already read forums marked with a black/white version of the red/blue dragon icon already used and mark the un-read posts/threads with the colored icon being currently used. Reason for the Suggestion: It would make the forums even more easy to use and would be simple to implement. Additional Notes: Please don't take this too harshly, the new theme is amazing and a lot easier on the eyes than the old one! there are only a new things that could be changed.
  8. These where commissioned by @Riley and @Opi. Hope you guys like them. Opi: Riley:
  9. It's nice to meet you, I would like to see some of your work in the graphical design field if you have anything available! I hope to see you in-game and get to know you. Have fun!
  10. What part of this confused you, your comment is less than helpful.
  11. Heh welcome back, I hope to see you in-game.
  12. I realize there are typos and grammatical errors as well, if I had more time I would fix those but as of right now I don't and this is a draft.
  13. Welcome back, hope to see you in-game!
  14. !!!!DISCLAIMER!!!! This is a story that contains some mature content, please read at your own discretion. The story itself is written in the eyes of a crusader in the year 1058 or so. This is obviously not a true story and the content itself is not great. I mainly wrote this short to see if there was anyone here that enjoys stories and if so should I bother posting them here. I also wanted to test out making an immersive version of the same story using photo editing software. I hope you enjoy and please tell me what you liked about it or disliked about it. Don't just say "nice" or "I didn't like it" put some effort into the comment please! Also request what you want me to write about next if you do like the style of writing I use. Scroll down for the immersive version! *May not look right on smaller monitors/phones if not please tell me so I can try to fix it!* Story: The year is one thousand fifty-eight, the world is growing darker by the second. At the time of writing this I reside in a cold and damp abandon hut. The soaked dry rotted oak floors no longer creek but squish with each footstep. The stuffy smell of mold fills every crevice of my lungs with each breath I take. Windows are no longer transparent, but stained dandelion yellow from the ages of neglect. Ruins of furniture, if you could even call it that, where scattered and fallen across the room. Remnants of candles cover the mite infested table that barely stands in the middle of the room. Wax covers the ground and walls in spots like a freshly fallen snow, not disturbed being beautiful in a way and terrifying in another. It’s been three years...three long years of this crusade. I cannot find the words to describe the atrocity that I feel from fighting this fight. We were told this would be a glorious fight against the devil himself. That we would pit steel against the fiery depths of hell itself to protect the fair and just people of our civilization. We were told we would protect the children, as innocent as the white clouds above. That we would fight for our King and nation, the very pillars that hold our world as we know it up. But how can I agree with such statements as I’m burring my sword deep into a man chest and listening to his last gasp for air. His crimson blood flooding my gloves and painting my hands with the very sin we swore to abolish. This is not a holy war, there has to be some point to this fighting....and I have found it albeit too late. The blood, I realize too late, is not all my enemy’s. The gapping abyss that my eyes spot as I look down to my gut confirms my fear. There will be no proof of the King’s and Church’s wrong doings. There will be no one to uncover the veil that they hide behind. The true nature of this war is greed, like the waves of the ocean the realization came crashing upon me. You cannot fight sin with sin; to kill your fellow man is the largest sin of them all is it not? When our brothers fall in battle is it not their holy right to be buried and remembered as all others do, not to be left under the boot of another man and forgotten like a whore’s son. Which leads me to my next point, why does the church employ criminals with promise to absolve their wrong doings? They teach god is the only judge, and then like a jester they change their mood to suit the situation and gain as much popularity as they can. I know I am not perfect, and have no right to make the statements I do now. It was against the church for us to get married and have a family, and yet we still did. As sure as the sun rises I missed your smiling face the most, but for every sun there is a moon and I fear my night has come. The King and the Church are only interested in spreading influence and taking land. Like the Black Death, their power spreads all throughout the land. If you could only see some of the things my “brethern” have done to these places.....these people. These men, nay; these monsters and taken the very light of these people's worlds and have replaced it with the very hellfire they swore to eliminate. Trying to stop them peacefully has proven worthless. They claim these families are no better than the mud under their boots. The strike them like a smith strikes his anvil, there is no mercy and to them it is an art. Watching it in horror, I finally snapped and slaughtered them all. The sound when steel meets steel is indescribable, it’s like the thunder ringing from the heavens but right in your face. When I struck the last man down I held him in my arms as he died. It was hit to the chest, much like my own, and he simply asked why? As the river of blood rushed from his middle, I leaned in and whispered the last sentence the poor bastard ever heard...”Because brother, God told me to as he did you. You were just too deaf to hear him.” It’s over now, I can see the night getting darker except it isn’t the night anymore it’s me. The reaper has come to take my soul to be judged, though it is not necessary for I know where I belong. It is hard for me to think about, knowing my last moments won’t be looking into your innocent eyes. I am though, I can see into them now. They are fresh like the summers grass, a pure like the son I’ll never meet. It cannot be expressed how ashamed I am to leave you in the barren oblivion alone, but all I can ask is that you do not let our son follow in my wake. Marry I love you. -Brother Gabriel
  15. Rikku

    Art Work

    I have private messaged you asking for a few more details for customization! I will finish the product as soon as possible once details have been provided. Thank you very much! I appreciate the motivation.