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  1. Wow, the updates looks amazing can’t wait to login to give them a try. 😁
  2. Congrats milo 👏🏿 and all the new mods/support, see you all ingame 😁
  3. Sirvarrock


    Welcome back 😁
  4. Great job guys keep up the hard work👌🏿
  5. Love seeing ideas like this support +1😁
  6. Honestly, this probably gonna help the server not be so easy getting late game gear so fast which is good but dislike that decimation turn to dust really no point to that and I really do believe some of the balance is way off on gear/weapon but we’ll have to see. Believe the boss timer was the only thing I really enjoy and look forward to trying. Still amazing work hope to give you some feedback soon keep up the hard work.
  7. Both perks I will be getting soon amazing updates 👌🏿
  8. Great updates keep up the hard work🔥
  9. Great idea will jump on for the events
  10. CJ will always be the best ingame mod🔥🔥
  11. Amazing work as always keep up the hard work🔥
  12. You already know me ingame, but welcome to the forums 😁