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  1. Sheez, that's one heck of an update there. Ty peeps.
  2. Perfect balanced way to introduce this. YAY BOI.
  3. Can we expect the 'Discounter' perk next patch? aka this weekend? @Jaedmo
  4. Can we expect an update addressing the issues of the game mode 'King of the Skill' before this weekend? Like unable to pickup drops, accounts being disabled before 24 hrs n such. @arham 4 / @_jordan / @Xenthium
  5. 1: Future Update/Suggestion - Ranged and Magic Turmoils. 2: Reasoning - Currently the ranged and magic turmoils incorporated in the regular turmoil don't boost like they should.
  6. 1: Future Update/Suggestion - Item stats balance (code wise) 2: Reasoning - Most late game items vs reaper items hardly have +-5 to 10 difference, its nothing. For example, people with decimation can out dps people with nox bow who are on reaper task too. You can't even guarantee 50% of the kills. At this point, dps is basically rng.
  7. 1: Future Update/Suggestion - Dreadnips 2: Reasoning - Content / improves PvM.
  8. Feed My Ego


    Except hp and slayer. Slayer because the xplock command doesn't work for it.
  9. Feed My Ego


    It really boils down to how quick you can get some of the most essential perks. For someone like me who can't donate have to rely on buying donations via in-game gp. So I actually made a novice first, comp'd on it and made close to 8b cash so I could buy donor for my legendary. The actual time frame would be less than 200 hours, maybe less for compt in my opinion, especially if you have everything and your focus is only to get the cape.
  10. I'd be pretty pissed if that would've been my last req for compt.
  11. I won't gamble, at least not thinking to as of now but i will vote YES for the community.
  12. Feed My Ego


    I personally believe any act/content which aims at bringing more people should be encouraged. Saying that, I see many saying yes to Flower poker but no to others, confuses me. If you like fp or dislike any others its fine but Jae clearly mentioned that Dice, if introduced, will be 'ONLY' 50 50 chance. So, basically its random or lets say the host doesn't have an advantage. Coming to Rune-draw, i completely agree with Arham, its such a good advertising factor that would add yet another feather to the uniqueness of this server. Also the fact that there's no ifs and buts and its completely random, i don't see why this shouldn't be introduced. Seeing this most must think i'll be gambling all day or something but in all this time in rsps, over 10 years, i've never made even 1m from staking. But i think we should respect the fact that as developers/owner trying to improve the game to provide for the demand so as to bring in new members is what we as players we should accept and welcome. At last, i know most will be like, will i gamble? nah so let me just vote no. I was of the same mentality but the reality is, its only about time that people have billions and they don't know what to do anymore. Just think this one from the point of view of the community.