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  1. Yeah like Bolinbear said it depends on what you plan to do the most, but ::bank is a simple but convenient Perk, couldn't manage without it myself now and I've only got about a day played in-game time.
  2. Asgarra

    What up

    Welcome mate, hmu @Pork in-game sometime, enjoy the server!
  3. Welcome to the server bud! Add me up in-game @Pork if ya like, I'm fairly new too! Enjoying the server so far though, I'm sure you will too.🙂
  4. A good point which I hadn't considered, if this cape were to be added, maybe allow hcim to duo slayer and dung but only with other hcim accounts. What do you think of this (in theory ofc)?? I know it means they aren't 100% self-sufficient, I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility.
  5. R.I.P. For real though, congrats! V nice accomplishment, hopefully your hiscores ranking gets fixed soon!
  6. Awesome stuff! I look forward to it. (You'll have a lot of catching up to do mind!😉)
  7. Yeah, fair point guys. Probably better if we keep the programming and design work on some bigger features, if the server grows and this becomes more relevant, then maybe I will suggest it again. 🙂
  8. Cheers man, good to know there's other skillers out there in the Ataraxia community! I will add you in-game now and message you if I need anything, much appreciated!
  9. I love skillers too, I'm going to create a max account on here too, but I love skillers. I'm gonna try and grow the skiller community on here if I can, maybe make a clan if I get enough interest from folks!. Good to know some people are going to be following my journey :D!
  10. Thanks! I'm making some good progress w/ thieving to get that starting cash. Thinking of goals I can add to the post such as obtaining rare items, 'x' amount of gp, minigame runs and things like that, just need to get a feel of what will be achievable on the server first :).
  11. Asgarra

    Oi Oiiiiii

    Thanks! I rate it so far, good server😁