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  1. Accepted, welcome to the beta team.
  2. Nothing in particular relating to team/group Ironman is preventing it from coming out. However, there's a few issues relating to other content/core systems that have recently been prioritized by Jaedmo. We want to get these ironed out first, so that the existing systems/content behaves the way it should, before we go adding a new game mode which will probably introduce it's own bugs too. Afaik, there is currently no ETA for team/group Ironman.
  3. Xenthium


    I feel like this is already a bit of a problem with those who sell hundreds in donations, collectively, just a few players hold a decent percentage of all in-game cash and it isn't earning it the right way in my books. This is ultimately their fault due to a lack of self-control.
  4. Xenthium


    I'd be down for the dicing method if it were all handled outside of the player(s), purely because it's my favourite method of gambling. If this is passes I'd also like to see some sort of tax implemented, similar to, if not the same as how osrs has done it with the duel arena; we need more money sinks.
  5. Also also, maybe the chance to get a spin/double spin ticket from voting
  6. Forgot to add, examining an item should show the General store value as well as the GE value; it'd be handy for when you're on task picking up stuff to sell to the store etc.
  7. - Add your daily task to the task tab/noticeboard interface (and progress of it). - The message notifying you of your potion running out in X amount of seconds should show up even if your game messages are set to filter. - Maybe buff the Wisdom aura, not the xp boost, but reduce the cooldown or increase duration it lasts for. In comparison to well 1.5x xp & weekend dxp etc, it's pretty underpowered. - Move the Catherby farming teleport coords closer to the patch, it seems odd and out of place how it's pretty much in a mountain and the only one to teleport you a distance from the patch. - When using Protean items, the action count message should be hidden if game messages is set to filter, like it does for all other action count messages. - Examining an npc in combat should show their remaining HP. (Perhaps something like this, maybe toggleable too, via command or in ::settings).