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  1. Nice guide keep up the good work 🙂
  2. Welcome to the forums 🙂 glad you're finally here 😄
  3. vengeance


    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay 🙂 if you need anything in game don't be afraid to shoot us a pm
  4. I normally listen to genres such as Grime, techno, trance, hardstyle, rawstyle, house and garage
  5. Dropped a sweet update there 🙂 and thank you to the devs for putting in such a hard work to make sure we no longer get nulls ❤️
  6. 1. Legios are not buffed into a working state, if you go to rs3 guides and look how they do it you can do trips without eating food, it's just not as afk you have to run around to avoid the magic attacks. 2. +1 this currently there is no other incentive to DT other than this. 3. Clues are currently getting worked on i know this is annoying we need people to inform us of which clues aren't working if you run into this problem so we can solve all the issues you're having. 4. As the previous one LMS is a new minigame that is bound to have flaws with, at the moment we're just ironing out the creases and it'll continue to get improved, making a thread about this and adding your suggestions as Milo said would help us see what the community wants.
  7. Best of luck on this endeavour just make sure you don't burn yourself out grinding to hard and have fun with it 🙂 i'd love to see you keep with this.
  8. Make sure you visit us every now and then and good luck with the other interests ❤️
  9. +1 this, definitely a good QOL update 😛
  10. Reeeee, love this idea, but stay away from my arma pet hue hue
  11. Welcome to the forums ❤️
  12. Fantastic update and some very good additions to the server well done to the development team you're doing great 🙂
  13. Welcome to the forums and in game, hope you enjoy your stay any queries or questions hmu in game
  14. Welcome back 🙂 and i hope it's everything it used to be and more 😄
  15. 5 miss one 7 guess that's how it works 😉
  16. In-Game Name: Vengeance Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +0 Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support as i love helping out new players, and enjoy everything about being involved with the community, these are what i would put down as key importance as being part of the staff team. this would also help as a method of communication from new players, to staff members which could then be passed up higher to improve the ever growing server. What experience do you have?: During my time playing private servers i tend to only stick to one private server, i played emps-scape where i was an admin to which that shut down, so i turned to rs3 which i was co owner of a clan that was quite big on w23, if you would like more details on these please don't be afraid to send me a pm i can give you details and answer any questions you may have. For outside world, i've been a contributing team member to majority of the tasks i've been dealt with as i show a compassion towards other peoples opinions and always think of the best way to deal with things. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: My main reason behind why i think you should pick me over anyone else isn't just my activity or my strive for helping new players, it's the experience i have in the real world i feel like my job is very beneficial to this situation (pm me on details if required) as it gives me the key skills and core values to be a helpful and beneficial member of the staff team, it adds team work, commitment, dedication, integrity, determination, respect, loyalty, these are vital for performing as a positive contribution towards the server in my opinion. How much free time do you have?: I work everyday apart from weekends which is normally 0800-1700, but other than that i'm free all the time. Other notes: Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i hope you take it into consideration. any questions you have about the application i am more than happy to answer via pms.
  17. vengeance


    reee, a southerner 😄
  18. Welcome to the intros on forums hue hue
  19. Ingame name: Vengeance Awesome idea to increase forums activity 🙂