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  1. Thank you, everyday is a learning day no matter the player, and I hope to be as good as you was senpai ❤️
  2. Thank you for your support much appreciated, the activity will remain 😄
  3. Very brief and simple guide which makes it easy to read, good job and i hope to see improvements to make this a pinned topic 🙂
  4. Thank you Opi much appreciated 🙂 Cheers for the good luck 😄 I'm glad to see this, thank you 🙂 Thank you for the support greatly appreciated 🙂 Cheers ely, and pfft i'll get there one day hue hue Cheers for wishing me luck i suppose haha, good luck in your endeavours as well 😛
  5. I support this getting added into game, it increases the goals for players to go for.
  6. In-Game Name: Vengeance Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +0 Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support as i love helping out new players, and enjoy everything about being involved with the community, these are what i would put down as key importance as being part of the staff team. this would also help as a method of communication from new players, to staff members which could then be passed up higher to improve the ever growing server. What experience do you have?: During my time playing private servers i tend to only stick to one private server, i played emps-scape where i was an admin to which that shut down, so i turned to rs3 which i was co owner of a clan that was quite big on w23, if you would like more details on these please don't be afraid to send me a pm i can give you details and answer any questions you may have. For outside world, i've been a contributing team member to majority of the tasks i've been dealt with as i show a compassion towards other peoples opinions and always think of the best way to deal with things. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: My main reason behind why i think you should pick me over anyone else isn't just my activity or my strive for helping new players, it's the experience i have in the real world i feel like my job is very beneficial to this situation (pm me on details if required) as it gives me the key skills and core values to be a helpful and beneficial member of the staff team, it adds team work, commitment, dedication, integrity, determination, respect, loyalty, these are vital for performing as a positive contribution towards the server in my opinion. How much free time do you have?: I work everyday apart from weekends which is normally 0800-1700, but other than that i'm free all the time. Other notes: Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i hope you take it into consideration. any questions you have about the application i am more than happy to answer via pms.
  7. This is an amazing update keep up the good work staff team, your work is much appreciated 🙂
  8. Nice, what's your stats like after that week? 😛
  9. Thank you for releasing the drop rates of these now i know how unlucky i am hue hue
  10. This is a very good update, good job developers and keep up the good work, if updates like this keep coming out this server will constantly keep growing at a rapid rate 🙂
  11. Welcome to the forums 😄 seen you a couple of times ingame so far hope you enjoy your stay.