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  1. I record way ahead of time to give myself extra time to record. Thanks though!
  2. Perk Name: - Perk Benefits: Bypasses the killcount required for Dominion Tower gloves. Perk Price: $10 maybe $5 Would you buy it?: Yes. Perk Name: - Perk Benefits: A perk that gives you a bonus % life regeneration when using SS. Perk Price: $20+ Would you buy it?: Yes.
  3. You should really put effort into your application so that we can properly assess your abilities as a player to become a staff member. If you don't put much effort into your application it tells us that you might not put much effort into your staff work. You also do not meet the minimum requirements to apply. I suggest getting your requirements fixed and put more effort into your applications. Read the proper requirements here:
  4. https://gyazo.com/4217cc602d9f79f52a95edab3bd7a24c Poor chloe
  5. - Remove restore potions except for maybe a dose to use alongside the brew at the beginning. This will allow people to smite down their opponents prayer rendering their protection prayers useless. - I am on the fence about multi-way combat. On one hand it promotes teaming, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand it promotes veteran players winning every time because they know people will team with them as opposed to newer players getting teammates. - Disable individual perks inside of LMS. - Give everyone the max stats corresponding to the loadout. This will allow new players to enjoy the content because at certain times it is difficult to find a full game to play. - Reset HP to 990 every time so that people cannot go into the mini-game with HP over 990, thus giving them an advantage over others. - Add a timer until the next LMS game onto the Noticeboard.
  6. The forums welcome you, my son.
  7. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mNmstJ I didn't list my RAM on here, but 16 GB.
  8. Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that we DO accept RSGP as donations! Whether that be through Runescape 3 or Oldschool Runescape. Simply Contact a Moderator+ through either the forums, discord, or in-game and they will be able to assist you in receiving what you need! This system is mostly in place for players who cannot donate through the normal process of PayPal, but might have some extra Runescape gold lying around that they wish to donate with. The current rates are (subject to change): RS3 = $0.10c/m OSRS = $0.80c/m Please do not donate with items. Go and sell the items and get raw gold to donate with. unless it's a phat :POGGERS: Also, please come with the gold needed for the donation you want. Do NOT attempt to get discounts because the rates are static and not subject to deals. Thanks, The Ataraxia Staff Team
  9. -YES I KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE WITH BEING SO ZOOMED OUT. IT WILL BE FIXED STARTING EPISODE 8- Here is episode five of my Ironman series. From this episode on I am a regular ironman. :FeelsAutistic: You can find the video here -
  10. Gary

    Slayer Guide

    Good basis for a detailed guide. Hopefully it gets fully complete soon.
  11. ;;itemdrop (item name) ;;npcdrop (npc name) for drop tables. You can also go to ;;settings > build settings > Toggle Drop Table Examine
  12. Hey guys, Just a quick tutorial on how to delete your Ataraxia 718 cache if you are having problems requiring you to do so. Ignore the double mice it is an issue with using magnify, LUL. Hope this is a detailed enough guide to help you with your issues, and if you need any extra help just contact a Support+ on Discord! Thanks, Gary
  13. Loving the new achievement system especially the design of it! Hopefully all of the client issues are fixed. *crosses fingers* Pog.
  14. -YES I KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE WITH BEING SO ZOOMED OUT. IT WILL BE FIXED STARTING EPISODE 8- Here is episode four of my Hardcore(?) Ironman series. This one hurt me to make. Sorry for such a late upload, but I am quite busy as of late. You can find episode four here - https://youtu.be/EPdk0jR3oQ8 Hope you guys enjoy the episode, and like I said I changed my settings to fixed starting with episode eight. That is the issue with recording ahead of time, but I have to. Thanks, Gary