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  1. In-game Name: Skcam What is your time played?: 1621h Do you have a lot of free time to test?: 6-8 Hours a day What content are you looking forward to testing?: Can be anything from bosses to skilling since I stepped back from skilling abit lately. How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: Know all of them except for The Magister. Additional Information: I know I have been a member of the beta team in the past however I didn't get kicked because I was a bad tester or something like that it was more my attitude. However i'm #reformed.
  2. Let's make a T90 Sing better than a T92 Core. STUPID
  3. The interface bug So when you train a skill that requires an interface and then switch to another skill that also requires an interface if you then just press once, you will have the old interface and not the new one. Dungeoneering outfit/Master Camouflage outfit Im not sure if this causes it but if you trade the "Warped Gorajan Trailblazer outfit" you won't be able to skip doors in dungeoneering. The auto 10 thievs from Master camouflage outfit doesn't work. Runespan If you logout in runespan you will loose all your points. If you logout you also spawn on the first floor if I remember correctly. Slayer pet Slayer pet doesn't count towards skilling pet title. Makes it impossible to get 18/18 Skilling pets title. Bank problems When you double click a item in your bank usually has to be the last item on that tab expect for the first tab. You will get a random item from a other tab. https://gyazo.com/e8a6382b36a85b5a9f127229d38b2bdc Sometimes when you are in other tabs and you click on a random item you get teleported back to the first tab. (No clue why and this only happens sometimes). Portable Fletcher You can't string bows on a portable fletcher unless you have a string even with the perk. Heroes (Thieving) If you right-click and left-click fast you won't get a xp drop. Not sure if this is intentionally but it should be changed. I will add stuff to this list. S
  4. Skcam

    New Perks!

    1. Every boss/slayer monster is easy accessible and diamond players have already access to one of this areas. NO support 2. I can agree on that construction needs a perk for sure. Something like use half of the materials when you build something. Support KINDA 3. This only affects a few weapons ingame and that would probably make them superior the the best ones. NO Support.
  5. In-game Name: Skcam What is your time played?: 811 Hours Do you have a lot of free time to test?: Atleast 5 hours a day What content are you looking forward to testing?: Mostly dung updates and skilling updates. How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: Im decent at Araxxor the other ones I haven't tried since I quit RS3 a long time ago. However im not applying to test bosses or combat updates.
  6. If they made it like LMS and instead of killing people you skill instead. The area should be like a psuedo-Diamond zone that would be sick. Just an idea I had not sure if that's what you really wanted but it's something close that shouldn't take that much time to code.
  7. Love the concept. However I feel like it has alot of flaws. 1. The rewards are litterly useless for plat/diamond players. Would ofcourse be possible to change it so "we" get more use of it but it will be hard. 2. Most of the best "Skilling methods" are in plat/dz zones those contracts wouldn't be obtainable since the non donator players can't get those. That means you have to do tasks that gives less experience. 3. Not enough of skilling supplies to do this constantly. Imagine getting a task "Cook 200 Raw Sharks" Who has raw sharks? That means you first have to fish them first and then do your task just sounds like a hassle and that is already a kinda high level task. 4. Alot of dev work that could go to something else that is much more useful. This just sounds waste of time and will probably be dead content unless it's a trim req. 5. Perk heavy IDEA. My overall opinion Since you have to do mediocre tasks at all times it wouldn't be worth doing it unless completing a task would give you INSANE amount of exp. A skilling shop with raw materials is needed if this is implemented which isn't good. If the shop isn't implemented and people start doing this would mean that the raw materials goes up in price and makes every task cost you 5m on average. Which would ruin the reason why you made this post. It's a PvM server and you will always make more money doing it. The current state is fine for skilling. QoL is needed but adding something this big and kinda useless is not worth for the amount of time it takes to code. This comes from a guy who made most of his money through skilling and got 26b xp by doing it.
  8. 1. You are supposed to get your "rewards" from killing monsters. I would agree on that the slayer shop need better rewards but the rewards shouldn't give items. The system RS3 currently has would be perfect to this server and im pretty sure we are waiting on Kris for that. 2. You are a ironman for a reason. 3. Sounds like a cool idea. 4. No. 5. Sure. 6. This should be possible with the new "Slayer interface/rewards that RS3 slayer brings". 7. Sure I guess. 8. No. That would bring it close to a bank without paying a dime there is perks for a reason. 9. It's easy to remember waste of dev time imo. 10. This has been suggested before and it's apperently tricky to get done. Go to Combat styles, Right click the arrow/sword/staff icon and choose show buff timers will show every potion you have active in chat. RED: No Support Green: Support
  9. Perk Name: - Perk Benefits: You save 50% of the runes you cast. Perk Price: $15 Would you buy it?: Yes.
  10. I haven't seen any good activity from you at all or you being helpful once in the friends chat. This application just sounds like words to me. However good luck on your application.
  11. Skcam

    Developer Q&A!

    Would stuff like agression potions/unstable essences be something you guys would like to add? Since people like to "afk" and runespan doesn't really have any good rewards atm. Any chance of getting monsters in abyss? Dailies like sink holes/caches? Any chance of getting full ports? The current system is bad imo. If this is something you guys are working on it should be the way to get into "The Arc" Thoughts about "The Arc" and any chance of adding it?