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  1. This is video evidence that teaming is an actual problem. One suggestion to start with is obviously make it single combat. To prevent boxing a friend so that those two players can't just survive until there's nobody else, I suggest having a few time stages where constant typeless damage is given to all of the players remaining, gradually increasing until it's just a matter of time before players are forced to eat food, and fight to the last man standing. With the current addition of the instant death of not being in combat (to prevent hiding) I suggest that there be a reasonable time before that death, due to two players who might end up boxing into the typeless damage phases of the match leaving one player left unable to fight anyone. One way around this is to make it to where when the amount of players alive is an odd number (one person won't have a fight) then the instant death is inactive. If two teams of friends are boxing into the late stages of the typeless damage phases, it will come down to a matter of who can heal the most. Eventually the damage will be too harsh to out heal.
  2. :omegalul: gz on first t90 shield, i'm coming for dat shiet lol
  3. Best of luck on your application! I personally haven't seen you too much in-game to give my honest opinion of you, let alone you becoming a server support, but I still wish you luck on the application. =]
  4. Good luck this time Bolin! I could see you eventually becoming support again.
  5. Best of luck on the application. You should also consider adding your server experience/time with us to your application so we know how long you've been around.
  6. As Gary said, I would suggest going through some of the prior staff team's accepted applications and have a look at how much detail they put into it. Possibly try again and put more effort into the application to show that you truly want to be a part of the team. Best of luck.
  7. Pretty useful update this one. I'm liking it, but did find a lot of bug with nex instances.
  8. +1 I suggested this a long time ago. like, years... This was literally how I suggested them to be added.
  9. When is team ironman coming out? I've been talking to a lot of people who have gotten burnt out, and say that team ironman would re-motivate them to play. What is stopping team ironman from coming out?
  10. 1. Change steel titan agro pathing to be the same as player agro pathing 2. annoying when my titan sits behind a pillar getting safe spotted...……. lmfao
  11. This just goes back to my suggestion of duo ironman/hcim