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  1. Can we get some more love for this post please ❤️
  2. Veng combo with mage loadout :omegabruh:
  3. Game type: Hybrid Equipment: helm of neitiznot, ahrim's robe top, ahrim's robe, chaotic staff, amulet of fury, barrows gloves, saradomin cape, infinity boots, seers' ring (I), dragon bolts (e), (Ancients spell book) Inventory: 1 extreme magic potion (4), 1 saradomin brew (4), 1 super restore (4), chaotic crossbow, unholy book, dragon dagger, karil's leatherbody, torag's platelegs, abyssal whip, 500 death runes, 500 blood runes, 500 soul runes, 1200 water runes, rest of inventory rocktails percent chance: Replace ranged and magic boxing with this option, and make it 25%, reducing dharoks to 30%
  4. Possibly the best update in the history of ataraxia content wise.
  5. I like this idea lol. Might have to join you in this journey 🙂 it's already one of my goals for true completionist goal. (after trim personal goals to keep me busy lul)
  6. Remove t90 loadout's in general. getting stacked out for 3 450's followed by a couple 300+'s requires no skill. malevolent setup with drygore rapier needs to get taken out...