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  1. Heads-Up: Just for a frame of reference, I consider a 5 on my ratings to be average, so don't be discouraged by what seems to be a low score. Unless you deserve it, of course. Anyway, that's the end of my distraction. You can start reading below. ^.^ Owner Jaedmo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: For his first month and very first time as an owner, and not a co-owner, I'm relieved to feel that he's done as splendid of a job as he could have. I'm very grateful for how seamlessly he seems to have transitioned into the role. As always, he has been very professional with making sure we're relatively in the know, regarding the ETA of upcoming updates and progress with delivering content. Admittedly, perhaps I'm a bit easy to please, but I digress. 😌 How can they improve?: While weekly updates seem to be the status quo that players have gotten used to expecting, sometimes even being a little tardy can rustle up some feathers of those who are impatient. I think it's fair to give yourself a little more wiggle room, so that when updates are said to happen, they actually do. In short, maybe adding an extra day to a patch's ETA won't be such a terrible idea, if you're ever not sure you can meet it. That's not so much an improvement, but just to let you know that we're here for you through and through. Patches that arrive on-time compared to even just a few hours later than assured, can do small wonders for overall confidence that players have in you. At least, that's what I believe. Of course, this is just the tiniest nitpick, but I would think this is the right kind of thread for nitpicks. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 8 Administrator Arham 4 How have these Staff Members performed this month?: Admittedly, I don't believe I've spoken to Arham very much, if at all. But that's not a criticism, of course. After all, the both of them are ones doing their magic behind-the-scenes. I shouldn't expect to see them very much in-game. Even so, their hard work has really pulled through to keep me invested, what with Daily Tasks (log burning tasks are forgiven), an innumerous amount of small fixes I wouldn't have the patience to type out, and additions compiled from our list of ;;suggest-ions, a system that I absolutely adore, I'm really enjoying myself. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: Keep up the consistency. We expect great things! No pressure. 😉 Rating out of 10: 9 Developer _jordan How have these Staff Members performed this month?: Even though I'm not an avid combat-y person, it would be silly of me not to mention all of the tinkering that must've been done to give us as players as immersive of an experience as can be. Your cooperative efforts with Arham and co. have been a sweet success with yours truly, and I'd imagine more than a few would agree. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: Keep up the consistency. We expect great things! All of the pressure. 😉 Rating out of 10: 9 Moderator Not Dice How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Not Dice has shown an acceptable amount of effort in helping players. Even in times when an odd question of mine might stump him (i.e. obtaining flippers, or something of that sort), he still makes admirable efforts in reaching an answer. I do think he is quite the sociable one, though, sometimes a tad goofy in a really uplifting way. For better or worse. Either that or banter goes over my head at times. It's one of those. How can they improve?: At times, I feel that with his friendly demeanor, and this is more a personal nitpick, he can try to be a little more professional. And I don't mean that he's unprofessional, but he can make an effort to... balance out the approachable-to-enforcing aspects of his performance. I feel it's somewhat important to maintain an orderly atmosphere without seeming too strict, even in casual conversation. And vice-versa. Especially when staff members feel too carefree at times, and it invites other players to follow suit. It can easily lead to a snowball effect, if that makes sense. It's more of a reminder, that's all. Any other notes?: If anything, you're very active on most days of the week. That kind of activity is very valuable, so keep it up! Rating out of 10: 6 Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Uzi answers questions, helps ;;kick players when need be, and other small, typical things that you would expect a staff member to deal with on the daily. Of course, despite there being nothing remarkable of note, I don't suppose being a little ordinary is a flaw, either. On the other hand, he seems to be much more active on the forums and ;;discord, as well, possibly something more convenient for his schooling obligations. Admittedly, it feels like he might be more suited towards being a Forum Moderator of sorts. How can they improve?: If anything, he also comes off as a no-nonsense type of character. Not that it's an issue at all, but rather, more in line with the variety of the staff, with some being more softhearted or bubbly, and others being more stern and almost a little less easy to approach. I wouldn't ask anyone to change their personality, because that's unfair. But if you can be a little more open and relaxed, it would be the step in the right direction in being more well-rounded. 🙂 Any other notes?: I feel as though your presence is lacking, in the sense that even if you're online, it doesn't really feel that way. Perhaps, chat a little more; be a tad more lively if you can. Rating out of 10: 5 Multiply How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Perhaps one of my favorite staff members... Ahem, I mean I'll try to stay unbiased. Multiply has been a consistent jewel that has answered more than a few of my questions whenever I needed help with promptness and clarity. But on the contrast, he has been a lovely personality to know and to learn from. How can they improve?: However... there was an (I'll keep it unnamed) instance of jailing a wrongdoer in recent times that I feel should have been kept private. While I understand that letting their names slip can feel like an obligation of sorts, letting the general public know of such happenings is an iffy situation. Some players might appreciate the openness, but I feel it can be bothersome when players are a tad too curious to seek every detail. Maybe keep some things on the down-low, if they don't call for any attention. Of course, I should make clear that isn't just for Multiply, but for other staff members to think about, too. It's a tad similar to a past occurrence a number of weeks ago, when a player unwisely ;;yell-ed out that a certain feature was bugged and for no one to risk using it. In that situation, he was scolded by people around him, including staff. Even if he meant well, I couldn't let leave the thought that there would be people who would inevitably test it out, themselves, out of mere curiosity. If it doesn't concern the majority of players, then instances such as these should best be kept quiet. Of course, I've never seen you do anything to such a degree. It's just an example, anyway. 😳 Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 8 Phippzy How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I'm afraid I can't form much of a consensus on Phippzy, as we haven't spoken much. 😮 How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: However, I did notice that you were promoted based on your help with item bonuses and NPC drops and whatnot. I'm sure I've been affected by those, but did not even realize it. Even if I'm hopeless with comprehending coding and that sort of development, thanks for your effort! Rating out of 10: N/A Support C J How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Although few and far between, in the short exchanges that we've had, I've felt that C J took his role rather seriously. And while it is expected of staff members to be diligent in seeing issues through, whether it'd be a bug or a small slice of content acting iffy, to see how prompt he was in trying to provide answers when needed was a refreshing thing to see in action. There was a weird happening with implings in Puro Puro that I wasn't sure about, and he came as quickly as he could to take a look for himself. Even if there weren't any clear answers that he could give me, he was always reassuring. I feel that it's a healthy trait that goes a long way in giving players relief, one way or another. Aside from that, I've also noticed a healthy amount of attention that he's shown to the Help Chat in answering small questions and whatnot. Every bit counts, of course. It's the little things. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: I hope to talk more with you, as the little I've seen of your effort is already promising. Rating out of 10: 6 Arachnid How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Unfortunately, as he has just recently been promoted, I haven't found the opportunity to speak with him just yet. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: You have my well wishes, best of luck with your new role. 😊 Oh, and thank you for those yew logs. I can't forget about that (no, I wasn't bribed). Rating out of 10: N/A Hot Milo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Admittedly, Milo is a bit of enigma for me. When at his best, he really is a bundle of joy to talk to. Even through my rather lengthy queries, he still persists in being someone who would always leave you just a tinge more sure of yourself after speaking to him. Not that I would tell him that, of course. How can they improve?: I've noticed that you can sometimes be a little iffy on occasion when conversing with players that are being a tad pushy. Not that it's your fault that some people can be infuriating or even be annoyances, repeatedly, but I think it wouldn't hurt think of how to simmer them down as opposed to being a bit dismissive. I think patience is important here, especially when dealing with small tempers that some players let out on the daily. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 6 Ely Sia N How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Ely Sia N has always been relatively consistent with answering questions thoroughly and immediately. After hearing that he was such a long-time member of the community, it clicked in my mind with how proper he spoke at times. I don't believe I've ever seen him lose his temper; he sounds seasoned and wise like a sage, if anything. And although I've only really asked him small queries here and there, which usually wouldn't be a reliable amount of info to base my consensus off of, I genuinely feel Ely Sia N is on the right track, just solely based on that. Aside from my own experiences with him on a one-on-one basis, he's shown himself to be a really competent helper, and really nails the friendly enforcer type of trait that I hope to see more of from others who are staff members. How can they improve?: N/A Any other notes?: Continue being as consistent as you have been, and things will be dandy. Rating out of 10: 7 Conclusive Thoughts: Despite everything and all the feedback you've taken in and will continue to take in, I am genuinely so appreciative to have met what is collectively such a healthy team of staff members. It is a rare sight to have such a well-liked group leading the charge. The charge being a metaphor for the server growing, of course. Ahem. Jesting aside, please know that there is always room for improvement, and that not everything that needs to change or stay in place will always be addressed in these posts of ours. Even we might miss some things.