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  1. In-Game Name: nik Age: 22 Timezone: eastern us Why do you want to be Support?: i believe its important for private servers to have dedicated supports. not only to help new players get to know the server and feel welcome, but to also know how to help handle situations and aid staff however they can. ataraxia is one of my favorite pastimes and i would love to help out. What experience do you have?: ive been playing rsps's for over ten years now, so i think i have a good understanding of rsps communities and the expectations i would need to meet as a support. but ive played runescape since late 2007, and i feel like there isnt much i dont know. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: im a very active player. more than 700 hours since i started playing again 2-3 months ago. i am also a very dedicated and hard working individual. i feel like i would make a good support because im un-biased, kind, respectable, and a chill person. i can assure i would put a lot of time and effort into aiding the community and members of staff if i am selected to represent them. How much free time do you have?: i have a lot of free time, i dont work in the winter months. in season my job isnt on a set schedule, so i usually have a lot of free time as well. Other notes: thank you and good luck to other applicants 🙂
  2. only requirements are legendary game mode. iron or reg player. this cc aims to help legend players on there way to max. every player a part of this cc will have access to my maxed novice acc to aid there main legend accounts. no alts allowed, unless they are also legend for some reason.
  3. ill do any skill for the right price. pm me in game or on discord to discuss.
  4. Nik

    camel mask

    buying camel masks 50m ea. cant seem to find any in game
  5. Nik

    cruor armour

    selling cruor cosmetic armour set from nex aod
  6. Nik

    Praesul Codex

    first player in game with all 3 codex's :}
  7. beautiful work. we definitely need an accuracy buff to mage.
  8. i think chaotic staff should be replaced with a lower tier equiv to promote people to actually hybrid instead of camping broken mage. otherwise its pointless to have a hybrid loadout.
  9. yeah that would be dope. and ty
  10. any way spell animations could get replaced with the animation magic weapons have? like in these clips rs3.mp4 staffs.mp4
  11. great way to put it milo i agree 100% and yeah i think rax is fine the way it is.
  12. good point about gwd2. thanks for the input chris
  13. how do you know they dont need it if you havent done them?