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  2. damn girls.. we almost had em BIG 2!
  3. Pros - very very very very littttttt Cons - People team / Camp protection prayers / hide / t90s too op Possibly scale the rewards down but have lms more often?
  4. Fav thing - Community / Achiev Diary How can Ataraxia improve? - I think the player base could grow if there were consistent community events advertised for 100-200$ p/mo (PvP Tourny) / (Kots winner of the month 100$ gift card/paypal w/e) It would allow more people to pass through Ataraxia/tell a friend etc Add a leadboard for bosses/npcs/clue scroll leaderboard etc ingame similar to donator leadboard < more players interacting with the game with possibly goals to obtain
  5. Farewell brethren, the reunion was a success @Hot Milo @Phippzy Congrats to the newbies!
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