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  1. Welcome back to the server! Feel free to pm if you have any questions 🙂
  2. I just have a couple things about this app. First of all, you currently do not meet the post count requirements of the forums. Secondly, the application looks rushed and unprofessional. Thirdly, I saw you advertising your thread over fc/yell to people to foster support which is a big no. This leads me to think you want the position for other reasons, and we want professional, eager players willing to help others and promote positivity. However the positives - Your positive attitude comes through, and I'd like to see more help offered in fc for the future. These are my honest thoughts, and I definitely appreciate your application. Best of luck!
  3. You're right. We can't let you get past 5. 😛
  4. I think honestly this is the most thought I've ever seen anyone put into this subject. However after carefully reading this, all your calculations seem on point, and I 100% agree with this post. We actually just talked about this among the staff team today. Would you be able to calculate Noxious Staff as well since the recent buff as well @Nurri? I think this will further illustrate the point as well. You get a giant #BOLINAPPROVED on this! Great job!
  5. You guys gotta be faster 😉
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for: Nex: Angel of Death Here in this guide, we will show you the gear, combat styles, phases, and strategies for our newest Ataraxia boss! As always, my guides are always in need of improvement, and please, if you have any additional information to add, please let me know! Gear: There are two different setups to use, Range and Mage. I prefer Range, but you are more than welcome to use Mage, it is just as effective. I do not recommend doing this boss with less than 4 people, as every member will have a chance at loot and will make kills easier. Range setup: Head - Sirenic Helm/Superior Morrigan's Coif/Pernix Coif Body - Sirenic Hauberk/Superior Morrigan's Body/Pernix Body Legs - Sirenic Chaps/Superior Morrigan's Chaps/Pernix Chaps Boots - Flarefrost/Glaiven/Pernix Boots Weapon (1h) - Either Ascension w/ t70-90 repriser or Ascension w/ Vengeful Kite. I do not recommend dual asc. Weapon (2h) - Noxious Longbow/Decimation w/ Araxxi/Dark Arrows. Amulet - Farsight Blood Necklace/Blood Fury/Amulet of Souls/Farsight Necklace Ring - Ring of Death (c)/Ring of Death/Archer Ring (i) Cape - Completionist cape (t or reg)Enhanced Fire Cape/Max Cape/Ranged Kiln Cape Bolts - Ascendri/Ascension/Ruby (e) w/ Diamond (e) Gloves - Swift Gloves/Tracking Gloves/Pernix Gloves Aura - Vampyrism Aura/Sharpshooter Aura Inventory - Titan Pouch (w/ scrolls), 5 sara brew flasks, 2 restore flasks, 1 supreme/holy/overload, rest rocktails Mage setup: Head - Tectonic Mask/Superior Zuriel Hood/Virtus Mask Body - Tectonic Robe Top/Superior Zuriel Robe TopVirtus Robe Top Legs - Tectonic Robe Bottom/Superior Zuriel Robe Legs/Virtus Robe Bottom Boots - Hailfire/Ragefire/Virtus Boots Weapon (1h) - Praesul Wand w/ Imperium Core/Seismic Wand w/ Orb/Wand of the Cywir Elders w/ Orb. You can also swap the orbs with the t70-90 Rebounder or Merciless Kiteshield if you want to be more tanky. Weapon (2h) - Noxious Staff/Superior Zuriel's Staff (I haven't specifically tried this out yet) Amulet - Arcane Blood Necklace/Amulet of Souls/Reaper Necklace Ring - Ring of Death (c)/Ring of Death/Seers Ring (i) Cape - Completionist cape (t or reg)/Enhanced Fire Cape/Max Cape/Magic Kiln Cape Runes - Max Spell you can carry (recommend blood spells for Healing) Gloves - Deathtouch Bracelet/Celestial Handwraps/Spellcaster Gloves/Virtus Gloves Aura - Vampyrism Aura/Runic Accuracy Aura Inventory - Titan Pouch (w/ scrolls), 5 sara brew flasks, 2 restore flasks, 1 supreme/holy/overload, Runes, rest rocktails Where is Nex: Angel of Death Found? Outside of the normal Nex area, and there is a hidden door in the lobby. This is an instance-only boss, so only one person should make an instance, and the rest can join in. It does not cost anything to make this instance. You can also easily get here as a Diamond Donor with ;;bp command. Before joining, make sure you are bonfired as well to the maximum. This is essential. Also you can pray mage if you are new, soulsplit if you have experience. Alright we're in, now what? PLEASE spread out so that at least one person is in each corner of the arena. This will help mitigate damage from reavers at the beginning as well as avoid the icicles that come in the middle of each quadrant. Kill the reavers that spawn while keeping away from the middle of any of the quadrants, the reavers that spawn can heal Nex, and also deal 300 damage per reaver that gets through to Nex, you must kill these to move on to the next phase. Next, after the reavers are killed, continue to DPS Nex until she says: At this point you want to keep moving. Nex will drop three shadow orbs that will deal constant 300-400 damage per game tick, and you must avoid these at all cost. At about 80k health, Nex will spawn 4 amalgamation stones, kill these quickly for their respective minions to be spawned: Smoke - Fumus, Shadow - Umbra, Ice - Glacies, Blood - Cruor. The order of these minions killed will determine in what order to take out pillars later. Please take note. Minion Umbra Glacies Cruor Fumus Pillar location SE NE NW SW Please dispatch minions in this order: Fumus, Umbra, Glacies, Cruor. This will make it easier for you in the fight ahead. After the minions are dispatched, Nex gains 3 abilities: Vindicta Fire - Run to an adjacent wall opposite the direction of the smoke. Standing in the smoke will deal 150-200 damage per game tick. Smoke Pool - Ignore this mechanic, it deals minimal damage, 150 at most. Ice Prison - Spread out, free trapped players to mitigate bleed damage, DPS nex down as much as possible - please communicate if frozen, otherwise you will be hit constant 200-300s over 5 seconds if you are not freed in time. After Nex hits 25k Health: Start killing the 4 corner pillars in the same order you killed the minions (Smoke, Shadow, Ice, Blood). The previous abilities are discarded and replaced with a few deadly mechanics: Elements InstaKill - The BIG one I see everyone mess up. Nex will say in chat to one targeted player: "Nex has marked you to take the full force of the elements!" and a blue bar will appear above your head. You MUST run to the middle of the arena and stay within the blue circle or else you will be INSTAKILLED. Once the blue bar fills up, it will be replaced by a second bar. Run out of the blue circle and go to an already defeated pillar to drop an element bomb, which will hit 300s if you stand in it. DO NOT by any means leave this in the middle during the kill. Virus Crystal (Smoke Pillar) - This virus after 10-15 seconds will disable your overloads and drain prayer. Please watch out for this mechanic, as this can seriously impact DPS. Shadow Traps (Shadow Crystal) - Nex will spawn shadow traps very similar to regular mode Nex, but usually 3-4 at a time rather than an individual one. Please run from these as they will deal constant 300-400s if you stand still. Freeze (Ice Crystal) - Similar to Ice Prison, communicate if frozen, and have players free you. Blood Heal (Blood Crystal) - Allows Nex to heal. That's pretty much it. After all 4 pillars are destroyed, DPS Nex down to 0, and get your loot from the middle of the arena. Everyone will at least get one drop! That's it! You made it through an AOD kill. Usually kills will take 5-7 minutes with a good team, sometimes less. Please let us know if you have any questions, and I'll work on adding more images and gifs to the guide 🙂 -Bolin
  7. Gonna have to try harder than that bois!
  8. If I might throw my 2 cents in, as someone who has been on both sides with majority of max gear, nex/rax/kk are meant to be the mid-end game bosses. I still struggle with these sometimes, and you cant definitely afk any of these bosses without a death resulting. As far as gwd2, you still cant really ignore mechanics without taking major damage in hard mode. Gwd hard and gwd 2 normal are more meant to be grindy bosses for chimes. In my opinion, it's pretty balanced now, and it still takes time to get a decent drop from rax/nex/kk.
  9. This is a very well thought out, thorough with pictures and color. I love it!
  10. 🎅CHRISTMAS EVE 2018🎅 As my first official staff (hue) event, I want to try to utilize the new Christmas event for something a bit more interesting.... 🎄 Welcome to our Ataraxia Winter Wonderland! Here you can participate in a snowball war, and be on team Saradomin or team Zamorak! I will plan to host a few snowball fights at around 4pm EST standard time on December 24th, 2018. The winning team will have one random person picked to win 25m cash per round. We will do a total of 3 rounds, and I will oversee the snowball fight alongside another support/mod or two, to determine the players on the winning team. Before the event starts, we will have you state which team you are placed on, blue or red, to verify winning players. If you are interested, simply be in game 15 minutes before the start time and be ready at 4pm sharp! Christmas Eve Boss Mass After the snowball fight, we plan on doing a few boss masses for about 30 minutes each! Corporeal Beast Nex KK KQ GWD 2 (probably Greg/Furies) Bonus: Anyone who gets a Christmas Present drop, will also get a choice of a goodie bag 1-15, with items anywhere from 2m-200m! 🎉Hope to see you guys on Christmas Eve, and Happy Holidays! 🎉
  11. Great work on the update! Solid improvements as usual 🙂