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  1. Combat and Total Level?: 138 combat 2591 Total Level.Favourite in-game accomplishments?: Max Cape and 100m+ in all melee combat level. Almost 300m in constitution.Favourite in-game PvM achievment?: 300 Glacor KC and boot drop only at 250.Current Ataraxia goals?: My current goal is to reach 120 slayer, currently at 88m xp. I also want to upgrade my pvm gear to tier 85s by farming GWD2 bosses. What time are you generally on?: On weekdays 11:00 AM - 5 PM ------- On weekends 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM GMT +10
  2. Going to enjoy watching you slowly update this thread and progress through the game. Good luck with the grind!
  3. "Any damage dealt to scutarii from the front or side will be massively reduced, dealing only 10% of what the hit would have normally done. to deal full damage, they must be attacked from behind - There are two ways to do this; one is to successfully stun the scutarii . the other method is to use an ability while running past the scutarii " The scutarius task is also way too long. The only way to kill them efficiently is to attack them from behind which was possible on rs3 because abilities could be used. Could you guys either remove their passive or maybe shorten the tasks to around 10 - 15?