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  1. In-game name: Loure Timezone: UTC−06:00 (Central Time USA) Why do you want to be Support?: I want to become a support because i'm driven to provide nothing but top quality assistance you can wish for. Seeing that as i'm online everyday and active throughout the platforms that Ataraxia is connected to, I can prove how effective I can manage this community with professional acts of judgement on handling situations and giving players top of the line help. I can promise a professional attitude, and a mature scene when necessary. I may seem (unprofessional) at some points but I feel as I have shown my professional capabilities, I'm willing to do nothing but provide that assistance that you're looking for. I understand what's expected of the outcome if i were to be picked, I'll show my gratitude to all.(edited) What experience do you have?: As a previous "Ex-Staff" as you will, I've been selected to be a staff on Ataraxia a year ago. Also in my history,I've become a Moderator on a server long time ago with hundreds of players. As a previous staff member, I learned a lot of how to be a PROPER staff member, I definitely showed that part of me last time I helped out. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I have played the server for a fair amount of time, and with the knowledge I've collected over the years on this source, i am willing to share the help people are looking for. I'm willing to put more effort into making guides for new players so they can enjoy the server, as much as i have for the past 3 odd years. With my readiness to help and assist the Staff team in some quiet times, it will help the community gradually if i were there to be consecutively helping out everyone in the community. If i were to be nominated, I will be online everyday, and slowly work on guides that players are in need of, and make special organized events for the community to enjoy. How much free time do you have?: I can play up to 60 hours a week, majority of my time is afterschool and the weekends. I play from morning > to night on weekends. I play for about 6 hours after school which would be 4 P.M to 10 P.M Other notes: Yes, I've been punished for being immature and did bad things such as abused a bug, It was obviously was wrong for what I've done, but i have been following the rules and been more easy on how i act. I am sorry for all the rule breaking activity I've done and to annoy some people, I assure it will not happen. I understand, it's more a waste of time to apply - but i feel if i can have this opportunity to prove that i can am capable of doing the responsibilities you wish another player can do.
  2. oo idk bout that But, According to my study of my research through ingame-sync, i definitely can believe you've tried a bit. Best of luck bolin
  3. I didn't see you much prior the applications were open, I see you've decided to get into helping Friendschat just recently. Best of luck
  4. You do not have 25 forums posts. I personally rarely see you being active prior the opening of support applications being open. Best of luck
  5. LOURES GUIDE TO: Corporeal Beast - GWD BOSSES - KALPHITE KING Corporeal beast Level: 785 How to kill: Get a Ganodermic armor set with dragon boots or steads and a spear. - Pray mage DO NOT stand underneath it or it will hit quite alot of damage with its stomp attack(Unblockable) Minions: Dark energy core. Use titan to kill, if you dont have a titan just kill it yourself it has 250 hp. Signature drops: Divine sigil, Elysian sigil, Arcane sigil, Spectral sigil, Holy elixir, Spirit sheild and Corporeal puppy(Pet). Nex. Level: 1001. You Will need to obtain a frozen key before you can Kill Nex, You are to obtain 4 pieces of the frozen key, from the different of factions in Godwars dungeon. The key is rechargeable at Bob. You can also wear Ancient Ceremonial clothing ( dropped by the minions at nex) to disable the aggro in the path to Nex. How to kill: Use best range gear you have or use melee with Void. Phase 1(Smoke phase): Use protect from magic, when you need to kill minion let titan tank nex. Phase 2(Shadow phase): Use protect from range, when nex says 'Fear the shadow!' and you see a black spot beneath you, run at least 1 tile away or you will get hit 500-1200 damage. Again when you need to kill the minion let titan tank nex. Phase 3(Blood phase): When you start this phase dont attack nex for atleast 5 seconds because she siphons right off the bat and any damage dealt will heal her. She will also occaisonally say 'A blood siphon will solve this!', which is your signal to stop attacking her or else you will heal her instead of dealing any damage. Use protect from magic and again let titan tank when its time to kill minion. Phase 4(Ice phase): On this phase you should stand next to one of the 2 pillars next to any minion(prefferably next to glacies) and when Nex says 'Die now in a prison of ice!' and icicles surround you just move a space away then move back when icicles disappear, if you get caught in the icicles dont worry all you need to do is eat up.(Hits 10-800 damage) On this phase use protect from magic when nex is far from you and Protect from melee when she is up close in melee range.(2 spaces) Yet again, when its time to kill minionlet titan tank. Phase 5(Zaros phase): Just use protect from melee when on this phase and run away before she dies so wrath doesnt hit you.(can hit up to 600) Minions: Fumus(Smoke), Umbra(Shadow), Cruor(Blood) and Glacies(Ice). Signature drops: Torva set, Pernix set, Virtus set, Virtus book and wand, Zaryte bow, Ancient emblem(Use with chaotic splint to make t80 defender) and Nexterminator(Pet). (Sets include helm, body, legs, boots and gloves.) Kalphite King Level: 2500 How to kill: void/sup tetsu/reg tetsu, Drygore mace/Nox scythe or Range Ruby Bolt (e) with a Rune Crossbow and higher tier of Crossbow. Kalphite king has 3 phases/attack styles: 1.Mage(Blue wings) All you need to do is protect from mage and attack. 2.Melee(Yellow wings) All you need to do is protect from melee and attack. 3.Range(Green wings) This phase is a bit tricky, but easy to learn an get the hang of it. When Kalphite King is standing up, and charging his attack move out of his way. Minions: 2 waves, First wave comes in around 17,000 Hitpoints, second around 7,000 Hitpoints remaining. Pray mage - ignore what style of combat Kalphite King is in, use the titans' spec on all the minions and kill them off. Healing: Kalphite King forms a shield around himself where if it's Green - it will heal as you try to do damage towards him. If it's Red - It will heal on its own as it hurts you. Signature drops: Drygore Mace, Drygore longsword, Drygore rapier and perfect chitin(Used to make T90 defender) General Graardor Level: 624. How to kill: Use melee gear with Dry mace/Nox scythe/Dom sword/CLS/Crapier A tanky familier would be useful here. Protect from melee and use familier to tank mage minion(Sergeant Steelwill), after familier is done with Steelwill, make it attack range minion(Sergeant Grimspike). Kill the boss then kill minions in order: Steelwill(if hes still alive) > Grimspike(if hes still alive also) > Strongstack. Graador will occasionaly hit with range so keep your hp above 600.(attack can only hit up to 300, but minons can do damage too an that will stack) Minions: Sergeant Steelwill(Mage), Sergeant Grimspike(Range) and Sergeant strongstack(Melee). Signature drops: Bandos set,Bandos hilt, Godsword shards 1-3 and General Awwdor(Pet) Set inludes Helmet, Chestplate, tassets, warshield, boots and gloves. Kree'arra Level: 580. How to kill: Use the best range gear you have with Nox bow/Zaryte bow/Attuned crystal bow/Crystal bow/Any C'bow The Armor setups can be downgraded to chaotics with a dragonfire shield. Protect from range and use familier to tank melee minion(Flight Kilisa), Once you have killed Kree'arra kill minions in this order: Flight kilisa(Melee) > Wingman skree(Mage) > Flockleader geerin(Range). When Kilisa is attacking you run away from it because he can deal quite alot of damage if you dont have good tanky range gear. Minions: Flight Kilisa, Wingman Skree and Flockleader Geerin. Signature drops:Armadyl set, Armadyl hilt, Godsword shards 1-3 and chick'arra(Pet). Set includes Helmet, chestplate, skirt, gloves, boots and buckler. K'ril Tsutsaroth Level: 650. How to kill: Use Best tanky melee gear you have with Dry mace/Nox scythe/Dom sword/CLS/Crapier. A tanky familier would be useful here. Protect from melee and use familier to tank range minion(Zakl'n gritch). Once you have killed K'ril Tsutsaroth kill minions in this order: Zakl'n gritch > Balfrug kreeyath > Tstanon karlak.(wtf is up with these names? i could bash my forehead into the keyboard an come up with something more sophisticated than this... aaaanyway moving on...) K'ril Tsutsaroth can occasionally use his special attack(once every 3 hits) which breaks through your protection prayers and hits quite alot so keep that hp high! Minions: Zakl'n Gritch(Range), Balfrug Kreeyath(Mage) and Tstanon Karlak(melee). Signature drops: Subjugation set(Magic robes), Zamorakian spear, Zamorak hilt, Steam battlestaff, Godsword shards 1-3 and K'ril Tinyroth(Pet). Set includes hood, garb, gown, boots, gloves and ward Commander Zilyana Level: 596. How to kill: Use best tanky Melee gear with best melee weapon you have. A tanky familer would be useful here. When you go into the boss room, stand on the space right next to the door(starlight cant hit you here) an protect magic. Use familier to tank Bree(range minion) Once you have killed Zilyana kill minions in this order: Bree(Range) > Starlight(Melee) > Growler(Mage) Minions: Bree, Starlight and Growler. Signature drops: Saradomin hilt, Saradomin sword, Armadyl crossbow, Saradomin's whisper(Range amulet), murmur(Melee), hiss(magic), Godsword shards 1-3 and Commander miniana(Pet).
  6. Perk Name: Tricky BalancePerk Benefits: (First off, if there's a chance of adding agility tickets to buy cosmetics from running laps then this would apply to that) So basically with this it will double the amount of laps you've ran , Increases Agility XP and gives you the double amount of Agility tickets.Perk Price: $5Would you buy it?: Sure, if there's a way to introduce a new shop to spend agility points/tickets.
  7. 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The community definitely is the best part about Ataraxia. I feel as if we're all friends, joke around on topics, Kind staff - though it may not appear on my side of the story; but i definitely can tell it's a joke when it comes around. My other favorite thing about Ataraxia is how long i stuck around, 2 1/2 years means a lot to me and possibly to Jaedmo that i'm very loyal and how much we've all had, staff team or not. We've had our days. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on? If anything, CONTENT, as being around for many years - It's not very fun doing the same thing over and over again. This may be appearant to all of you, as it's been more of a reason as to why a few Staff Members stepped down already. It just became a growing problem. In-game name: Loure 💞
  8. Awesome update. Can finally do construction farming easier L:
  9. Never said anything about alternative accounts :smug:
  10. congrats to all, especially you gayre
  11. Once in a while yes
  12. This isn't complete yet, still working on syncing the lyrics with the video. eventually will add each other avatars with motion tracking. Hope you guys enjoy.
  13. Owner Jaedmo How has this Staff Member performed thismonth?: regarding his online time is reasonable, he doesnt really need to be on unless something pops up. But jaedmo is definitely a very kind guy and approachable whenever you have a question or concern. How can they improve?: you dont i will Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:10 Administrator Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: with his promotion to administrator hes proved himself damn well as a staff, amazing and kind person to ever talk to. How can they improve?: nothing to improve your a perfect staff member. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10 Developer _jordan How has this Staff Member performed this month?: though i dont keep up with any dev logs, but im sure your doing a fair job. How can they improve?: #update logs Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 7 Arham 4 How has this Staff Member performed this month?: this guy is my man, very much supportive to him no matter if he does something wrong. How can they improve?: dev testing team would be sick Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 9 Xenthium How has this Staff Member performed this month?: though hes been recently added, havent heard of his projects.. but i hope everything goes well. How can they improve?: x Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: n/a Global Moderator Multiply How has this Staff Member performed this month?: ah my fellow friend, kind and approachable to talk to about literally anything. How can they improve?: a promotion eventually will the only improvement Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:10 Moderator Hot Milo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: he muted me. But hes a cool guy, very professional when it comes to punishing me How can they improve?: stop bullying me Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 7 Phippzy How has this Staff Member performed this month?: though he stepped down, he was a perfect example as a staff member, sometimes the road does end. How can they improve?: wish you didnt have to give it up but nice job when you were Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:10 C J How has this Staff Member performed this month?: just as well as phippzy. How can they improve?: less memes about me and you all g Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:9 Support Arachnid How has this Staff Member performed this month?: doesnt climb ropes but beautiful person to ask for help. How can they improve?: nothing much to improve. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10:9
  14. Loure

    Developer Q&A!

    @Jaedmo badmin? will new outfits and animations be added to cosmetic store? secondly are the rare item shop/super rare item shop gonna be rotating every month? i got some suggestions for outfits and animations if needed
  15. Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen