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  1. Great guide but to my knowledge the T80 and T90 defenders aren't tradeable, the perfect ring also isn't tradeable so idk if it has its place in this guide (although it costs 150m from the npc).
  2. Fight Caves: 90+ Def & Range, 50m Fight Kiln: 90+ Def & Range, 170m Discounts: If you got Summoning 99 the Kiln price decreases by 20m. Caves + Kiln, 200m (180m with 99 Summ) 3x Kiln, 425m (375m with Summ 99) + 1x Fight Caves included You can also pay with Rare Item Tokens: Caves: 1 (will give you 20m) Kiln: 2 Cave + Kiln: 3 (will give you 40m) 3x Kiln: 5 If your stats are below 90 Defense and Range pm me in-game/Discord/Forum to negotiate the price.
  3. So everyone keeps saying with the ports perk you should do 24hr ships. The 24hr offers a 20% success chance with a 260% yield. My question is regarding how exactly the % increase from the perk works. It says it has a 20% increased return rate and +15% more rewards. If I understand this correctly that means a 20% increase in the return rate aka the 24hr option goes up to 24% and a 15% flat increase to the yield aka 275% yield then. This is how it makes sense for me but then why does everyone say the perk massively changes whether you should do the 24hrs option or not? Am I doing a mistake here and in reality with the perk the return rate goes up to 40% and the yield to 299%? I've always assumed that I read it wrong and it is a 20% flat increase added to the current return rate, so it goes up to 40% and not only to 24% but now that I've tried a 2hr ship which has an 80% success chance and I've had one not returning from that I'm rethinking it since with a flat 20% increase it'd be at 100% and couldn't fail.