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  1. It will be on live server when the next update comes out. That, along with the many other updates above.
  2. I have added all of these. Now, the teleport nulling damage suggestion was a hard task, and I'm not sure if it will work 100%. For about 95% of my test cases, they had it where the HP was not affected but it showed the hits. The other 5% was the HP being affected and showing the hits. I haven't had a single test case where I was successfully able to make these hits not appear, but they do appear to not *actually* damage the player. I hope we can find a better solution to this. It's sort of a complex task. EDIT: Take 2, did some changes and instead made it make the damage to 0. Perhaps a better result now? (3 more Grenwalls were added too) Here are pictures/GIFs of some more: Clicking pass-through will put you to the outside of the QBD portal entrance.
  3. Added all of these except the T90 gear removal. Something will be done about that! For the "discourage hiding" one, I decided to make it only applicable to multi-combat modes. I made a funny little animation for inactive players dying. 😋 ...wait for it...
  4. - Done (by @Jaedmo)! - We have proposed this: sometimes a mode will be single-combat or multi-combat. This will retain multi-combat but also introduce single-combat into the minigame! - Can you name specific perks? The banking one is already taken care of. - Done! - Done! - To do!
  5. AoD is quite eminent! Between you and me, let's give it at least two updates (including next one). 😉 The issue has been resolved for some days; expect it in the next server update!
  6. This issue has been resolved as of now.
  7. As of October 20th, 2018, these giveaways are now not active.
  8. The ;;suggest and ;;bug commands work again!
  9. Not quite. Its more along the lines that a small suggestion can be just ;;suggest-ed and a bug suggestion can be a topic.
  10. In order to assure that your suggestions get read, make a ;;suggest saying to read your thread in the forums, along with your forums name. Thank you, The Ataraxia Development Team