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  1. Amazing effort! The development team will surely be doing some tweaks till you all are satisfied! We will probably be replying to this thread for follow-ups and such.
  2. Ataraxia Updates #14 - The Skipper Perk ("Barrows Perk") - The Drop Catcher - Tons of your ";;suggestion"s! [+] General Changes - Prices for Dagonnoth king instances have been reduced. - More metal dragons at Platinum zone instances have been added. - Platinum zone instance spawns have been overhauled. - The Blade of Nymora has been nerfed. - The adamant full helmet now requires 30 defence. - The shortcut bank commands being usable at Kalphite Queen has been disabled. - A healer has been added to ;;bp. - The Nex grab mechanic happens half as often now. - A description of each perk inside the ;;perks interface has been added. - A Grand exchange clerk at ;;dz has been added. - A General store NPC at ;;pz has been added. - The vote book reward for bonus experience stacks now instead of resetting each time you use the reward. - Rise of the Six now have a counter added to it for how many runs one has completed. Unfortunately, all previous runs are not included. - The Sirenic hauberk now degrades. - Zamorak anima core & Sirenic chaps have had their Ranged strength rebalanced. - Araxxor KC now properly shows on the Boss Kill log, as well as the added GWD2 boss KCs. - The Anima core of Zamorak has had Range strength bonuses added. - The Feather of Ma'at Vendor amount has been increased to 100k for Ironmen. - Stardust is now limited to 1000, instead of 400. - Superior PvP armor is now tradeable. - Kree'arra experience for slayer tasks has been adjusted. - Added server KC announces for Rune Dragons, Edimmu, and a few others. - The Chests from AoD now open. - Sophanem Rare drops have been altered. - Lottery will now be displayed on the task tab. - Lottery will now take slightly less tax. - Slayer tasks will now give bonus points on the 50th and 150th streaks. - Slayer tasks will now give notifcations for all bonus points received. - Supreme overload salve now gives prayer renewal effects. [+] New Perks! - The Drop Catcher - Bring the drops to you instead of you going to the drops! - The Skipper (aka "Barrows perk") - Skip the maze for barrows! Get that money! - Note: These perks are not added up to date (prices are not correct, the Drop Catcher is not added) on our store, but will be added very shortly! [+] Bug Fixes - The issue with being unable to attack Legios has been fixed. - The issue where vials to flask decanting sometimes steal your full flasks have been fixed. - The issue where one is not able to attack certain dragons in Platinum zone instances has been fixed. - The bug where multi-spells can be cast on many people in single areas has been fixed. - The abyssal demons animations have been fixed. - The cyclops GFX/animation in GWD have been fixed. - The issue where using a ball of wool on an incomplete Hydrix would make an onyx amulet has been fixed. - The issue where buying gravestones would charge the player twice has been fixed. - The bug with deironing has been fixed. - Multiple Oziachs in Edgeville has been fixed. - Using overloads greater than or equal to 99 will no longer send an announcement. - The KBD entrance now works. - "2 Aggression potions" LMS reward will now give 2 potions instead of 1 Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Apply to be a beta tester here so you can test out the next patch updates before everyone else and help ensure we crush the bugs before they, well, matter to you! - Ask the developers questions here!
  3. arham 4

    Boss Mass

    Boss Mass decided by a staff member at the start of the event. Timings are adjusted to your time zone!
  4. Ataraxia Updates #13 - Nex: Angel of Death - Lottery System - Events System - New Rare Item Shop! [+] General Changes - A new perk has been added: Arcane Alchemist. - Voting has been buffed; You now have a 5% chance of getting an extra 10 spins per vote & 2% chance to get Deathtouched dart! - Magic weapons have now been buffed. - New ;;calendar command to view the Ataraxia forums calendar. - Added Superior Zuriel's Staff & Christmas Scythe bonuses - Overloads now have notifications before they're about to run out - Feather of Ma'at can now be bought from the Grand Exchange at an unlimited amount. - Added the ability to open individual banks by commands. - Added an increase in rate to the familiar special bar for players that own the Familiar expert perk. - The Last Man Standing Lobby now starts at 2minutes, but then becomes 30 second intervals. - Sophanem slayer dungeon NPC Slayer EXP has now been nerfed. - More fire giants have been added to their appropriate location. - Tertiary drops have now been added to the drop table. - Kalphite King has now been buffed. - Nex has now been buffed. - Some of Araxxor's drops have been nerfed. - Sophanem Slayer Dungeon NPCs have had their drop table updated. - Tectonic bottoms now degrade. - Holy Overload now lasts for 12 minutes instead of 10 minutes with the Herbivore perk. - You can now no longer bank inside of RuneSpan. - The Christmas event is now closed. 😞 - Superior items are now tradeable. [+] Nex: Angel of Death After much anticipation, Nex: Angel of Death has now been added to the game! We suggest reading up on her mechanics beforehand over here. Perhaps you can write a guide of your own on the Ataraxia forums? [+] Lottery System Let the game of luck commence! Every 45 minutes, a lottery will be drawn that will select one lucky player to win the entire jackpot. Talk to the Gambler at home to contribute and play a game of chance! [+] Events System Check out Uzi's post for events coming this January! Do the ;;events command in game to see a list of events and ;;calendar to see the events in accordance to your time zone! [+] New Rare Item Shop! New year? New Diango! Head home and talk to Diango to redeem those Rare item tokens! [+] Bug Fixes - The bug where Morrigan's Javelin and Morrigan's Thrown Axe depleting when thrown has been fixed. - Users not being able to redeem donor boxes is now fixed. - The issue where people with $500 donated couldn't claim the ;;dz outfit is now fixed. - Nex going out of arena sometimes inside instances is now fixed. - Fixed cyclops animations. - Fixed duo slayer tasks not working on grouped Slayer NPCs. - Fixed the slayer helmet not working on grouped Slayer NPCs. - Fixed issue with Silverhawk boots losing all charges when equipping via Equipment tab. This should probably fix a plethora of other issues with charges on items. - Fixed the issue where multiple gold bars were used to make gold bracelets. - Fixed issues with vials being used on flasks. - The skill level icon upon levelling up should now show your new level, not the old one. - The issue where making Overload potions at a Portable well would not use the passive effect of saving a potion has now been fixed. These patch notes were... a pain; probably because I had to rewrite them twice. All in all, happy new years from the Ataraxia team! Let's make 2019 great! Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96 & Noele
  5. More information can be found on @Bolinbear's thread:
  6. We receive a lot of individual ;;bug reports about clues being broken, so I feel it is best to have a thread to contain this group/category of bug. Submit all the broken clues here! Include an image of the clue itself so we can identify it faster in the code. Also, specify what is wrong. For example, "There is no way to obtain an unholy symbol." All the broken ones reported on our private issue tracker (will keep editing): all "Dance a jig" upstairs Port sarim 16 degrees 35 mins north 04 deg 41 min north, 03 deg 09 min west cry in catherby archer store 01 deg 18 mins south 14 deg 15 mins east clocktower talking to hans clue step "stab ob" cannot be accessed: area is under death plateau talk to donovan the family handdyman Edit: This has been moved to Server Suggestions so all players can view this.
  7. I have now added it as a common LMS reward. You will get 2 aggression potions.
  8. The T92 Khopesh weapon isn't in the drop table yet, but surely will be. Probably when the Magister is up. Nex: AOD is going to be tested soon. We just want to get rid of major obstacles in terms of content development before that. Telos is being developed on by myself, so is the Magister. I don't know when those will be finished, however, but I know Magister is a priority over Telos. Those are my top priorities developing right now.
  9. Here are the current game types: Dharok's (30%) Zerker (20%) Tier 80 (10%) Tier 90 (5%) Hybrid (35%) Here is the format to suggestion: Note: if you'd like, when suggesting the optional percent chance, you can suggest which other percent(s) should be reduced.
  10. It will be on live server when the next update comes out. That, along with the many other updates above.
  11. I have added all of these. Now, the teleport nulling damage suggestion was a hard task, and I'm not sure if it will work 100%. For about 95% of my test cases, they had it where the HP was not affected but it showed the hits. The other 5% was the HP being affected and showing the hits. I haven't had a single test case where I was successfully able to make these hits not appear, but they do appear to not *actually* damage the player. I hope we can find a better solution to this. It's sort of a complex task. EDIT: Take 2, did some changes and instead made it make the damage to 0. Perhaps a better result now? (3 more Grenwalls were added too) Here are pictures/GIFs of some more: Clicking pass-through will put you to the outside of the QBD portal entrance.