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    Ill also give 100m to the winner
  2. Thank you for your commitment and hard work Arham, fantastic dev. Good luck with whatever you go on to do next 🙂
  3. Would be a fantastic addition to the staff team. Not met many players who engage with the server as much as you.
  4. Thread was gravedug, Nexus is not active any more afaik
  5. Will be good to see ya back - not seen you on in ages bro
  6. +1 from me, i've always found you to be an approachable and friendly player. I would be surprised if you performed anything other than great at being a support
  7. I voted no on gambling, but to be honest, don't include my vote - the pros are level with the cons, so I am indifferent. Death - Coins only, nice moneysink, and doesn't affect t90 armour any further. Wilderness - Most of the servers above us have pvp/staking elements - not activities i tend to engage with, but they get players in for sure. So wildy is +1 for me. We are possibly in a niche though, focusing on pvm only, which might help player retention.
  8. Will

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    Fav thing - Being part of the community and talking to people + getting mad boss drops. Players - Snowie is a god, great to chat to. Craftwork is an absolute g. Clumsy is a fkin og. Flow nicks my money but i luv him. Nemesis is a boss. Piped is a madlad. Benny is a baller. Exoz is humble, and generous as fuck ❤️. Ryan is a pleb. Bosh is a legend. Nik steals all the aod drops. Grind causes all the drama. Opi is awesome! Rsis2easy is a boss at bossing. Kusiaka can dung like no other. Nurri is a nerd and i luv him. Yuyu1 is rots king. Skcam is skilling king. Katana is boxing king. Chainsawz is bankstanding king. Asomi gets bare drops. Iron Cookie hogs corp. Rent is wholesome as fuck ❤️. Loure is a meme. Ryse is my boi. Zily wins the lottery. Snix gets the investor. Chris is a lad who raxes too much ❤️ . Rexxy is awesome to talk to. DEF is a great pvmer. E36 is very generous - great guy. Ash sorts me out with gecko pics. Hooves is pog. Asuna is mental. Spooder is a beast of a mod! Hatter is a great guy. Bebez is supportive. Sajene has a mad goal goin. Lukey is generous, great guy. Ely Sia N is an og! Hot Milo nice timezone m9. Raspberry is competitive 🙂. Awls 😘 Left but not forgotten - Dillon, Loki, Kiwi, Promise, Devilshark, Slither, Ha98od0, Xslim, Ianog, Chloe, Raspberry, Bolinbear. (sorry if you still play my bad) Big respect to all these people - you have had a great impact on my life, and it's been a pleasure playing Ataraxia with you! Sorry if I forgot anyone!
  9. Posting for when you are recruiting again. In-game Name: WillWhat is your time played?: 1016hrs post resetDo you have a lot of free time to test?: On the weekends absolutely, mon-fri I am online for 4-5 hrsWhat content are you looking forward to testing?: Telos and Magister mostly, but ill test anything.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: I'm mainly a pvmer, but iv'e done a lot of skilling in the past, so I am knowledgable in both areas. I have done a lot of all the current bosses, so I think I am apt for testing new pvm content. I left rs3 before Telos and Magister were released, but I can't wait to learn them and grind them out.
  10. Hey Whitey, sorry I'm gonna have to disagree on a few of these 😞 Repairs : I agree with. Nothing much to say there. Currently it is cheaper to buy a new set than repair the current one, but rs3 works this way. If you want to dye, currently it carries an extra cost of a few more energies per set. Ascension: Disagree Limbs are a rare ish drop at the moment, and they come in as players reach the gp for the asc. This is why asc has been steady at 450-500 for months. Adding new ways to get limbs will crash asc, which is not what we want. It is already very good bang for your buck - one of the cheapest t90s available to players. I do agree with you that a major reason for quitting is not progressing fast enough, but this is runescape, it is a grind. Deathtouched: Disagree. On average it would take 300+ dtds to get a mace drop. Thats a lot of dtds, and thats only the ones used on kk. For the person who gets it, I would argue they will be more motivated to play. Also worth noting that a kk kill takes 2-7 minutes for most players. The dtd is a time saving item for most players, and a chance at getting a drop that may keep them new players playing. I think many players leave when they get demotivated because making gp is daunting to them. I have only seen 1 mace drop to a dtd so far. Potentially the deathtouched loot from voting could be nerfed, but I don't feel it is overpowered in its current state. Different combat styles: Disagree. I do a lot of reapers, and I don't want death telling me what style to use. Maybe i want to mage kk today? or melee? That's for me to decide. Legio tasks: I am split on this one. Yes they should not be given to players with <95 slayer, same as bork to players who have done bork too recently (fix pls). As for a general legios task, I am indifferent to it to be honest. I don't mind either way.
  11. If they could selectively allow commands, i imagine they'd have done it in araxxor. That is a good idea though, hopefully it is possible. It's not about bank helping runespan, its about being able to take the runespan items out 🙂
  12. * can not use any commands which doesn't allow us to vote etc. * the runespan perk should make the essence you gather from a full siphon slightly more so you don't rune out of essence while training. Without perk you siphon 10 runes get 50 essence. With perk you siphon 50 runes and get 50 essence. With someone else a chance you will get no essence and you can only grab 25 at a time. These two are not worthwile. Commands should not be used because ppl will use bank in there. I would support perk adding more essence, but FYI, you can chip of creatures for 10 esscence at a time, with very little delay. You can easily gets 1000s of ess by chipping fairly quickly. Runespan needs a little bug fixing for sure, and nodes should be buffed. I don't really have a response regarding logout. I hope this does bring some dev attention to runespan, which is quickly becoming dead content, in favour of altars.
  13. I would consider taking vis wax out completely, as it could make daily tasks dead content. I didn't realise it would be a specific skill per event, maybe you could offer a lump xp bonus for the relevant skill after the event?