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  1. gambling should not be added, period. It will cause more arguments, and will end up making people quit. Deaths? Couldn't really give a shit, I'm a master member and use PZ instances so this doesn't affect me. No to PVP. Just pointless really, that's why there's an economy, and as nemesis rightly pointed out, wilderness trolls are a thing.
  2. Bolin has won a month of nitro, congratulations. I may do this again in the future if people want. Proof: http://prntscr.com/mirj5y
  3. Oops. Knew I would get side tracked. I’m gonna bump this and open it until this coming Sunday. Extended deadline won’t hurt anyone lol
  4. So, I know I haven't been playing as often, but when I go to the events tab on discord, i always check the time the messages were posted and they're always at 3am, 1am, hell even 11pm before people may have to go to school/work the next morning. I know we're all in different timezones and you can't cater for everyone but I don't think I saw an event that was at peak times for many Europeans, I.E after 6pm >
  5. https://discordapp.com/nitro Follow the link above to see the benefits of Nitro on your discord account. I'm giving away a month of Discord nitro. Why? Because I feel like it. All you need to do is leave a comment below in this thread, it can be anything (I really don't care). The winner will be drawn on the 31st January (unless I get distracted). Good luck to those who enter!
  6. well this is a nice surprise to come back too.
  7. IGN - Riley 1 thing Ata can improve on - idk, more trees? 1 thing I like - CJ being the best mod, CJ 4 Admin
  8. Riley

    hello :)

    welcome to the server.
  9. great patch notes yet again tbh, i enjoy reading these every week.
  10. No. Purely because I won't gamble, and I know a lot of players who won't. For the playerbase this is aimed at, it's obvious that low levels/poor accounts will not take part. The ones who do take part will lose money, cry to an mod/admin (it's going to happen), and then quit or just log on and AFK every day. I mean, do we really want that?