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  1. https://discordapp.com/nitro Follow the link above to see the benefits of Nitro on your discord account. I'm giving away a month of Discord nitro. Why? Because I feel like it. All you need to do is leave a comment below in this thread, it can be anything (I really don't care). The winner will be drawn on the 31st January (unless I get distracted). Good luck to those who enter!
  2. well this is a nice surprise to come back too.
  3. IGN - Riley 1 thing Ata can improve on - idk, more trees? 1 thing I like - CJ being the best mod, CJ 4 Admin
  4. Riley

    hello :)

    welcome to the server.
  5. great patch notes yet again tbh, i enjoy reading these every week.
  6. No. Purely because I won't gamble, and I know a lot of players who won't. For the playerbase this is aimed at, it's obvious that low levels/poor accounts will not take part. The ones who do take part will lose money, cry to an mod/admin (it's going to happen), and then quit or just log on and AFK every day. I mean, do we really want that?
  7. COMBAT PERKS: ~ Sorcerers Helper: Grants you unlimited elemental runes (air + fire + earth + water) and grants you a 25% chance to save all runes when casting a spell. 8$ - No one does magic on this server, no boss requires it (except maybe one of the dag kings) but as far as magic goes, it's a useless combat mode. OR ~ Sorcerers Linguistics: Grants you unlimited in all runes for infinite casts! 17.50$ - too high of a price, I don't think people would buy it. ~ Overloaded: Consuming overloads no longer causes you to be dealt damage. 6$ - I think this is impossible to code if I'm not mistaken. ~ Charge Befriender: Your items will no longer degrade. This applies to any item that has 'charges' or turns to dust after a set time. Tier 70+, PvP armor, etc! 15$ - As far as I know this will be coming back just in a less overpowered way. ~ Dungeon Runner: Increases both the experience and token ratios during and after completing a Dungeon by 50%! 7$ - That's what double xp and vote books are for. ~ The Heart Lover: Halfs the KC required at the heart GwD dungeon (40 to 20) 5$ - There is a perk that does this, it's called GWD Specialist. It removes the KC completely. As for GW2, it should do the same thing. ~ Barrows Friend: Allows the player with Barrows gear to, 15$ Ahrim the Blighted's equipment: additionally applies a debuff to the opponent which reduces melee damage by 10% upon activation Dharok the Wretched's equipment: Dharok's damage boost applies from full hit points instead of half Guthan the Infested's equipment: the amount healed upon activation is increased by 10% Karil the Tainted's equipment: additionally applies a debuff to the opponent which reduces magic damage by 10% upon activation Torag the Corrupted's equipment: gain an additional 2% special attack energy upon activation Verac the Defiled's equipment: your attack swing (the global cooldown) is reset upon activation, allowing another attack instantly - I don't see barrows gear being a meta but can see why this might be added. SKILLING PERKS: ~ Surefooted: Increases all Agility XP earned by 50% and give 1 extra agility ticket! (??$) - Agility tickets do nothing, pretty pointless perk. (suggestion) for people to wanna do agility more, we could introduce a ticket system for everytime someone completes a lap, and have an npc who will sell items based on agility, AKA agile armor, nimble set (possibly), XP Lamp (possible), Maybe even silver hawk feathers for those who are lazy, This will give incentive for someone to do agility! - Nimble armour is already available by doing laps, xp lamps are from SOF, and so is silverhawk. ~ Runecrafting Extraordinare: Increases all runecrafting experience earned by 50% and increases amount of runes crafted by 50%. 6$ - Useless, people do runespan to 99 and then never do runecrafting again. ~ Assembly ConArtist: Increases all construction experience earned by 50% and removes the need for nails to construct anything. 6$ - There's this thing called protean planks that don't require nails at all. As soon as you reach the level for mahogany tables, nothing else is needed. ~ Loyal Friend: Give the player 3x more Loyalty points every so often 10$ - I believe this could be integrated with the well when it is active, 1.5x xp so why not 2x loyalty points etc.
  8. I agree with Jad, I know the instance thing is a huge thing for plats and noted drops for diamonds is a huge thing also, but I really do not understand why the plat shop is the exact same as bronze. It does not make sense.