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  1. Seems you got fairly unlucky, but a good showing of what we need to rotate out of SoF.
  2. Ataraxia Updates #17 - Giant Mole - Massive balance changes - Boss Timers - A heap of General & Bug Fixes!!! [+] General Changes - You now receive 1 spin/day for Regular/Bronze, 2 for Silver, 3 for Gold, 4 for Platinum, 5 for Diamond and 6 for Master - Added World message to help newer players understand Hazelmere/Chime shop - Examining Ring of Wealth (c) will now show the Benefits: The best-in-slot ring available, providing the following bonuses: Acts as a Ring of Wealth, Ring of Slaying, Ring of Death and a 'perfect' ring - The experience rates for cooking fish has been changed to match Runescape - You can now Note and Un-note items by using them on Bank chests - T90 armour repairing has been reduced. Sirenic Scales, Tectonic Energy and Malevolent Energy now only repair 5% of the charges, instead of 10% - All Sirenic scale drops have been removed from Drop tables bar the high level Slayer monsters. They were added as Phippzy thought Sirenic was too rare on the previous version of Ataraxia. However, this lead to an overwhelming amount of Scales. They are now Tertiary only with an odd few on Bosses/Late-game Slayer - All GWD1, Ganodermic and Misc Slayer items have been removed from the Chime shop sellables. The intention of this shop is to sacrifice your good armour & weapons for the valuables in the shop. It lead to way too many people just camping Gano's for a few days. - You can no longer repair: Decimation, Annihilation & Obliteration and they also now degrade to dust - Diamond Zone has been added to Member Teleports - Lottery now has a chance to award a player with an Investor bet in the next active Lottery - Drygore mace attack speed has been increased to match the Runescape 3 system - Pest control experience rewards have been increased 3x - Swift gloves will now activate 50% less - The Mining Golem outfit is now in rotation! Check out the benefits here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_golem_outfit - A few items have been rotated out, however, some have been added! Check out the SoF and I'm sure you'll come across the [+] Rare Item Token Rotation Swag. [+] Giant Mole - Giant Mole has been added! - The Mole is Instanced, and you can set spawn speeds just like various other bosses. - There is also hardmode if you're up for a challenge. - Similar to Runescape, the Mole will burrow and run away from you, you'll have to navigate her Caves to find her and kill her. - Giant mole drops various Herblore ingredients and Farming supplies for Ironmen.. As well as this.. awe...some? Pet - Currently an issue with Deathtouched darting the Mole! Don't waste your darts. [+] Boss Timers - Boss Timers have been added - When you begin a kill on any Boss, the timer will begin, and it will end when you deal the killing blow. - You'll then receive a printed time for that kill, so jot them down and get comparing to other people! - In the future, there are plans to add Boss timers as requirements for Completionist etc. - So get those fast kills ready! - There has been limited testing done on the Boss timers so please report all potential bugs you find [+] Item Bonuses Overhaul -- Balancing - Snowie, Nik and I have been working closely in attempt to balance the 3 combat styles. - Now, it's extremely hard to make these things perfect. But after a few days, and countless hours of me changing numbers.. I think we're getting closer. - We're not all the way there yet, which is where you come in. Check the changes out on the Live game and tell me your thoughts. - We want all Combat styles to be relevant, ofcourse some bosses would be better to use Range over Mage or Melee over Range, but overall we want the Combat styles to be relatively interchangeable. - Sooooooooo... Here's what we did - I tried using a Spoiler.. Just didn't work sooo Enjoy the massive spam: Melee 1-Hander Drygore Longsword - Changed to 215 Accuracy & 215 Strength from 245/200 Drygore Rapier - Changed to 215 Accuracy & 215 Strength from 215/185 Drygore Mace - Upped attack speed by one tick, changed to 215 Accuracy & 190 Strength from 255/215 Ripper Claws - Lowered Strength bonus by -20 Blade of Nymora - Lowered Strength bonus by -20 (it's faster) Melee 2h Noxious Scythe - Accuracy lowered to 300 from 345 Ranged Ammo Araxyte Arrow - Lowered Accuracy to 20 from 55 Ascendri Bolt - Lowered Accuracy to 30 from 100 Ascension Bolt - Lowered Accuracy to 20 from 85 Magic Dual wield Seismic Wand - Changed to 165 Accuracy from 65 Seismic Singularity - Changed to 75 Accuracy from 65 Magic 2h Obliteration - Changed to 180 Accuracy from 80 Noxious Staff - Changed to 200 Accuracy from 100 Ranged Armour Sirenic Mask - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 24 & 30 Sirenic Hauberk - Changed to 40 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 48 & 50 Sirenic Chaps - Changed to 32 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 45 & 40 Superior Morrigan's Coif - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 20 & 26 Superior Morrigan's Leathertop - Changed to 35 Accuracy and 12 Strength from 46 & 45 Superior Morrigan's Chaps - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 40 & 30 Anima core of Zamorak Helm - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 5 Strength from 20 & 20 Anima core of Zamorak Body - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from 42 & 35 Anima core of Zamorak Legs - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 38 & 30 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Helm - Changed to 23 Accuracy & 6 Strength from 23 & 25 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Body - Changed to 30 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 42 & 35 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Legs - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from 41 & 35 Pernix Cowl - Changed to 4 Strength from 20 Pernix Body - Changed to 24 Accuracy & 7 Strength from 38 & 35 Pernix Chaps - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 6 Strength from 25 & 30 Melee Armour Malevolent Helm - Changed to 25/25/25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 5/5/5 & 5 Malevolent Top - Changed to 40/40/40 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 10/10/10 & 8 Malevolent Legs - Changed to 32/32/32 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 8/8/8 & 6 Superior Statius' Helmet - Changed to 25/25/25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 3/3/3 & 3 Superior Statius' Platebody - Changed to 35/35/35 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 7/7/7 & 5 Superior Statius' Platelegs - Changed to 28/28/28 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 5/5/5 & 4 Superior Vesta's Platebody - Changed to 35/35/35 Accuracy & 14 Strength from trash Superior Vesta's Platelegs - Changed to 28/28/28 Accuracy & 12 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Helm - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 5 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Body - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Legs - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Helm - Changed to 23 Accuracy & 6 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Body - Changed to 30 Accuracy & 10 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Legs - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from trash Emberkeen Boots - Changed to 15/15/15 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 0/0/0 & 15 Jewelry Brawler's Knockout Necklace - Changed to 20/20/20 Accuracy from 10/10/10 Farsight Sniper's Necklace - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 13 Strength from 25 & 0 Arcane Stream Necklace - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 13 Strength from 14 & 15 Brawler's Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 15 & 14 Farsight Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 28 & 0 Arcane Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 17 & 16 Ring of Death - Changed to 11 Magic & Ranged Strength from 1 & 0 Reaper Necklace - Added 6 Ranged Strength Deathtouched Bracelet - Changed to 20 Melee, Mage & Ranged attack from 0, 20 & 0, Changed all Strengths to 10 Gloves Ascension Grips - Changed Accuracy to 30 & Strength to 10 from 25 & 0 Razorback Gauntlets - Changed Accuracy to 30 & Strength to 10 from 20 & 15 Celestial Handwraps - Changed Strength to 10 from 3 [+] Bug Fixes - Widow's wail is now properly un-usable past 70 attack/str/defence - Calquat Tree seed can now be added to a Plant pot - Legendary title is now working - T87 items will no longer turn to Null when degrading in some cases - Bonecrusher will now take priority over the Drop Catcher (it'll crush bones instead of drop catcher picking them up) - Dreadnips are no longer able to kill other player's Familiars - Fixed an issue with Soul siphoner perk box only adding $10 to your total donated instead of $15, if this happened to you, contact me and i'll restore the missing $5 - The Tree Gnome Village clue location is now accessible - You can now walk across the log on Karamja - You can now switch to the Intermediate game mode via Nastroth Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele
  3. Beta Testing Application Details Requirements - 200+ In-game time played - Adequate knowledge of late-game content - Desire and time to consistently test and provide Developers with information - Positive attitude and not prone to start arguments within the Beta testing circle What we don't want - People who waste time spawning items for fashionscape - People who log on and AFK - People who accept the rank and do little to no testing - People who start arguments Template for Application In-game Name: What is your time played?: Do you have a lot of free time to test?: What content are you looking forward to testing?: How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: What's in it for you? - Special Discord rank - An insight into what updates will be occurring regularly - Making Ataraxia great again - Store credit for consistent testers & contributions towards testing new content - More to be listed in the future Please apply in the replies to this thread. Don't post otherwise, thanks!
  4. Well you obviously can't go past Scott becoming a true alpha & Dark stiles but.. First season was amazing. 3rd season was amazing with the pack of Alphas. Deucalion was the best villain of the whole show.
  5. Welcome to Ataraxia.. Hope you enjoy the server. Allison obviously. Scalisson all the way. Kira is a horrible character.
  6. You deserve a shot, have done a lot behind-the-scenes in attempt to improve Ataraxia. Your application has been: Accepted Stay consistent. Congratulations on the promotion. Your efforts with the balance changes were amazing. Well deserved. Jaedmo
  7. Melee and Mage were far behind Range on Attack bonus and Strength bonus. Range was at about +530 attack for eg, with Magic and Melee being ~400. We balanced this by bringing Range down, and still bringing Magic and Melee up. This makes it balanced while also nerfing Ranged a bit. It was too easy to afk bosses with t90 Range. As for your Items, the only thing that would have changed is melee Armour. Most of your items would be untouched and just as good as they previously were. Hazelmere's Chime shop is not intended to cater to new players. It's for the late-game where people get a lot of high level drops and may not be able to sell them, so instead they sink the item into the shop. It was never meant to be a moneymaker for new players. That being said, i'm aware that we've taken a moneymaker away from new players and we will be working to add a new method.
  8. Christ, we're really trying to give you guys a good server, one that lasts a long time. The way it was going before this update, Range would be the only viable attack style. We balanced them. As for the uproar about Decimation.. Well I wanted to keep this as a surprise for next patch.. But apparently people are quitting over an item (maybe that's why it was good to nerf it...). Decimation was made so it degrades to dust for two reasons: 1. People used it over Noxious Longbow 2. People would make money just to buy one Now where we go from here which i wanted to keep secret is: Decimation's price is lowered as well as Annihilation & Obliteration. There is an item similar to the Imbued gear added to Hazelmere that you can use on the T87 weapons for an imbued version. With slightly increased stats, this item will never degrade and never disappear. Why have we done this? As I said, too many people made money just to buy this weapon. We added Hazelmere to add an Itemsink. Being able to buy the 2nd best range weapon (arguably the best) from a Player and use it forever without giving up one item is not what we wanted. This way, the untradeable attachment that you add to the items to make them non-degradeable requires people who buy the item for Gold to actually work towards getting their Decimation/Annihilation/Obliteration imbued, and what does that require? Them to chime some items. Everything we do is to improve the future of Ataraxia, myself and the Development team are here for the long haul, we won't stop updating if you keep playing. The economy was going in a bad way, this update will help that and future updates will be tailored to help boost the longevity of Ataraxia.
  9. Well I'm sure you and a lot of players use Range only. This means you can use Melee and Mage. You'll get over the small losses of gp.
  10. There's no doubt about your dedication to Ataraxia.. But you've had too many chances.. Your application has been: Denied As much as I like having you as a Support. Every time it has been promote to resign/demote a week/2 later. I think it's time we give new people a shot. Jaedmo
  11. The Developer of the Month is clearly without question: @lare96 Congratulations, well deserved. We couldn't have survived over the past few weeks with myself and Arham gone without you and Jordan. You really stepped up and proved that you're an extremely good asset to have on our team. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Development on Ataraxia with you on the team.
  12. Developer of the Month - January 2019 This Title is given to the Developer who has performed the best for the Month. This includes: Content Updates, Community Interaction, Beta testing, These threads will be posted before the end of the Month. The Developer who wins will have this icon for the Month: Developer of the Month The Developer will also receive a Golden Discord title for the Month. And obviously, $50 PayPal bonus. Players, Staff and Myself will Vote on a Poll. The winner of the Poll by the tick over of the Month will be awarded with Developer of the month. Tomorrow, I will be editing this thread with content that each Developer has done this Month. It shouldn't dictate your decision completely as interaction is definitely something you should consider. Regards, Jaedmo
  13. Congratulations @E36 on Staff of the Month! His performance and activity this month has certainly not gone un-noticed. An unbelievable month, hence the promotion. Keep up the good work and enjoy the benefits 🙂
  14. Staff of the Month - January 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Just a quick note that Staff Feedback will now be done anonymously. We want more brutal feedback. Expect that thread in the next few days. Regards, Jaedmo
  15. Staff Feedback - January Trying something a little different this month.. Anonymous feedback. The feedback has been great but.. I want you guys to rip apart my Staff team. And having it anonymous will help towards you guys being more honest.. Don't get me wrong, don't force it, if they're doing awesome, say it. Uzi and I will be reading the responses. So if you're scared of us just give us really nice feedback and then rip apart the rest of the staff. Fill it out here: https://goo.gl/forms/FTtetWB5Ob1CfJFk1 What's in it for you?: A random 3 people who complete the feedback will receive: - $15 Store credit - 3 Deathtouched Darts - 10 Mystery boxes ... Each Kind regards, Jaedmo & Uzi
  16. Player of the Month - January 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. Normally, this thread will be posted on the 1st of the Month every month. However, I wanted to notify everyone who plays that this will now be a thing along with the other .. of the Month titles. You'll receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Voting will be done within the Staff Team. The Winner of this month will be announced on this thread. Regards, Jaedmo
  17. The Player of the Month for January is: @Craftwork His incredible activity this month hasn't gone unnoticed.. His amazing attitude towards everything has been a huge positive for the community. Honourable mentions: @Kusiaka -- Congratulations on the first MQC, awesome achievement @Will -- Great month, you were 2nd on the Staff voting. Keep it up mate.
  18. You do receive... All of the rewards.
  19. Ataraxia Updates #15 - Off-hand T90 Imbued weapons - Ectoplasmator - New Perks in Store - Barrows Amulets - Aggression Potions added everywhere!! [+] General Changes - All seismic wands now degrade properly - Razorback gauntlets now degrade properly - Decimation now degrades properly - Hardmode Twin furies will now drop 1-3 seals - Hardmode Greg now drops 1-3 seals - Hybrid game mode is now Staff of Light instead of Chaotic Staff, hopefully this leads to some more interesting games - ;;checkcreation command, allows you to check when you created your account - Scattering ashes now counts for total bones buried - You can now check Superior PvP Armour's charges - King of the Skill accounts can no longer use Last man standing - You can now use Karil's pistol/off-hand pistol to make a Corrupted repriser - Decimation has got a new Special attack, use your Special for a whirlwind of arrows thrown at your opponent for devastating damage - Supply cache will now give 2 Aggression potions - Voting has been buffed, you now have a much higher chance of receiving the Deathtouched dart & Spins, as well as a 40% chance to get a Mystery box instead of 30% - Your Fight Kiln/Fight caves runs are now timed, this will hopefully be an Achievement feature to beat x-times when this is added to more Bosses - Books of Knowledge will now give a warning when stacking Bonus EXP time - You can no longer pick up items while Teleporting - EXP Boost will now show the expiry based on Time rather than Minutes - Bob barter and Druid have been added to the Platinum & Diamond zones - Aggression potion rewards from LMS increased substantially - Ring of Death, Amulet of Souls, Deathtouch Bracelet & Reaper necklace are now tradeable - Drop catcher now has description on ;;perks - Rax arrow drop amount has been increased from Corpse Spiders - Aggression potions added to Vote/chime shop - Blade of Nymora rebuffed, the nerf was too substantial and it has been edited to somewhere in between - Drop Catcher and the Skipper will now both be on the Store and properly functional - Removed Santa Hats from Mystery boxes - Ended the chance of a Big Christmas Present from high level PVM - Added Aggression potions to Mystery boxes - Slayer experience has been increased for creatures on task that have higher Hitpoints, hopefully this substitutes for Boss tasks - Added Hydrix bolt tips to Araxxi's drop table - Removed majority of the troll drops from NPCs, they were pointless, some were adjusted as they are still useful - Added Range strength to Reaper hood so it can compete with Sirenic mask - Khopesh of the Kharidian is now Tradeable - Added Seren stones to Diamond Zone - Added Morchella mushrooms to Slayer drop tables for Ironmen - Boosted Polypore dungeon stock - You can now chime Essences from GWD2 - Anima core pieces are now all the same prices when chiming - Morrigans weapons now sell for more chime - You can buy Proselyte and Initiate from Sir Tiffy Cashien at fally park - You are now warned when you're Away-From-Keyboard and going to be kicked for inactivity - Ectoplasmator full functionality - Barrows amulets added to skip barrows brothers - You can now only have 1 clue scroll at a time - Unholy Symbol and Iron boots added to unlimited stock in Grand exchange for Clues [+] Ectoplasmator - Ectoplasmator functions similarly to a Bonecrusher but it's for Ashes! - [+] Voting Shop Rework - The Vote shop hadn't been edited in too long! It's been revamped and hopefully encourages you all to Vote more! [+] Off-hand T90 Imbued Weapons - You can now buy the "Imbued Gear" from Hazelmere or Party pete and attach it to Off-hand T90 weaponry - This will make that piece (Imbued) boosting it's power level 07f0e2be29b5bb4e71a5f9cc342c46df.mp4 [+] Bug Fixes - 3rd Age Noxious Longbow no longer degrades to dust - All issues relating to leveling have been fixed, please notify us should you find anything - Aggression Potions now properly double with the Herbivore perk - Shift dropping an item twice will no longer destroy it - Decimation no longer turns into the noted version when degrading with perk - Morrigans Superior Jav/axe fixed Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here!
  20. Welcome to the server, Fapple.
  21. Arham's Work for the Month: - Nex: Angel of Death. Beta tested, edited & released - Events Server-sided code - ;;checkcreation command - Clue scroll fixes - ;;donationsxfer for Mods - Some small changes & Most of all the organisation of Beta testing & Updates going live while I was away Lare's Work for the Month: - Lottery system - Antipoison ++ - The Skipper perk - Drop catcher perk - Fixed an easy dupe anyone could do (was contained dw) - AFK Kick warnings - Ectoplasmator - Barrows Amulets - Lootshare - Pest Control expansion & the perk: The Exterminator Jordan's Work for the Month: - Stackable exp bonuses on Vote Books - Perk descriptions on ;;perks - Activity timers - Dominion Tower rework & the perk: Dominion Domination - Dreadnips Xenthium's Work for the Month: - Rise of the Six run counter - PZ instance adjustments - Fixed a bunch of items not degrading properly - Fixed Superior morrigan's items Vote in the Poll above!!
  22. Staff Updates 24th January 2019 @Dreas Snow has been promoted to Server Support Uzi and I have been waiting for Dreas to apply for a while. He's an extremely good member of the community and has remained consistently active the whole time. So glad he applied and it's only positives from here. Massive congratulations and thanks for finally applying, Christ. @Dillon has been promoted to Server Support Dillon is similarly a very consistently active member of Ataraxia. He's always just.. There. Active in the FC and talking on Discord. He will hopefully relieve some of the Australian TZ pressure on Milo. While he may not be 100% ready, nothing better than throwing em in the deep end. Can already see him learning to swim. Congratulations. @vengeance has been demoted from Server Support Sadly, relatively consistent activity issues led to Veng's demotion. He was an awesome member for us and it was always a pleasure seeing him online helping. But we're looking for people who live and breath Ataraxia. And I don't think CJ did. Thanks for your time ❤️ We are looking for a few more Supports and hopefully finding some valued ones to promote shortly. The playerbase is rising quickly and we need to be prepared and have Staff well covered. Kind regards, Jaedmo, Uzi, Milo & the Staff Team