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  1. Beta Testing Application Details Requirements - 200+ In-game time played - Adequate knowledge of late-game content - Desire and time to consistently test and provide Developers with information - Positive attitude and not prone to start arguments within the Beta testing circle What we don't want - People who waste time spawning items for fashionscape - People who log on and AFK - People who accept the rank and do little to no testing - People who start arguments Template for Application In-game Name: What is your time played?: Do you have a lot of free time to test?: What content are you looking forward to testing?: How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: What's in it for you? - Special Discord rank - An insight into what updates will be occurring regularly - Making Ataraxia great again - Store credit for consistent testers & contributions towards testing new content - More to be listed in the future Please apply in the replies to this thread. Don't post otherwise, thanks!
  2. Keep it updated, love seeing progress.
  3. Ataraxia Updates #11 - Ironman Game modes - Intermediate Game Mode (50x) - Diamond Donor Zone - LMS Single Combat - Christmas Event!!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - The current rotation is Squeal of Fortune spins! We've got a new Outfit rotation and some additions you'll see below, so get spinning! (Not currently on sale until the patch goes live) [+] Squeal of Fortune Changes - The Thieving outfit has been added to the Squeal of Fortune! Spin and receive your Camouflage outfit which grants you the following benefits! https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Master_camouflage_outfit - An assortment of Snowboards have been added! It's Winter so get ready for the snow (cringe). There's up to 5 tiers and a few nicely arted (english) boards. Hunt them down for the ultimate fashionscape [+] General Changes - You can now fight Airuts in Platinum Zone Instances - There is now a Divine location reset timer on the Task Tab - The Petchanter perk now removes hunger from pets - Last Man Standing is now completely Single Combat, anyone found boxing/avoiding combat will be removed and potentially punished, make it fun guys. - You can now do ctrl-b to use your Bank - You're now notified when your ports ships come back - Ignore list now filters out Yelled messages - Rise of the Six now properly randoms 1-2 Energies instead of just 1 - Numerous Slayer Experience rates have been edited to make them less.. Shit - Crystal Shapeshifters and Muspah now show Killcount - Water Talisman drops have been added to Dagannoth Kings [+] Diamond Donator Zone - Have been working on this for about a week, enjoy the media & details - Diamond Members can now use ;;maxhit for their maximum hit Boss Portal Room - ;;bp Contains the following teleports directly to the boss: Legio Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Saradomin/Bandos/Zamorak/Armadyl/Zaros Godwars, Helwyr, Vindicta & Gorvek, Gregorovic & Twin Furies Diamond Hub - Skilling Options (pic didn't work) Soul altar, Best Runecrafting Experience Diamond Ore - Mineable Protean bars Dream tree - Cuttable Protean Logs Diamond Stall - An assortment of Protean items & high level skilling materials Great White Shark Fishing - Best Fishing Exp & Cooking exp, heals 250 per. Diamond Zone Creature - Corpse Spider, 3500 Health, high resists, high rewards Hope you guys like it. Thanks for contributing to Ataraxia, you guys rock. [+] Game Modes - There are now Game modes for Ironmen that reflect the Game modes for regular players. - We have also added Intermediate Mode, 50x, there was a bit of a gap in between Novice and Expert, Intermediate will fill it! - So you can now upon login choose; Novice 100x, Intermediate 50x, Expert 25x or Legendary 5x Ironman. - If you're currently an Ironman you can talk to "Mr Ex" at home located next to Nastroth to change to another mode. You will not lose your stats however, it is irreversible! Don't fuck up! - The new Hiscores are 99% done to reflect these changes. You can now choose the relevant Exp mode and tick "Ironman Only" to see the Ironmen. You can also compare yourself as an Ironman with regular players! - This took me days, I figured a lot of people would like Ironman and not like to be faced with 5x. So here's an alternative. - Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 [+] Christmas Event - If you played Ataraxia in 2016, you would remember the Christmas event. But we have a lot of new players so I hope you all enjoy it even if you've done it before! Heaps of Christmas goodies up for grabs! - Someone's kidnapped Santa, the Snow Queen needs your help! Pelt Snowmen, solve riddles, and SAVE CHRISTMAS! - Start by entering the Banquet portal at ;;home - Merry Christmas from everyone at Ataraxia! [+] Diango's Christmas Shop! - From left to right! Snowboard (Frosty), Snowboard (Penguin), Snowboard (2016), Festive Jumper, Santa Hat with Beard, Salty Claws hat, Candy cane, Rory the Reindeer & finally, Reindeer hat. - Get voting! This Christmas period is so important for Votes! So hunt these items and Vote as much as you can! [+] Bug Fixes - Numerous Nex instance fixes, should be perfect now! - You can no longer use a pet to safespot Nex - Portables now spawn in the correct direction - You no longer lose runes even if you can't alch something - Hooded Completionist Cape (t) now properly checks for requirements - 3rd age items that didn't show on server broadcast now properly do - Drygores Undying into their Off-hand variants is now fixed - You can now repair t90 boots (again) - Seems like we've managed to fix the Nulls, or atleast the frequency of them. Arham, Jordan and Xenthium have put in a lot of time this week to fixing the Nulls. Which is why most of this is just my mindless spawning stuff/menial content. - Issue where you could sell Pvp items for Tortured souls has been fixed Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium Enjoy!
  4. All accepted! Check the Discord for details.
  5. The point is to be the last man standing. Anyone could luck out and be the odd player. I think the best way to do it is "Pray off?" Then both mutually agree to fight with Soulsplit/smite or whatever. If they don't, that's their call. Your invents won't autorefill, it's Last Man Standing, not best pker standing.. You feel? :s
  6. Will be dealt with and looked into then hotfixed later today.
  7. Ataraxia Updates #10 - Off-hand Weaponry - Key-binds, Click Dropping - LMS Updates - Widow's Wail - Huge Slayer Changes!!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - There is no sale this week! Hope you all enjoyed the Black Friday sales, they end in an hour! [+] General Changes - Frost Dragons, Adamant Dragons, Ganodermic Runts, Hellhounds, Rorarius & Greater Demons in the Platinum Zone instances - Healing NPC now cures poison - Damage is now nulled on teleports (you won't take damage after teleporting) - Home teleport is now usable in Dungeoneering while in combat - Pawyas and Grenwalls have been separated and more Grenwalls have been added, Grenwalls now give more Spikes - You can now teleport out of the QBD Treasure room - Dramen Tree now works for Woodcutting daily tasks - Shears have been added to Bob for Ironmen - Bobbleheads are no longer random drops from Rise of the Six, you can use a full Barrows Set of the Bobblehead you would like on 250 Malevolent energy to create the Bobblehead. - Anvil added to Plat Zone - Ring of Wealth (c) now also has the effect of a Slayer Ring (double points on task completion) - Portables now cost less from the Platinum Shop - Vial packs are now functional [+] Key-binds - ctrl + m (opens world map) - ctrl + s (switches sheathe) - ctrl + h (home teleport) - ctrl + n (opens lodestones) - ctrl + q (quick prayers) - ctrl + r (switches run) - ctrl + shift (switches inventory drop mode) - ctrl + 0-9 (does the skilling options when applicable) - ctrl + space (does the far left skilling option when applicable) (so if theres only 1 item to make it makes that item) [+] Off-hand Weaponry - ALL offhands have been added and Stats updated. - These Off-hands act as defenders and give bonuses slightly worse than their Defender counterpart. - Scimitars give slash, Swords give stab, Longswords give slash, Rapiers give stab, Maces give crush, Ranged weapons give Ranged Bonus & Magic weapons are all already released. - You can find all of the off-hands up to dragon in the Grand Exchange with Unlimited stock. - You can create Off-hand Ascension Crossbow the same way as regular Ascension crossbow - You can get Off-hand Drygores from Kalphite King - You can create Off-hand Attuned weaponry/Crystal weaponry from the Singing Bowl - You can buy Off-hand Chaotics for 100k Dung tokens from the Dung shop - You guys voted on it, you got it. Enjoy the Fashionscape, all off-hand t90s are Dye-able, if there're any issues hit me up, shouldn't be as it took my fucking hours. [+] Slayer Update - Dagannoths, Crystal Shapeshifters, Nihils, Muspah, Fungal Mage, Aquanite, Jadinkos, Mature Grotworm & Aviansie tasks have been added - You can now do: Dagannoth Kings for Dagannoths, Armadyl Godwars for Aviansies, Zamorak Godwars for Greater Demons, Ganodermic Beast or Runt for Ganodermic Creatures, Automaton Tracer, Guardian or Generator for Automatons and Rorarius, Scutarius, Gladius or Capsarius for Ascension Members. - Slayer Experience rates formula has been changed, it reflects more off of the hitpoints of the monster you're facing. - Overall, you'll notice a huge increase in the experience rates of new monsters like: Nihils, Muspahs, Rune/Addy dragons, Ripper demons, Camel Warriors, Automatons, Kal'gerion Demons, Gemstone Dragons.. And existing ones like: Glacors, Airuts, Strykewyrms, Celestial Dragons. - Hopefully now it's worth the grind to do other tasks other than Abby demons/Dark beasts. The newer creatures give heaps of experience. [+] Boss Changes - In attempt to buff Magic, the following NPCs have greatly reduced Magic Defense bonuses: - Helwyr, Vindicta, Melee/mage form Kalphite King - Legiones have been buffed, they should now hit you harder even with Magic prayer on. [+] Last Man Standing Changes - Players now receive souls depending on the amount of Kills they get regardless of if they win - Minimum players to start is now 4 instead of 6 - T90 will no longer give a note Malevolent cuirass - Smuggles have been fixed, with little exposure - There are now Single combat game modes - Heaps of glitches with dying and teleporting [+] Item Bonuses Changes - Void Melee has been nerfed to make Malevolent/Torva better. It shouldn't out damage these two armour sets. Now, it shouldn't. - Completionist Cape has been buffed to be better than Enhanced Firecape [+] Widow's Wail - A new Rapier for the Legendary & Ironmen game modes. When creating an account you'll receive this Weapon. - It's extremely fast hitting and has similar/slightly boosted bonuses of a Mithril/Adamant Scimitar. - This is to get through those early levels and also reward the players who choose a harder mode in the earlier levels, as well as having a pretty cool weapon. - If you're Legendary/Ironman and want this Weapon, contact an Admin+ ---Available in the next hotfix eta 12 hours--- [+] Drop Changes - Spider Leg rate has been increased - Off-hand drygores now drop from Kalphite king at the same rate as regular Drygores - Off-hand Armadyl cbow drops from Saradomin - Off-hand Demon slayer crossbow drops from Kal'gerion demons [+] Bug Fixes - ;;bank in Construction works again - Boulders blocking bridges in Rots should hopefully be fixed - Selling items to the Chime shop with a full inventory will no longer delete the Chimes - Chinchompa throw speed has been fixed - Multiple fixes for Light path Araxxor, if you run into issues, Let Jordan know with video proof please. - Blade of Nymora should properly work as a Stab/Slash weapon now - All Dyed t90s are now repairable as they should be - Nex and Nex Instances should now be functional, we're sorry for the bugs that were involved with them last patch. Should be perfectly running now, regardless, let Jordan know with any issues should any arise. Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium Enjoy!
  8. I want to hear all of your ideas for Perks! They're for you guys after all, and help our profits. So use the following template and give us some ideas for perks. If you have none, simply comment on the other ideas and say what you think of them.
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  12. State all the things you love/like/hate/kinda dislike about LMS. Give us suggestions on how to improve it, perhaps more game modes! We want it to be something you guys look forward to every few hours. So please, help us, help you. 🙂
  13. SKILLING PETS AGILITY - Dojo Mojo - 1/40000 --- CONSTRUCTION - Baby Yaga's House - 1/15000 --- COOKING - Ramsay - 1/20000 --- CRAFTING - Gemi - 1/20000 --- DIVINATION - Willow - 1/20000 --- DUNGEONEERING - Gordie - 1/5000 --- FARMING - Brains - 1/25000 --- FIREMAKING - Bernie - 1/20000 --- FISHING - Bubbles - 1/25000 --- FLETCHING - Flo - 1/30000 --- HERBLORE - Herbert - 1/30000 --- HUNTER - Ace - 1/30000 --- MINING - Rocky - 1/20000 --- RUNECRAFTING - Rue - 1/25000 --- SLAYER - Crabbe - 1/50000 --- SMITHING - Smithy - 1/30000 --- THIEVING - Ralph - 1/20000 --- WOODCUTTING - Woody - 1/20000 BOSS PETS General Graardor - General Awwdor - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- K'ril Tsutsaroth - K'ril Tinyroth - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Kree'arra - Chick'arra - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Commander Zilyana - Commander Miniana - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Dagannoth Prime - Prime Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Supreme - Supreme Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Rex - Rex Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Kalphite Queen - Kalphite Grublet - 1/2000 --- Kalphite King - Kalphite Grubling - 1/2500 --- Chaos Elemental - Ellie - 1/2000 --- Corporeal Beast - Corporeal Puppy - 1/2500 --- King Black Dragon - King Black Dragonling - 1/2500 --- Queen Black Dragon - Queen Black Dragonling - 1/1000 --- Nex - Nexterminator - 1/1000 --- Vorago - Bombi - 1/250 --- Vorago - Vitalis - 1/500 --- Legio Primus - Legio Primulous - 1/2500 --- Legio Secundus - Legio Secundulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Tertius - Legio Tertiolus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quartus - Legio Quartulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quintus - Legio Quintulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Sextus - Legio Sextulus - 1/2500 --- Tztok-Jad - Tzrek-Jad - 1/50 Fight Caves --- Har'aken - Shrimpy - 1/50 Fight Kiln --- Gregorovic - Greg - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Helwyr - Lilwyr - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Ava - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Nylessa - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Vindiddy - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Rawrvek - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Bill Dave Gavin Lana Pete Steve Barry Mallory Araxxor/Araxxi - 1/800~ Each MISC PETS Frost Dragon - Frosty - 1/2000 --- Edimmu - Eddy - 1/2500 --- Glacor - Enduring Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Unstable Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Sapping Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Automatons - Cresbot - 1/2500 I KNOW SOME SHIT IS WRONG SIZES, BLAME RSWIKI OK
  14. Hi everyone! Another poll for you all, would've posted it on Discord however, I wanted to give some detail and Discord can limit that. So the topic is: Off-Hand Weaponry - These off-hand weapons such as Off-hand drygore mace/Longsword - Off-hand Chaotics, Ascension crossbow, Bronze-Rune off-hand swords, scimitars & more - Everything, everything that is on RS3, will be added on here. However, there's a catch - We've polled this before a few times and it has never been successful, but the difference is.. - On those polls, it was Off-hands & their attacks I'm proposing Off-hands used as shields and give offensive bonuses. - So all Magic off-hands would act as an orb (well they do anyway but), all Range off-hands act as a Repriser (some do), and all Melee off-hands like Off-hand Drygore longsword are basically a t90 defender yet have no defensive stats, only offensive. PROS - More content, more drop potential, can make it look cooler, I mean have you ever seen dual wielded Drygore Longswords Sheathed?? - It's opening up a world of possibility, so many more drops, awesome fashionscape, and it allows you to have strictly power armour should you want it. CONS - --- So here's where you guys come in, vote in the poll and state why in the replies. 60% to pass.
  15. Teaming was intended lol. We're adding more modes. The typeless damage thing is a cool idea.
  16. Ataraxia Updates #9 - Last Man Standing Minigame - Nex Instances - Heaps of your suggestions - The Discounter Perk - Voting Buff - Customised Loot beams!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - 25% off the Discounter! & to celebrate having Nex instances, 15% off most of the perks you'll want vs Nex! This includes: Prayer Betrayer, Familiar Expert, Petchanter, The Pyromaniac & Charge Befriender! [+] Squeal of Fortune Rotation - You can now find the Shark outfit in Squeal of Fortune, read up on the details here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Fury_shark_outfit [+] General Changes - Ring of Wealth (c) (Ring of Death & 'Perfect' ring) will now give the Perfect ring effects also - King of the Skill is now fully functional, your old accounts should be usable. There'll be an announcement with more detail but, relog for now and check discord for an announcement shortly. - You can now sell degraded Sirenic/Malevolent & Tectonic for Chimes - There's a new spiffy Completionist Cape interface, check it out by clicking the Requirements on the cape rack at home - The price of godswords to sell for Chime have been increased - You can now sell Dagannoth King rings for Chime - There is no longer a daily cap on the amount you can donate to the Well of Goodwill - Receiving a corruption sigil will now broadcast to the world - Robin Hood Hat/Ranger Boots from KBD now announce - Voting now gives double the coins, you have a 1/100 chance per vote to receive 20 spins, and a 1/500 chance per vote to get a deathtouched dart - Chime price for anima core has been reduced - You can now get an Edimmu pet from killing Edimmu's 1/2500 chance - Glacors now drop custom pets, Enduring Glacyte, Unstable Glacyte & Sapping Glacyte. 1/1500 chance - You can no longer @everyone in the Discord Channel - You can now get Hard clues from Skilling - Araxxor pets (other than Barry/Mallory) will now display the Player's araxxor kc when examined - Halloween Shop & Pumpkins have been removed - Prifddinas Herb patch, Tree patch and Fruit Tree patch all function now, they have no animation but you can still plant there - Wilderness Herb patch functions, ^ - You can now check your bonfire boost with the buff timers command - Red dragons & Aquanites will now track kills - Members promoted to Support will now broadcast - Your constructed objects will now be counted, no outfit yet, but will be in the future - Iffie's Costume Shop has arrived, check her in the Varrock Clothing Shop, she'll sell Lederhosen, Mime, Zombie and more! - Turmoil now leeches properly for Range/mage - You can now Fish Karambwan, there's a Cage-spot at ;;mz and at the Fishing Guild - Melee Barrows Brother's magic defence bonuses have been reduced - You can now exit out and enter the Fremennik cave - Huge XP Lamp exp has been buffed - Slayer task streaks will give more points - Archeron Mammoth tasks have been disabled [+] Nex Instances - You can now create Nex instances, just like other bosses you'll be able to fight Nex by yourself, with friends in the comfort of your personal instance. - A lot of people requested this and Jordan managed to get it done! [+] Last Man Standing - Last Man Standing is our variation on a Battle Royale. Every two hours, a LMS game will begin, you can type ;;lms to join, there are different rewards that you can get and it'll broadcast which it is. - Prizes can range from 25m coins to a Trickster set. - There are 6 different Game modes available and they'll be randomised. Dharoks, Berserker, T80 Melee, T90 Melee & Range/Mage Boxing. Prayer is enabled, as is Multi, so best start finding teams to compete with. - If you are lucky enough to end up the last person alive, you get "Tortured Souls" to the amount of kills you got. You can spend these in the Ataraxian Soul Exchange: - Buy Mystery boxes and try your luck at some good items, or buy patches to create Superior PVP Armour (t88) - Or save for the Tiny Zem pet.. Or even, the Soul Reaper's Blade.. Don't bother asking details about it, you'll find them out if anyone ever gets one. - Good luck, may the odds be ever in your favour. [+] Item Bonuses Changes - Dragon Rider gear has been given more prayer bonus - Superior PVP armour has been given stats, it has slightly less attack bonuses than t90 yet substantially less defence bonuses - All Ring (i)'s have been buffed - Ring of Wealth (c) now has magic damage % - Ripper claws now have stats - Reworked some Magic/Range gear, made most of it give Ranged Str, made Virtus/Pernix stronger - Camel Staff now has stats - Off-hand Shadow Glaive has been buffed [+] The Discounter - The Discounter has been officially added to the store. This perk gives you: - 50% off Instances - 50% off Repairing items - 50% off resetting Reaper Assignments - Substantial discounts on Ports Ships It costs $15 and is on Sale for this week! [+] Hydrix Crafting - You can now buy Hydrix's from the Reaper Store with a purpose. - Simply cut the Hydrix, then use an Onyx Ring, Necklace, Amulet or Bracelet on the Hydrix to create the piece of Jewellery - Then use the Lvl-6 Onyx enchant on it to create the Powerful Reaper Jewellery! [+] Loot Beams & Reaper Store - Someone recently told me that the Reaper Store was boring.. So we've done some stuff to it. - Not only have we coded Hydrix Crafting to work.. But we've added Lootbeams. - These lootbeams look like this: - From left to right: Default Lootbeam, Rainbow Lootbeam, Sunshine Lootbeam, Christmas Present Lootbeam & the Music Lootbeam. - These Loot beams can all be bought from the Reaper store and enabled through your Lootbeam settings. - On top of this, we've added a cute pet for the Reaper store.. Tiny Death! [+] Drop Changes - Pure Essence drops from Glacors buffed along with the rate and amount of Shards of Armadyl - Rune Dragon drops have been buffed (the uniques) - Rockslugs and Cave Crawlers now drop NOTED pure essence as they should [+] Bug Fixes - Baby Trolls won't leave you anymore - 25k Crafting actions will now give the correct item - Ashes from TD's/Abby demons will now be the same - Araxxor reaper task is hopefully fixed - Elder bow now uses ammo and functions properly - T90 armour will now degrade properly, hopefully - Fixed Godwars bosses not counting properly for achievements - Skillchompas now have Ranged Str to prevent op actions - Dragon 2h Cbow now functions as a ranged weapon - Fixed slayer tasks not counting on achievements - Overload salves now have the prayer renewal effect - Vine whip will now spec - Annihilation has been given slash bonus to adjust for the incorrect combat tab Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium God i hope you guys like this one...
  17. It wouldn't, it'd only have the offensive bonuses. And it would lower the rate of getting the drygore you want.
  18. Welcome to the first Developer Question & Answer Thread What happens here? Ask the Development team, myself, a specific developer (Noele, _jordan, Xenthium or Arham 4) a question, and they'll answer. Simple as that! No question is off limits, keep it fairly-server related though if possible. Example: @Jaedmo What are the future plans for Invention? To which i'd reply I want it. Let the questions fly. Feel free to tag the relevant person you're directing your question to 🙂
  19. Absolutely. Would love to see Placeholders/Loadouts soon, there's just a lot of risk involved. So it'd take a lot of testing. And I think right now we have other priorities. The Runespan shop is something we talked about previously, we were unable to find the Interface for it. But yeah I really do want to make Runespan worth a damn and give it some cool rewards. It wouldn't be hard. Thing is with this kind of stuff is if Jordan/Arham spend time on doing Sink holes & caches, which it would be a lot of time. I'd hate to see it instantly be dead content. I don't imagine it would, but it's always a worry. Otherwise I'd be happy to have Sink Holes & Caches, there's just other stuff that is taking priority at the moment. No, I don't imagine so. Having fully working rs3 ports would be near impossible, the amount of variables, specifics, random events that occur it's not worth the time and resources towards it. The Arc is 100% something we can do, I'll probs work on it myself this week.
  20. Staff Updates 16th October 2018 @Multiply has been promoted from Game Moderator to Global Moderator Multiply has been Moderator from the beginning of the relaunch and has stayed relatively consistent throughout. The journey would have been a lot tougher without his help. Congratulations on the promotion, I wish you didn't have to work so much. @Uzihas been promoted from Game Moderator to Global Moderator Anyone who plays the game knows how active Uzi is. He's helpful not only in-game but has a great presence on the Forums. Completing annoying tasks without question such as Templates, Requirement threads & overall trying to gauge the community's feelings towards subjects. He full deserved this promotion, so congratulations. @C Jhas been promoted from Server Support to Game Moderator Cj's activity is ridiculous. Anyone can vouch for that, he's on pretty much non-stop. Sure he PvM's a tonne, but having that presence even if he isn't as vocal as others is incredible. Keep up the great work and congratulations on the promotion. @Dicehas resigned from Game Moderator Dice has also been with us from the start. And after playing this game for years you lose motivation. With new games coming out Dice has decided to take a break from Staff to try regain motivation. I'm sure he will be back in the future and I'm also sure he'll help anyone should you ask him. Thanks for your help Dicey. Applications are still open, feel free to apply. (Apply if you want it, won't be needing others for a while). Kind regards, Jaedmo
  21. Everything you need to know for changing your accounts PERMANENT name. You must have: - Gold Donator ($100+) - Both accounts for the name you want, if you think the name you want is inactive, I can check. - 250m Coins per Name change OR - Any Donor Rank - $20 Payment that does go towards either account's Donation Total - 250m Coins OR - Platinum Donator ($250+) - Free name changes (don't change it every day i beg) If you'd like to enquire further, contact me on Discord or Forums.
  22. Ataraxia Updates #8 - Portable Skilling Stations - King of the Skill - Heaps of your suggestions - FULL ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - Enjoy discounts on Spins! 5%/10%/15%/20%!!! Will remain until the next update. [+] General Changes - You can now use ;;bank in Construction. Never saw why you couldn't, a huge reason to get the perk now 🙂 - When you consume the last sip of a potion, the Vial will now smash and disappear - Warpriest will no longer announce as a drop - Dragonkin Lamps have been buffed, previously the barely gave more experience than regular Runescape - The Reaper NPC is now at home! - Ranged Strength has been added to Pernix - Magic Damage % has been added to Virtus - Seismic Wand and Singularity have been buffed - You can now exchange all Nex pieces for Chime - Hailfire Boots & Ragefire boots now have Magic Damage % - Reprisers and other off-hand range weapons now have the proper Ranged bonuses - Crushed Nests have been added to the Drop Tables of: Mithril Dragons, Nechryaels & Dust Devils - Hardcore Ironmen/Ironmen can now use the General Store, don't think it was necessary to limit this - Tool Leprechaun will now note Clean Herbs - Perfect Ring now counts as a Ring of Wealth - You can now combine Ring of Death & Perfect Ring to get the bonuses of both (little reduction) and the effects of both. - Chime price for Zammy Spear has been halved to equal Saradomin Sword - When you receive a Reaper Title it will broadcast to the server for your milestone - H'weens have been removed from Squeal of Fortune and Mystery Boxes - Completionist Cape (t) has been buffed [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - New rotation! Celebrating Turkeygiving or w/e you Americans call it & the arrival of Autumn! As well as the last few items from Halloweenish Stuff (even though it's Spring in Australia, have to cater for the majority I guess..) [+] Client Changes - Jordan has been able to access the Client and managed to (hopefully) fix most of the issues that you guys hated! - Blackscreening issue has been fixed - Loading Please Wait 50% has been fixed - Players randomly going invisible have been fixed (means something can go ahead next patch, keen af) - Not only has this fixed the issues but hopefully it leads to more consistent and less issues with the client as a whole. [+] Achievements - We had Achievements coded by David, but they were buggy and incomplete. Thankfully, Jordan has fully coded them. - With the help of Johnyblob22's interface, Ataraxia Achievements are fully working! - There are 4 task sets; Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite - You can see what tasks there are by clicking Quest Tab and pressing Achievements at the top or simply typing ;;achievements in-game. - You will need the Easy and Medium tasks Fully completed for Completionist Cape, and EVERY task completed for Completionist Cape (t) - There's some time consuming ones, like the 1000 hours played for Elite.. But.. They're the best capes in-game. Gotta work for it, no complaining or just cop those Kiln Capes and change cape I guess 😉 [+] Teleporting Interface - You can enable the Teleporting interface via ;;settings > Misc Settings - We're working on making one that's easier to navigate and has Hotkeys etc. I understand it's probably easier using the Dialogue one for now. - But still, give it a go, you might like it. [+] Bug Fixes - Death Tile is fixed! - The sled from Mystery Boxes has been properly given the Id for the Sled that actually functions - Annihilation is now a Crush weapon as it should be - Shadow Glaive is now the same speed as Zaryte Bow as it should be - Trivia answer for Total Level has been fixed - Infernal Ashes from Tormented Demons are now scatterable - Elder Logs firemaking level requirement changed to 90 from 91 - Smithing having the effect of a Portable has been fixed - Fletching animation for Elder logs has been fixed Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium Nice patch coming next week, Stay tuned, you'll finally be able to kill some people.
  23. Staff Updates 2nd November 2018 @Node has rejoined us to temporarily/permanently Develop for us. As well as manage the System along with Noele, Node is definitely an asset. I'm extremely happy he's back and keen to help out as his work will not go unappreciated. Welcome back, Noot. @Arachnid has been promoted from Server Support to Game Moderator Arachnid was recently promoted to Support and has been doing a great job so far. He's been consistently active & helpful for us and I'm happy to give him the promotion to Moderator @Promise has been promoted to Server Support A solid application and all round nice person in the community. Have never heard a bad word and I'm sure this won't change that (lul) Keep up the good work and good luck with your new position. @Gary has been promoted to Server Support I've known Gary for an unfortunate amount of time. Time after time he proves himself loyal, funny & a knowledgeable person. I've entrusted him with the YouTube Channel and he's doing a great job so far. And since then he's been a great member of our Community, congratulations. gayre @Opihas been promoted to Server Support Opi has been staff with me a number of times. He's extremely capable and reliable (most of the time). I look forward to seeing how he performs this time around and I have nothing but high hopes. Congratulations on your new position, stay consistent! @Hot Milohas resigned from Game Moderator Milo has been with Ataraxia/Edelar/Vyre for years. It's inevitable to get to a point where you lack motivation. Unfortunately, he has reached this and sadly, my fellow Australian has decided to step down. Definitely leaving a huge gap in the Australian timezone which sucks. Thanks for all of your work, appreciate it & you. @Phippzyhas resigned from Game Moderator Phippzy has been staff a few times, he's a great staff member to have. He's knowledgeable about the game, updates and making sure everything's how it should be. You all would've noticed the immense work he put into Item Bonuses & NPC Drops. Thanks for all of your time Phippzy, will be annoying editing these myself 😢 Kind regards, Jaedmo