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  1. Post your applications here.
  2. Quite a big announcement coming.. So enjoy the read: Over the past few weeks it has become apparent that the future of Ataraxia rests on the next month. The Development team, Administrators and I have been discussing the options for the future. We know that you all want Group Ironman, and don't worry, you will get it. However, the server just isn't in the place that I/we want it to be for that release. I plan on making the GIM release huge, YouTubers, Advertisements etc. I want it to be the biggest we've had, not many servers have GIM and especially not a 718. I know it'll bring players back, I know it'll bring a tonne more traffic. Simply put, the server isn't ready for it. There's been so many underlying issues in the base code of Ataraxia that have been overlooked by myself and the Developers (to my direction). I decided early on that we can just add content and the playerbase will increase, as it has. But it's not good enough. There's so many issues that we need to fix before I'm ready to invest a few thousand into the Advertising of GIM. The server needs to be capable and ready to handle the traffic we will receive. There's so many bugs that have been hanging around for months, and it's about time we tackle them. We have a steady playerbase & Runelocus rank and I appreciate all of you maintaining that. Over the next few weeks, the Development team's focus will be on improving the base game of Ataraxia, ensuring that all issues are ironed out. This will include: - Fixing bugs that have been extremely long standing - Reworking the Pet perk system to be handled better - Reworking a few Store prices and Perks - Reworking Skills that aren't amazingly coded (Hunter, Divination etc) - Reworking Instances - Getting a new Website & Theme, reworking the Hiscores & Store layout - Reworking Bosses that are dodgy, coded by external people (Nex, Kalphite King, RotS, Vorago, Rax) - Rebalancing the combat on Ataraxia to ensure it's not too "easy", I attempted to make it easier towards the beginning of Ataraxia, however, I overdid it, E36 will be attempting to balance the combat system once more - Virtual levels (not really a bug but, would be cool right?) What does this mean in the short run? Well, this may not mean consistent patches. Bugs will be hotfixed to the game in chunks and there won't be designated patch days/notes. Instead it'll be a collation of all Bugs fixed over a certain period. You won't be receiving new content for a few weeks. Don't worry, we have so much stuff lined up for after this, we just have to focus on making the game a better place. I want Ataraxia to last years, and the way we're going is just overloading the server when it can't handle it. This is a good thing, stick with us and you won't regret it. ----- Now, on a less-positive note. Unfortunately, Arham has decided to resign from his position of Development Manager. With most things in life, you lose motivation. Arham has sadly lost the spark that used to drive him for Ataraxia. It's not a bad thing, these things happen, Arham will still be around and he'll still impact the way Ataraxia continues, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Arham has been with us from the beginning of Ataraxia, when he received a message from Noele asking him to join. This was without a guarantee of money, throwing him into a terribly-coded source, making him work with someone he didn't know (me) and he did it. And holy fuck am I glad he did. Ataraxia wouldn't be here without Arham, the pure intelligence and positivity he brought to the Development team was unparalleled. His efforts over the past 10 months have been incredible. The success of Ataraxia truly lays on Arham's shoulders and that's without over-exaggeration. I thank him so much for everything he has done for Ataraxia and me. He's an incredible Developer and person and I'm so glad I met him. This kid has more potential than all of us, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. He's smart, kind, intuitive, trustworthy and overall a top class person. I have no doubts that he is going to go on and do something great. And it'll be a proud moment knowing that I worked with him once upon a time. Thank-you for everything Hammy, Ataraxia is always here for you, as am I Jaedmo
  3. Ataraxia Updates #27 - Evil Trees Skilling DND - Dungeoneering - New Account Interface - Rare Item Token Store Rotation - Voting Fixed - Presets & Bank QOL!!! Once again, screenshots aren't working, Pls click Gyazos i try hard when I write these and I'll know if you didn't click them. Edit: POG I GOT THEM WORKING [+] General Changes - Dreadnip stuns no longer stack, the stun will apply for the first person to use it. You can no longer perma-stun late-game bosses - Corrupted ore now stops smelting after 60 ores, rather than the previous 28 - Greater Berserker aura now gives 15% boost - Drop catcher changes and Construction changes from the previous update have been removed due to popular demand - 100m Experience announcement has been removed, it is rather pointless with the 120 announcement so soon after - Telos enrage leaderboard now shows the player's KC - Barrows amulets now automatically activate if you choose to enable the effect - Novice experience announcements have been removed from announcements - Zaros Godsword special attack now requires 60% energy rather than 80% - Sirenic's defence is now better than Refined anima core of Zamorak - Giant mole has been added to Boss teleports - When examining a Player you will now be able to see their Game mode - A variety of Herblore secondaries have been added to Unlimited on Grand Exchange - Duo-rax is once again functioning, you can now tackle the Spider with a friend! - Adrenaline potions have been nerfed - You can now click the Golden ticket received from LMS for a 1/999 chance at a Black Santa hat, 1/998 chance at a Christmas cracker. You have approximately 25% chance to receive 5 Mystery boxes and a 74% chance to receive 2. Don't quote the math - You can now repair Refined anima core with the relevant essences - Many potion combinations have been added, too many to list - Ectoplasmator now has a cap of 10,000 charges instead of 5,000 - Telos enrage multiplier has been drastically reduced in relation to Rewards, we're aware that too many weapons have come from this and I know a sink that'll work, which will come next update [+] Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion - Will spawn every 4 hours - You can 'fast travel' to the tree's location by typing ;;eviltree or speaking with the Evil Tree Hunter at ;;home - Join someone's Evil Tree instance by talking to the Evil Tree Hunter at home. Start an instance using a new item obtained as a drop from the trees - Adds new training methods for Firemaking, Woodcutting, Farming, and Herblore - New potions, 1 of which can be used for Farming, Firemaking, and Woodcutting training - New perk 'Tree Hunter' - New pet 'Entling' [+] Tier 92 Weapon Edits - You can now Dye all T92 weapons to receive their coloured variants - These dyed versions share the same Bonuses as the uncoloured version - T92 weapons now all degrade to a broken state, you can repair them at Bob for a hefty amount of GP - The Seren Godbow's special attack has been edited.. Well, nerfed slightly, while we realize it's the best bow in the game, the maximum accumulative damage of all arrows was far too high. Not wanting to give it a flat nerf, we decided on having your maximum hit reduce by 10% for each arrow fired. I.E first arrow can do 100% damage, second 90%, third 80% etc... [+] Preset Interface and Bank QOL - Look, it's clear Shnek deserved Developer of the month, and you guys should thank him for this! About time we got it - Firstly, you are now able to set custom removal amounts through the "1x" button - You can set a quantity and 1 click on an item will remove than many from your bank - This should make Herblore, Farm runs, whatever else you kids do for fun easier! - Preset interface! - On the screenshot above you can see a Button on your bank that looks like a Box and has a + next to it - You can click this to open this interface above, in which you can set and save different presets for whatever you would like to do - Uses of this would be Bossing/Slayer setups and it allows a quick transition between the load-outs! - This has been a suggestion for about 3 years, and finally we have someone capable, Great job by Shnek! [+] Tune-able Max Guild Combat Portal - You can now tune the combat portal in the Max guild to a wide range of bosses and slayer monsters. - Diamond+ members can use the portal free of charge and no cooldown will be applied. - This is a thing on Runescape 3 and Xenthium did a great job adding it, while many of you may use the Platinum instances/;;bp, this should add some nice QOL for those who aren't Platinum/Diamond! [+] Starter Interface - This was added last patch however, I don't know why I missed it...! - Shnek added this interface for new accounts! [+] Collection Log Edits - Collection log bugs have been fixed such as: - Gregorovic & Vindicta and Gorvek not counting drops - Araxxor & Twin furies Killcount fixed - Vorago & QBD added - All 6 Legione bosses added - Rune Dragons added [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - Captain Deathbeard makes a return along with some pretty cool animation-changing items, take a look: - Thanks to Uzi again for this! Genuinely have no idea how he finds these awesome items. [+] Voting Update - Votes have been reverted back to the original state, Runelocus you receive 2 points, the other 3 you receive 1 per. - Voting was a long task, and luckily we have such a dedicated Admin, Node. - He worked for over a week on the Voting issues and finally, I can confidently say, it's fixed. - You will now receive your Votes and Vote rewards from every available site! We have removed one, unfortunately, but their system was outdated which resulted in your Votes not counting. - Also it's the start of the month, vote. [+] Dungeoneering - We recently polled whether or not you guys want Old Dungeoneering, or New, or both. The result of the poll was a vast majority asking for both. - Unfortunately, new Dungeoneering's issues still aren't resolved, however, in the meantime, you can do the new-old Dungeoneering by typing ;;dung - You go room to room, killing 20 creatures in each and the further you go the more experience and tokens you receive - For obvious reasons, Aggression pots have been disabled in this Dungeoneering - The good thing is, you can use your own gear, rather than Primal etc. - As such, Dungeoneering items have been removed from the Vote shop, Dungeoneering requirements have been re-added to Max Cape and Completionist cape - It's not ideal, but it will have to do while we do extensive testing on Full Dungeoneering. It's not worth the issues at this point. [+] Bug Fixes - Players who are Jailed and AFK are no longer sent to Bob and leave jail - Sayln the Shark is no longer tradeable - Prayer renewal now properly says 6-12 instead of 5-10 - Corrupted scorpions now properly drop noted gems rather than un-noted - Telos no longer drains your special attack lower than 0% - You can no longer use ZGS spec at 50% energy despite it requiring 80% - You can no longer use Quick prayers to enable protection prayers in LMS - Anima core of Zamorak legs bonuses fixed - Dyed T92 weapons special attack now works - When examining a player it now properly shows their Time played - Zaros Godsword attack options reworked, it should hit as fast as and be as effective as a Scythe, but better obviously - You can no longer use T99 prayers in LMS - Fish barrel no longer gives cooked food Oh we also have a new client background: Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
  4. Beta Testing Application Details Requirements - 200+ In-game time played - Adequate knowledge of late-game content - Desire and time to consistently test and provide Developers with information - Positive attitude and not prone to start arguments within the Beta testing circle What we don't want - People who waste time spawning items for fashionscape - People who log on and AFK - People who accept the rank and do little to no testing - People who start arguments Template for Application In-game Name: What is your time played?: Do you have a lot of free time to test?: What content are you looking forward to testing?: How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: What's in it for you? - Special Discord rank - An insight into what updates will be occurring regularly - Making Ataraxia great again - Store credit for consistent testers & contributions towards testing new content - More to be listed in the future Please apply in the replies to this thread. Don't post otherwise, thanks!
  5. Ataraxia Updates #26 - Collection Log - Rare Item Token Store Rotation - Telos/Araxxor edits - Commands Update - Examine Interface!!! I'll put this here because you guys may not read the bottom. We've started delegating tasks related to Perfecting: Nex, Araxxor, Kalphite King, Vorago, Telos & GWD2 bosses. It's time the Development team focus on redoing these pieces of content made by other less-competent developers at the time. Hopefully this leads to perfection in late game content, something we've not had before.. [+] General Changes - Auras can now be unequipped from the Equipment interface - Boss Portal teleport is now in the Member's zone teleport dialogue - T90 resources now repair 10% instead of 5% - Lootshare items are now tradeable - Skilling points are now "Skilling tickets" - Every log is now fletchable into Arrow shafts - The three stages of "the Warden" title have been added, requiring 500, 1500 & 2500 enrage. - Araxxor attack speeds have been drastically reduced, no more minigun rax - Corrupted sigil is now untradeable due to the achievement - You can now answer "telos" for the GWD2 trivia question - There's now a warning dialogue when collapsing bank tabs - Vesta's Spear has been added to Last Man Standing shop - Nex: AoD pet drop has been added - Dreadnips have been nerfed, they were way too powerful, Bonuses & maxhit reduced - Dragonbane ammo has been nerfed, too powerful, now it should be best in slot for dragons and that is it - You can now use hotkeys to build furniture in your POH for Construction - A Sawmill operator has appeared at Diamond Zone - A few pets have been edited to look better according to the Poll results, the following pets have been changed: Rory the Reindeer, Prototype Colossus, Warborn Behemoth. The rest were the best model choice (we're not having 18ft drakes flying about sorry) - Dreadnips are now untradeable - All Gardening supplies such as Bagged Trees & Bagged Roses are added to Construction shop - Serenity Posts have been added! Read up on them here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Serenity_posts - Refined Anima core now degrades to it's original un-refined state - Hydrix Jewellery now degrades... Soz - Telos' healing now caps at 500, I.E Once you reach 900-1000 enrage it'll cap there - Telos' damage now scales faster with enrage - Greenthumb now notes Farming produce from all sources - Ore spawn time has been decreased, for every ore - Co-op skilling contract rewards have been increased - The Zaros Godsword's Black hole special attack has been added, it increases all melee damage by 25% while active and damages nearby npcs for 50-150 (50-300 for bosses) every 2 seconds for a total of 20 seconds, consuming 80% special attack energy. - Added Grim Reaper and Kuradal to Boss Portals - If you have alcohol more than 3 times you will be drunk for 10 minutes in-game - ;;dropcatcher filtering has become a bit easier, it will no longer show noted items, to apply to noted items type (noted) after it - ;;bug and ;;suggest timers have been fixed - Ring of Death will now send you a message when it activates - Dungeoneering is re-added, however, the null issue is not fixed, when it happens we'll be able to debug the cause [+] Examine Interface - A new Examine interface has been added! - Right click examine will now pop up with this: - And when clicking on the levels: - Awesome work by Shnek on this! - Still a few edits to be made, but enjoy! [+] Collection Log - Collection Log has been added! - Type ;;col to open it! - Collection Log will not collect items from your past, as they haven't been tracked. - You can "Claim" your boss pets have been collected by typing the command ;;addbosspets with your Boss pets in your inventory - This is what it looks like (these aren't the drops from Graardor completed) - Each bosses' unique item drops will be collectable and will unlock when they're dropped from the boss ONLY. - Collection Log also applies to Clue Scrolls! - Get hunting those items! - Complete collections, boast your collection through the examine interface "Collection Size"! - Titles will be added in the near future for Complete collections. - Another great job by Shnek adding this interface! [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - I don't know what these items are.. Looks like a bunch of summer stuff. - It's really cold in Australia. - Witchdoctor equipment, Ice Lolly wand, Beachball orb, Strawberry Parasol, Surfboard Shield, Sand cape, Octopus backpack.. Now that I wear them ingame, they're pretty cool! - Thanks @Uzi [+] Website News - I have purchased a new Website and it is under Development - This will bring new: Homepage, Voting, Store setup, Hiscores & Forums - This will end the pesky annoyances with Voting and the Store.. As well as revamp the Hiscores to be.. GIM friendly. - Also, the whole Ataraxia theme as is.. Is kinda depressing, so I want to liven it up a bit. - An update on Voting: Node has been debugging why Runelocus isn't working and is in contact with the Admins at Runelocus desperately trying to get it fixed. We're just as annoyed by it as you, believe me. - Please keep voting on Runelocus despite it not working ❤️ [+] Commands Update - We've had heaps of Suggestions over the last 6-7 months about revamping Commands, adding new ones, making them better. - I spent a few hours whipping this up, it should hopefully be better. - ;;commands then you type ` on your keyboard to bring up the Developer console - All of the commands will be listed like this: As well as some Donor related ones below too big for one ss - Hope you enjoy it. [+] Bug Fixes - You can no longer cast spells that you don't have runes for - You can no longer place bets on the Lottery just before the winner is chosen - Fixed typos in Effigies and Ataraxia dollar donation claim - Price checker interface will no longer delete your items if you log out with them inside the interface - You no longer get Magic shieldbow tasks while 80 Fletching (85 req) - Completionist cape & Completionist Cape (t) equip requirements re-added, not sure why they were commented out, you can no longer wear it if you once claimed it while you were worthy - You can no longer use ;;b1 at Telos - Antipoison++ flasks are now drinkable - You can now pick up Demon horns from Nihils - Anima golems will no longer get stuck behind Telos' arms - T95/T99 prayers now properly work on Telos & Magic leech now functions properly - Araxxor will no longer randomly heal above 30k Health Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96 & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  6. Player of the Month - May 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Arachnid Despite not being Staff, you still maintain the unbelievable professionalism you had when you possessed the title. You've been loyal since the start and I love having you around. I don't think you have any issue with any player whatsoever and you're always looking to go the extra mile to help. A fantastic month for you, I hope you stay with us for a long time to come. Congratulations, Kind regards, Jaedmo & the Staff Team.
  7. Staff of the Month - May 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Kind regards, Jaedmo
  8. Ataraxia Updates #25 - Malevolence, Affliction & Desolation - Dragonbane ammunition - Co-op Skilling contracts - Flower Poker & Dicing - Heaps of General changes!! Straight up before everything, apologies for all the pictures/lack of media.. Forums are wack atm??? Ah well will be fixed when we redo it all. [+] General Changes - You can now press "Get task" on Kuradal and receive the option to Reset your task and get a new one at the same time (finally) - Upon creating a new account, the Toolbelt is instantly filled, preventing annoying Bob's shop issues - Overloads no longer deplete after every Dominion tower kill - Three new achievements: "I'm a Warrior", "Barrows Brother" & "Of Zaros" which are: - Obtain Dragon Defender (I'm a Warrior) - Obtain all three Barrows defenders (Barrows Brother) - Obtain all three Nex defenders (Of Zaros) - CU COMP CAPES - You can now skip the Dominion tower cutscenes if you have the Dominion Domination perk, using the command ;;skipdtcutscene to toggle - Protean traps now work for Skilling contracts - Combat level has been removed from ;;players on Discord - Your in-game rank now automatically refreshes on Discord every time you log in/out of the game - Fishing exhaustion will now effect those wearing the Shark outfit only - Portable fletcher no longer requires Feathers to fletch bolts - Lootsharing will now give you physical shard items, you can collect these Shards and trade them. You need 120 Shards to create the item, This should make boss massing much better!! - Divine locations now count towards Skilling contracts - Allotment patch yield has been increased - Fletching Corrupted magic logs has been made faster - You can now use Ataraxia dollars on other players to transfer them. This means you can put them on your Ironmen! - Pet perks now have a less-glitchy/annoying glow, the Glow enables with 5 perks and is toggleable through ;;togglepetglow - Increased amount of Perk slots as per Donation ranks: - Silver = 2 to 3, Platinum = 3 to 5, Diamond = 4 to 6, Master = 5 to 7 - Removed Parasol from drop announcements - Anima core of Zamorak armour slightly nerfed, Sirenic armour buffed - Telos now has a Kill count, we unfortunately can't grab your previous KCs as they weren't tracked. Everyone will start from 0 - Updated Mystery boxes.. Would tell you what's new.. But where's the Mystery in that? [+] Flower Poker & Dicing - Gambling has been added, you can teleport there using: ;;fp, ;;gamble, ;;flowerpoker. - When Gambling, keep all Gambling talk away from the Friends chat. That being the Ataraxia FC. - Anyone who brings it into this chat will be removed. - There are two ways to Gamble, both are 50/50 and both are vs another Player. - Flower Poker: - These are the possible combinations. To play Flower poker, simply right click a Player and press "Gamble with". You'll then be faced with a Trade-screen in which you put up your stakes. - When both parties accept, you are teleported into the Castle wars arena and face off. - The winner wins the pot, in the case of a draw, you go again! - The second method is Dicing: - Dicing is done via the NPC: Hops. - Talk to Hops and press Dice, then type in the name of the person you want to Challenge. You then have to enter a Spirit shard amount. You can only do Spirit shards. Talk to the Pet shop owner for conversions. - The dice roll is Best of 1 (might change in the future) - The winner is the one with the Higher roll. https://gyazo.com/1c1cb531d006c15ab4f6b0a6063959fe We'll have set in stone Rules added following the patch regarding Gambling. [+] LMS Leaderboards - There are now LMS Leaderboards! Located on the Scoreboard at ;;home - Unfortunately, we can't have this for past LMS games, however, it will record the Leaders from this patch on! - Enjoy! [+] Co-op Skilling Contracts - You can now do Co-op Skilling contracts! Start this by using a Skilling gem/backpack on another player who also has one - You can then choose between regular/advanced and short/long contracts to complete. - You can now team up and tackle the Skilling contracts! [+] New Store Items - Due to the changes above, Dominion Domination perk has been increased to $15 from $10 - You can now buy 3x all the Pet perks in the Shop! Hopefully this makes pimping a pet out a bit easier. - There is also a Pet perk - Bundle! You can fetch every single Pet perk and Piggles for $90, (save $20). [+] Tier 99 Prayers - Malevolence, Increases Attack and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level, and Strength by 25% plus 10% of enemy's level - Desolation, Increases Range and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level - Affliction, Increases Mage and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level - These prayers are locked until you Unlock them using the Praesul codex sourced from Nex: Angel of Death - You'll need 3 codex's to unlock all 3. - About time we got these, finally. Probably like 300 suggestions closes with this alone. [+] Dragonbane Ammunition - You can now mine Bane ore at Quest Tab > Training > Glacor Cave > Run North. You will then find the Bane ore mining area. - Mining a Bane rock requires 77 Mining, and you will receive "Bane ore" - You can then use the Lunar spellbook and use the spell "Tune Bane Ore" at 87 Magic, you use this on an item that is from Dragons, such as Dragonhide, Dragon bones, heads etc. - It will then transmute all of your Bane ore into Dragonbane ore - Smelt this on a Furnace with 80 Smithing for a Dragonbane bar. You can use this on an Anvil to create Arrowheads (80 Smithing), bolts (unf) (82 Smithing). - Use these on Feathers/Headless arrows to result in the Ammo. - This ammo does 25% extra damage vs ALL Dragons. [+] Bug Fixes - You can no longer @here in Friends chat to notify those in Discord - ;;players in Discord will no longer result in nothing if there's too many people online and the Discord character limit is reached - Squeal of Fortune no longer gives 1x Protean log as a reward - Ectoplasmator now drops properly - Hiscores have been re-enabled - Disabled the Crucible in Edgeville - Araxxor/Araxxi will no longer attack like a machine gun - Araxxor instance client crashes/logging you out is hopefully fixed, we understand the frustration and are working towards making this boss perfect. - Nihil drops are now possible to be picked up - Enhanced Excalibur now equips on the off-hand slot - Superior Seasingers and Tetsu armour pieces are now repairable We're aware of the issues with various bosses/monsters and are working on them. We have a much better bug/suggestion system now and it's flowing extremely well. Thanks for the awesome commitment. #7 is amazing, lets make June just as good. Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  9. Post your applications here.
  10. Ataraxia Updates #24 - Starter Armour/Weapons - Araxxor re-enabled - Pet perk: Overloaded - Heaps of General changes! [+] General Changes - You will now only feel exhausted from Fishing when fishing in Prifddinas - Corrupted magic logs are now Fletchable and Firemakeable - Superior Vesta's Spear & Longsword's accuracy has been nerfed - You can now type ;;players in #bots to see the amount of players online - Off-hand Dragon crossbow now has stats - Attuned Crystal bow's damage now scales with your Agility level - Lottery Tax amount reduced, Newbie: 40% > 20%, Regular: 30% > 15%, Gambler: 20% > 10%, Investor: 10% > 5% - Prayer renewal duration has been increased to match Overloads - You can now see what you voted when viewing the Vote poll archive - Pyramid agility Contract now requires 50 Agility - Buffed Telos damage & defence stats to make early enrages harder - Drop Catcher has been increased to $20 from $10 due to the ;;dropcatcher buff - Green thumb has been increased to $5 from $3, all harvested crops are instantly noted - Removed Fire Lycan from SoF, if you have received one from SoF please contact a Staff member for a Legendary pet of your choosing - You can now buy Smouldering Lamps from the Advanced Skilling Master! - Added South-east Varrock to the mining teleports and added Bank deposit box - You can now select what Legio boss you fight in the Platinum instance - Zaros Godsword has received some buffs to Speed and accuracy/damage - Reduced Wisdom aura CD by 1 hour so they can be done at the same time every day - Fellstalk seeds have been added to the Contracts drop table - New events for May! We've missed the first 2 weeks because, well, we're slack, we apologise. Get amongst the last half of the month! - Chaotic Weapons & Chaotic splint have been temporarily added to the Vote shop - Dungeoneering entrance disabled - Dungeoneering is no longer a requirement for Max cape/Completionist cape (this will change when it is fixed) - Drop rate of Godsword shards has been doubled - The yield from Limpwurt root patches has been increased - The Billionaire title is now the proper shade [+] General Store Pricing - You can now sell the following items at General stores for a nice Coin value: Dragon Kiteshield, Dragonbone Upgrade Kit Dragon Claws Seercull, Warrior Ring, Seers Ring, Archers' Ring, Berserker Ring Korasi's Sword Steadfast boots, Glaiven boots, Ragefire boots, Armadyl Battlestaff Araxxi's Pheromone Armadyl Crossbow, Dragon 2h Crossbow - Once again, please hit me up with any additions. [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - Profound Decorative armour! (The castle wars armour that looked 10000x better before the armour rework) - Faithful shield, apparently a few of you were hype about this - Starfury weaponry, awesome for an override - This rotation will only be around for 2-3 weeks. Apologies for the delay. [+] New Store Items - Pet Perk - Overloaded: - This Pet perk will cost $10 per tier, providing a permanent stat boost to 125/99 tiers 1-3 - On top of this, you will gain 5% combat accuracy on Magic/Range/Melee - There are more perks to come, we will be adding some Skilling/Misc ones soon. - Walk Animation overrides: Blink Run/Walk - $5 https://gyazo.com/56029eb1bce7a9b9fdb7c8b737b4c89f Cat Walk - $5 https://gyazo.com/4efc4914b1e159bb6feb2d4ea9000954 Imported the actual GIFs and they were huge, hopefully links suffice. [+] Starter Armour/Weaponry - It has come to my attention that on Ataraxia, the early game is unforgiving. There's a huge disparity between starter gear and gear that you can PvM with. - I've decided to make "Custom" armour/weapons that every new player Spawns with.. The early levels are gruelling and really aren't what Ataraxia is about. - Now, people are able to receive this armour, level up quickly and tackle Bosses like GWD1/2, TDs etc. - These are the bonuses: - If you're not a new player and want this equipment, talk to Nastroth at home! [+] Bug Fixes - Metal dragons can no longer attack from across the room - Removed message suggesting you can buy Kiln from donor store - Superior Death lotus will now repair properly at Bob - Auto retaliate now works on Tormented demons - Titan's constitution is now fixed - Fixed spam fishing bug - Araxxor bugs are fixed and Araxxor is re-enabled, regardless, please notify us of any other issues - Void equipment is no longer tradeable - Dragon Rider Lance & Ripper claws are now properly working - Rise of the Six NPCs should now react when not killed fast enough - The person who voted last for the Vote party will now be included in the party - Harvesting herbs will now stop when you're at a full inventory Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  11. Trust is earned.. You don't need a rank to show that you're trusted. If you're trusted, people will know it as you'll prove yourself within the community.. Adding a rank like this is kind of pointless when we have plenty of Supports. As it's basically just Support. I know some people want recognition for their efforts within the community, this rank isn't really going to change that. It just sounds like a massive waste of resources for a slight ego-boost for the few players who truly deserve the rank. As for the Gambling aspect for Middlemanning etc.. The Gambling is 100% safe and no middleman is required. Jaedmo
  12. Staff Applications were getting boring.. The same Apps of what you know we want to hear every time. So now.. I thought of an idea. To spice it up a bit, we'll be doing Discord Interviews. Once every few weeks or if we require a Staff member, we'll set a date and Time. Everyone interested has to reach the requirements and post on the relevant thread to "enter" themselves. There will be small questions to write. The interviews are intended to be fun, and will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. It won't be a daunting thing, there will be serious questions and fun questions, but overall, we need people who are comfortable using a microphone. As the meetings we have are on Discord with microphones. Requirements: - 100 Hours in-game - A Microphone - Willing to answer questions on the spot Template: In-game Name: Timezone: Availability: Post on the relevant thread to be entered and be prepared to be notified for the time slot in which the Interviews will be taken. They may be split into two different ones just to accommodate. Jaedmo
  13. God awful application. It was a real deterrent, you're a fantastic person though so that shone through. You could've put more effort in the application, but your attitude and assistance in-game outweighed that. Your application has been: Accepted Regards, Jaedmo
  14. Ataraxia Updates #23 - Araxxor and Vorago Rotations - New SoF items/pets - LMS Reward rework - Shop sell price for t70 items! [+] General Changes - Telos' damage has been buffed, however, healing reduced - Chocolate bars have been added to the RFD chest for Ironmen Herblore - Dragonhide bodies have been added to Crafting skilling contracts - Decreased the range of laps required for completion of the Prifddinas Agility skilling contract - You now have less chance of receiving a contract in a skill you are 1B experience in - Coal will automatically go into a Coal bag if the Player has one in their inventory - You can now type ;;dropcatcher to block specific drops you don't want collected - King of the Skill has been removed from the Active game modes, details about this to come in the next few days - There's now a confirmation dialogue when removing Auras - Lottery will now only be active on the Weekends - Total contracts completed modifier now resets daily - You can check the results of the Group Iron-man polls at the Poll booth [+] Shopkeeper Purchase Values - You can now sell the following items at General stores for a nice Coin value: Bandos Helmet, Chestplate, Tassets, Gloves, Boots, Godsword Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate, Chainskirt, Gloves, Boots, Godsword Subjugation Hood, Robe top, Robe bottom, Gloves, Boots, Zamorakian Spear, Zamorak Godsword Saradomin's Murmur, Whisper, Hiss, Saradomin's Sword, Godsword Elder shortbow (u), Elder shortbow, Elder shieldbow (u), Elder shieldbow - Hopefully this rotates a bit of cash into the Eco. You can now get rid of all your useless GWD1 items. [+] LMS Rewards - Trickster, Battle Mage and Vanguard rewards removed. - The following rewards have been added to the COMMON table: 5 Tortured souls, 5 Ataraxia dollars, 5 Medium Bonus XP lamps, 3 Small protean packs - The following rewards have been added to the RARE table: 2 Supply caches, 10 Ataraxia dollars, 10 Tortured souls, 5 Large bonus XP lamps, 3 Rare item tokens, 3 Medium Protean packs - The following rewards have been added to the VERY RARE table: 5 Large protean packs, 5 Huge bonus xp lamps, 6 Rare item tokens, 15 Tortured souls, 15 Ataraxia dollars, Dragon limbs, Large rune pouch, Twin Furies set of weapons, Dragon rider lance, Helwyr set of weapons & the Golden ticket. - What does the Golden ticket do? Anyone who has a Golden ticket in their possession at the end of the Month will have entry into an Amazing goodie-bag. Pictures and thread to follow. [+] Squeal of Fortune Rework Jackpot: Added: - Golden Cane - 500 Frost dragon bones - Skypouncer, Bloodpouncer, Blazehound, Fire Drake, Shadow Drake, Fire Lycan, Jungle/Shadow Gorilla, Springy Removed: - Dragon Claw - Serpentine Rapier/Cbow/Wand - God Banners - Half Full wine jug/easter egg/disk of returning - Snowboards - All of the old SoF pets Rare: Added: - 250 Frost dragon bones - Supply Boxes for resources - Snowboards Removed: - Golden Cane - Animation Overrides - Beach party items - Archon Items - Warlord Items - High Armour of hanto items - Mexican items (idk what they classify as) - Slayer Tower shortbow/DT maul/WT Staff Uncommon: Added: - 100 Frost Dragon bones Common: Added: - 50 Frost dragon bones - Buncha other undocumented stuff - My main reasoning behind this is that a lot of the items received from SoF are hot garbage. Hopefully this makes it a bit more exciting, removing the trash items from the Jackpot and adding some new cool pets which will be pictured below. - The Uncommon/Common reward tables have been left fairly unchanged. Uncommon is 90% Elite skilling outfits, and Common.. Well you shouldn't get anything to write home about anyway. [+] New Legendary Pets Skypouncer Bloodpouncer Blazehound Fire Drake Shadow Drake Fire Lycan Jungle Gorilla Shadow Gorilla Springy - All of these pets are under the Jackpot of Squeal of Fortune! - You can also use these pets as Legendary pets! [+] Full Vorago - Our Vorago had issues, so I outsourced a perfected version for Ataraxia. - You now have all 6 Vorago rotations: Ceiling collapse, Scopulus, Vitalis, Green bomb, Team split & The End - Hopefully this makes Vorago a bit more enjoyable and challenging. - Please notify us of any issues regarding Vorago and they will be fixed as soon as possible. [+] Full Araxxor - We now have fully working Araxxor. - Previously, we had to disable the Darkness path due to issues with Nulling. It has been disabled for so long and the Developers were unsure of what caused the issues. - So I decided to source the Full fight from someone else. - Araxxor now has 3 fully working Paths: Darkness, Minions & Acid. - Now you can finally branch out away from just Minions & Acid paths. - Please notify us of any issues ASAP regarding Araxxor. [+] Bug Fixes - Tess no longer drops as the tendril - Soothsayer can now be spoken to, checking your enrage, the enrage leaderboard and other options - Executioner's demise executing you randomly even without the perk is fixed - Seren Godbow now works, hasn't been needed but forgot to make it not kick people - Random occurrences where players were experiencing the negatives/positives of pet perks without even having them has been fixed - Telos stunning you without being able to avoid it as you should has been fixed - Golems will no longer lose aggro on Phase 5 of Telos - Golems health scaling has been fixed so they are killable on P5 - You will no longer get stuck in a constant animation of killing a golem during a Telos fight - Purple sweets can now be eaten properly - The Gem bag now works - Issues fixed with the Coal bag, it now works properly - Knights of Ardougne now have the proper attack stats - The Scroll of cleansing from Dung will no longer cause you to stop making potions - All dart/bolt contracts will now count for 15 actions instead of 10 I know a lot of people have been waiting for these Telos fixes for a while. I ensured they'd be fixed ASAP. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out that way. Someone brought up that it shouldn't have been released with these issues.. And I apologise. When setting the time-limit of the Telos release, these issues weren't known. And we were not notified by testers of them until 2-3 days before the release & At this time the Developer was busy. My apologies, Telos should be 100% now. Gambling is fully completed, awaiting extensive testing. Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  15. You still don't reach the requirements. But I'm happy to overlook it. Your application has been: Accepted You're extremely active and helpful, polite and overall a great candidate. Glad you're not going away for a month this time. Congratulations, Jaedmo
  16. Ataraxia Updates #22 - Telos, the Warden Update - New Animation Overrides - Legendary Pet perks - Telos - TELOS?!! [+] General Changes - Glacors now give more reaper points when completing a task - Guthan will no longer heal through prayer - Skilling champion rewards have received a major buff - Hunter skilling contracts will now be assigned with less actions - Skipping skilling contracts now tells you the correct points beforehand - ;;solomons command to access his dialogue - The Veteran Pest Control boat is now less-challenging - The Task Tab now displays the amount of players left in an active game of LMS - Donators now override the 150 total level trade restriction - There is a now a Shillo Village gem rock mine teleport - There is now a Bank deposit box at the Mining Guild's coal area - You now receive Earth runes in your starter pack [+] Heart of Gielinor - Telos - Telos, the Warden, is the "Final boss" of Godwars Dungeon 2, the Nex if you wish of the 2nd instalment of GWD. - Boasting amazing drops & an awesome combat script, Telos will drop the following Weapons in Parts. You will need to collect the Dormant Weapon and all 3 orbs to combine them for the strongest weapons in Ataraxia. - Telos has an enrage system similar to Araxxor/xi. His enrage will raise a random amount between 5-25. This enrage level will make him stronger, and adds a challenge: Who can do the highest Enrage Telos kill? - There is a leaderboard for max-enrage. - You are able to continue a deathless run increasing your enrage and stacking your drops in the coffer. If you die, you lose them. - You can claim this loot at any point but will lose your streak. - This update has been a long time coming, there may be small issues on release, please notify Staff immediately as we intend to get them all fixed within the next few days.. (There won't be a lot). [+] New Cosmetic Animations - All of these animations are $1.50 (will award you $2) except Partyhat Firemaking, because it's dope. Ancestral Conversion Ancestral Divination I Ancestral Divination II Explosive Woodcutting Crystal Singer Woodcutting Crystal Singer Mining Bomb Firemaking Partyhat Firemaking [+] New Legendary Perks - All of these perks are $5 each. Pet perk - Power Exchange This perk can be used on your pet to give you 3%/6%/9% extra damage, however, you take 10%/5%/3% extra damage. You must use this 3 times to receive the best bonuses. Pet perk - Nice But Dim This perk can be used on your pet to give you 5%/10%/15% higher drop rate, however, you gain 10%/5%/3% less experience. You must use this 3 times to receive the best bonuses. Pet perk - Double Trouble This perk can be used on your pet to have a 2%/4%/6% chance to double your loot, however, you have a 5%/2%/1% chance to receive no drop. You must use this 3 times to receive the best bonuses. Pet perk - Kuradamnn This perk can be used on your pet to give you 5%/10%/15% extra Slayer experience. You must use this 3 times to receive the best bonuses. Pet perk - Executioner's Demise This perk can be used on your pet to give you a 1%/3%/5% chance to heal fully during combat, however, you have a 2%/1%/1% chance to die. You must use this 3 times to receive the best bonuses. Pet perk - Double Edged Coming Soon Pet perk - Overloaded Pets Coming Soon - Complete the Pet Perk tutorial in-game. - You can use these perks on any STORE-bought pet. Soon, there will be an upgrade to allow you to use it on Skilling/Boss pets - Depending on your Donator rank, the more perks you may use: Bronze Member: 1 Silver Member: 2 Gold Member: 2 Platinum Member: 3 Diamond Member: 4 Master Member: 5 - In addition, when having 5 tier 3 perks on your pet, it will glow. - You must use the Perks 3 times to receive Tier 3, and the best bonuses and least negatives. - Hope you enjoy this, Jordan has been working on it secretly. - PLEASE SUGGEST NEW PET PERK IDEAS [+] Bug Fixes - You can no longer set your title to a Reaper title with Custom titles - Overload Salve antifire has been fixed - Depositing your inventory with an almost-full bank now works properly - Great white shark cooking skilling contracts will no longer be assigned to non-diamond members - Bolt tip contracts now count in 15s instead of 10s - The duration of auras has been fixed - Made Slayer helm take 400 points, not 200 - Newer nonfunctional ladders are now working Really impressed with the Playercounts atm, hopefully this only gets better with Telos. In the meantime, we'll be looking to reinforce the Server to better handle higher traffic. Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  17. Ataraxia Updates #21 - New Legendary Pets - Bug Fixes - New DZ Features - Dungeoneering Keepsake Shop - Poll System start - New Contracts!!! [+] General Changes - Chronicle Fragments from Divination will now go to your bank upon collection - You can now use ;;maxhit to see your maxhit at any donor rank - Range of Herbs gathered from Farming increased from 3-10 to 5-12 - Onyx has been removed from Tzhaar shops - Overload salves now work for ;;timers & Now makes you immune to poison - You can now "Open-10" Herb boxes from Herbivore, and they'll display your loot - Lottery Coordinator now has new Right click options: "Place-bet", "Statistics" & "Claim" - You can now teleport to Ascension Dungeon - ;;starter command to @Khitarra's Starter guide - Saradomin brew drops have been reduced in quantity - A Poll booth has been added at ;;home, this will be used to gauge your opinions on important future updates - Lootshare has been disabled in Vorago - Pest control rewards have been slightly nerfed - Diamond Crafter has been added to Diamond Zone. It acts as a Prifddinas harp yet yields more Harmonic Dust & Experience - Portable Brazier & Altar have been added to Boss Portals teleport - Hazelmere and Shopkeeper have been added to Diamond Zone - Ghostly Essence drop rate has been increased - Ironmen can now get Glassblowing pipes from Bob - When you PM someone who is AFK, it will notify you that they are so - You will now receive a notification when Vote Book experience boost expires - You can now talk to the Gorajo hoardstalker at ;;home at 120 Dungeoneering to access his Dungeoneering shop, this contains Primal, Celestial and Sagittarian armour for Keepsakes. (You are currently unable to buy stuff from here, if you wish to buy armour, contact an Admin in-game or on Discord Fix ASAP) - Hydrix has been removed from LMS Shop - Vampyrism Aura has been added to the Combat Aura shop - Dragonhide has been edited to be less powerful than Armadyl - GWD2 essence drops will now all announce - Mud runes are no longer an unlimited animation - Alchemical Smithing will now make Iron bars never fail [+] Squeal of Fortune Rotation - The Squeal of Fortune rotation has been changed to: Thieving & Dungeoneering - Read up on the outfits here: - https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Gorajan_trailblazer_outfit & https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Master_camouflage_outfit - I plan on reworking the entire Squeal of Fortune in the next few weeks, stay tuned. [+] Rare Item Token Store Rotation - The butterfly outfit has been added, among other Easter-esque items: [+] Skilling Contract Changes - Contract blocking now scales better with your levels - Magic stone quantity from Skilling champion reward reduced - Cash amount reduced from Skilling champion rewards - Buffed points from contracts, added method to limit amount of points received to prevent insane numbers - Reduced chime reward from Skilling champion - The Cost to block Skilling Contracts has been reduced from 300 to 100 - New Skilling shop for Advanced Master with the addition of SHB parts & Fishing supply box: - Multiple Contract changes to Quantity, rewards & Tasks - Hunter contracts have been added [+] New Legendary Pets - All of these pets are $6 each, and will bare some uhhh.. Benefits soon. Piggles --- Tiny Lucien --- Kipple Nano --- Tiny Hazeel --- Sayln the Shark --- Tim --- Crunchy --- Idol Crabletine --- Tiny Kharshai --- Tiny Sliske --- Stringy --- - Blame RSWIKI for the dumb sizes. [+] Bug Fixes - Slayer Dart attack now does damage - Catherby Banking NPCs are now in the correct position - Aggression pots no longer allow you to attack NPCs outside of your Slayer Level - Aggression potions will no longer allow you to make Strykewyrms aggressive - Cooking Raw Karambwanwanwan will no longer give cooked KAramwanjijiji - Silverhawk boots will no longer award experience in different skills - Glacyte minions are now attackable - Fixed shops having a non-functional Sled, PM an admin if you have one that's un-rideable - T90 items disappearing when using MNP or Using them on a bank has been fixed - The Soulsiphoner perk healing 25% despite the Healing nerf to Soulsplit has been fixed, it now heals 7.5% - You are no longer able to get multiple clues from Skilling - Pets will no longer suffer damage from Barrage - Guthan will no longer heal through Protect/Deflect melee - You can no longer create Hydrix rings without a furnace - Elite Waterfiends can now be attacked in Multi Telos Countdown is now: Here Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium Ask the developers questions here!
  18. Oooh nooo the best range gear in the game is hard to get...
  19. Ataraxia Updates #20 - Skilling contract edits - Aura shop & rework - New skilling contract titles - Healing nerfs - Skilling point shop! [+] General Changes - All players can now use ;;max to check their max hit - Decimation spec will now function properly - ;;lms now takes you to the Tortured soul shop if a LMS game is not active - The "Top score" and "Your score" for skilling champion will now appear on your task tab - Ring of life now functions correctly - Glacor Cave is no longer multi-combat - Portable fletcher no longer requires bowstrings - The Lottery winner's bet type will now show on the winning announcement - You can now type ;;b1, ;;b2, ;;b3 etc.. to open your relevant bank containers. - Ironmen can no longer enter the Lottery - Farming timers have been added, "Inspect" your patch to see how long it has left - Imperium Core has now been given better stats than Seismic Singularity (i) [+] Skilling Point Shop - New shop that you can use your skilling points towards for experience, supplies, protean packs, and more! - The skilling backpack (advanced) will provide 10% extra experience while equipped as well as being a quick method of communicating with the advanced skilling master - The skilling tome can be redeemed to give yourself a chance at better rewards on your current contract [+] AFK Island - After being inactive for 25-30 minutes, you be sent to Bob's Island instead of being kicked - Here you will no longer gain Loyalty Points or session bonuses but you will stay logged on - ZachTX suggested we do this to boost our player count, so we have. My main point against this was that you'd see AFK people at home all the time, now they're sent to Bob [+] Skilling Contract Changes - The Skilling Champion will announce the next game immediately after the previous day's competition is completed - Rewards multiplier for Skilling contracts resets at the same time as Skilling champion. The rewards multiplier increases depending on the amount of contracts completed all over Ataraxia and can be viewed in your Task tab. - New rewards for contract streaks over 100 - The Skilling champion now has a custom title "Skilling Champion" that can be used as long as you're the current champion - It will automatically award the title when the Champion logs on and will disappear when the next player is chosen - Skilling Addict title, complete 1000 Skilling contracts to use this title - You will no longer receive contracts outside of your level requirements - Divination, (more) Construction and Thieving contracts added! - The skilling master will now buy back your spare skilling backpacks for points - New Skilling contract master that only gives higher leveled tasks [+] Aura Rework/Loyalty - You will now gain 10x more Loyalty Points for gametime - Aura prices buffed & edited according to power of the Aura - Irrelevant Auras removed from Xuan - Xuan now sells: Combat Auras, Skilling Auras, $50+ Auras and $100+ Auras. - Vampyrism has been nerfed from 15% healing to 5%. - New auras include: Greater, Master, Superior Vampyrism. Greater, Master, Superior, Legendary Wisdom - Greater heals 7.5%, Master 10%, Superior 12.5% for an hour with a 2 hour cooldown - Greater gives 25% bonus experience, Master gives 50%, Superior gives 60% & Legendary gives 75% for 20 Minutes with a 2 day cooldown [+] Bug Fixes - Kiteshields will no longer be bound with 2h weapons in Dungeoneering - Dreadnips have been fixed against Rax, AoD, Gwd1/2 & Kalphite King - Nature rune runecrafting level requirement adjusted to 44 from 45 - Rune 2h now requires 3 bars instead of 1 to smith - Araxxor Pets will now drop the proper item - Master and Trahaern titles are now fixed - All rewards that were unnoted are now properly noted from skilling contracts - Spending Pest Control points with a full inventory will no longer delete the item you buy - Magic notepaper deleting Degraded items should now be fixed - Blood spells now heal 10% compared to 25% of all damage - Pest Control no longer gives Chimes Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele Ask the developers questions here!
  20. Big ol' Poll thread here.. Please answer accordingly, and post below why you chose what you did. Gambling We've polled Gambling a few times, but this is different. I think we've evolved from what we were a few months/years ago. The Staff team and I have had multiple meetings in which we talked about Gambling.. It's been mostly positive responses however, the obvious few issues. I've decided to Poll this again as decided in the latest Staff meeting.. As I feel it'd add a bit more appeal.. It's hard as a 718 revision to appeal to the players of OSRS servers and the live game.. You know and I know we have an awesome server, great donation structure and an amazing Development team. We deserve more, I'm sure every RSPS owner says that.. But I truly feel Ataraxia should be in the Top 10 of every Toplist. People see 718s and instantly ignore it, I think if we have an eye catching feature which people know.. People love.. People hate.. We'd get more people attempting to play. And this would be Dicing/Flower Poker. Dicing Now personally, I'm a huge fan of Dicing. It's exciting, fully chance based and overall probably the best chance you'll get at a full 50/50 chance. Dicing has already been coded by Jordan.. It works like this: Two players approach the NPC at ;;gamble while in the "Dicing" friends chat. They then put up x-amount of Spirit Shards they then roll the dice, highest roll wins. This will obviously expand into Best of 3, 5 etc.. There will never be 1 person hosts 55x2/60x2 as it's unbalanced. If we add dicing I want it to be 100% 50/50. It's completely scam/dupe proof and works perfectly. Flower Poker Flower Poker is fairly self explanatory. The only difference to dicing is that it's not currently coded. I imagine we'll be adding it similar to Dicing how it's automated and scam proof. Flower Poker is extremely fun and enjoyable to watch even if you don't participate.. Such as OMG 10b pot and you slowly watch the Flowers reveal themselves. It'd be fairly easy to add and I'd love it to be added. Flower Poker you'd be able to Gamble items. However, dicing is Cash/Shards only. And we'll tax it. I don't want you to instantly just vote no on it because it's Gambling. The whole reason Gambling is frowned upon is because it makes people quit. But we currently have that anyway. People quit because they're bored. Then they go and box it at the dodgy PoH Ring. Gambling is completely optional, and of course some people can't resist it and will lose their bank and quit. However, I think the traffic we'd receive for considering this on such a high revision server would outweigh those who quit if they lost their banks. We have a fairly forgiving Economy where you can make a lot of money doing one thing.. So i don't think the loss of ones bank would be as much as a hit. Rather than on another server where you buy items for $ and gamble them then lose. -------- Costly Deaths Someone brought this up to me today, and it reminded me that we need to poll it. Right now, Players can PvM without fear of Death (unless you're a HCIM btw). You lose no items and can consistently go back. The biggest loss probably being your Overload/bonfire timers. So I ask you guys the question: What should you lose on Death? So please answer in the Poll above and of course if you have other ideas, post them below. Personally, I think the best option would be valuing armors by their "Tier" and making players Pay coins for that. However, I don't have much idea how the economy is fairing 24/7. So alternatively, deaths remove charges from armours that degrade/break armour that you need to repair at Bob. Answer above. -------- Wilderness Questions So the Wilderness has been disabled since the re-launch. There's been a lot of talk amongst the Staff team with how we implement this.. And there were a few different options. Add Wilderness and Disable powerful/over-powered weapons Add Wilderness and make all weapons do half the damage it normally does in Wild Now then that adds a new question. Should we look into adding more content to the Wilderness in attempt to revamp it. Or is it not worth the time and energy. I feel like as we're a 718, the Wilderness is fairly stagnant however, with additions of content it could be vibrant, but it'd have to be extremely good for that to be the case. People wouldn't risk losing their hard earned items just to go to the Wilderness for lower-tier gear. Please answer all of the Poll questions above and post your responses below. For the Wilderness/Drop questions, the highest votes will pass. Gambling requires 51% Yes' to pass. Normally it'd be 60-70% to pass, but I think this is the best move for Ataraxia, however, if the majority doesn't agree, I don't want to insult you guys, the loyal players. Kind regards, Jaedmo & the Staff Team
  21. The polls are now closed, results: Dicing and Flower Poker 👍 Coins depending on Armour👍 Keep PvP Disabled 👍
  22. Hey guys, despite having a great Issue Tracker that we can use to track and fix issues you guys tell us.. It can get rather out of hand and some little bugs can go under the radar, which is what we don't want. So. This thread is intended to find out what you guys know. Please post below, all of the bugs that are consistently occurring and always annoy you We want to make sure we get the bugs that people see but don't report, or the bugs that are reported but unfixed. So please, post all of the bugs you see all the time yet hasn't been fixed in 5 months. The next week we'll be focusing these kinds of bugs and ensuring all of the Bossing on Ataraxia is at a good stage before releasing Telos. We can't give the Car a new V8 engine, replacing the V6, while the brakes don't even work. Jaedmo
  23. All accepted. Please message me if your activity has changed.