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  1. Big ol' Poll thread here.. Please answer accordingly, and post below why you chose what you did. Gambling We've polled Gambling a few times, but this is different. I think we've evolved from what we were a few months/years ago. The Staff team and I have had multiple meetings in which we talked about Gambling.. It's been mostly positive responses however, the obvious few issues. I've decided to Poll this again as decided in the latest Staff meeting.. As I feel it'd add a bit more appeal.. It's hard as a 718 revision to appeal to the players of OSRS servers and the live game.. You know and I know we have an awesome server, great donation structure and an amazing Development team. We deserve more, I'm sure every RSPS owner says that.. But I truly feel Ataraxia should be in the Top 10 of every Toplist. People see 718s and instantly ignore it, I think if we have an eye catching feature which people know.. People love.. People hate.. We'd get more people attempting to play. And this would be Dicing/Flower Poker. Dicing Now personally, I'm a huge fan of Dicing. It's exciting, fully chance based and overall probably the best chance you'll get at a full 50/50 chance. Dicing has already been coded by Jordan.. It works like this: Two players approach the NPC at ;;gamble while in the "Dicing" friends chat. They then put up x-amount of Spirit Shards they then roll the dice, highest roll wins. This will obviously expand into Best of 3, 5 etc.. There will never be 1 person hosts 55x2/60x2 as it's unbalanced. If we add dicing I want it to be 100% 50/50. It's completely scam/dupe proof and works perfectly. Flower Poker Flower Poker is fairly self explanatory. The only difference to dicing is that it's not currently coded. I imagine we'll be adding it similar to Dicing how it's automated and scam proof. Flower Poker is extremely fun and enjoyable to watch even if you don't participate.. Such as OMG 10b pot and you slowly watch the Flowers reveal themselves. It'd be fairly easy to add and I'd love it to be added. Flower Poker you'd be able to Gamble items. However, dicing is Cash/Shards only. And we'll tax it. I don't want you to instantly just vote no on it because it's Gambling. The whole reason Gambling is frowned upon is because it makes people quit. But we currently have that anyway. People quit because they're bored. Then they go and box it at the dodgy PoH Ring. Gambling is completely optional, and of course some people can't resist it and will lose their bank and quit. However, I think the traffic we'd receive for considering this on such a high revision server would outweigh those who quit if they lost their banks. We have a fairly forgiving Economy where you can make a lot of money doing one thing.. So i don't think the loss of ones bank would be as much as a hit. Rather than on another server where you buy items for $ and gamble them then lose. -------- Costly Deaths Someone brought this up to me today, and it reminded me that we need to poll it. Right now, Players can PvM without fear of Death (unless you're a HCIM btw). You lose no items and can consistently go back. The biggest loss probably being your Overload/bonfire timers. So I ask you guys the question: What should you lose on Death? So please answer in the Poll above and of course if you have other ideas, post them below. Personally, I think the best option would be valuing armors by their "Tier" and making players Pay coins for that. However, I don't have much idea how the economy is fairing 24/7. So alternatively, deaths remove charges from armours that degrade/break armour that you need to repair at Bob. Answer above. -------- Wilderness Questions So the Wilderness has been disabled since the re-launch. There's been a lot of talk amongst the Staff team with how we implement this.. And there were a few different options. Add Wilderness and Disable powerful/over-powered weapons Add Wilderness and make all weapons do half the damage it normally does in Wild Now then that adds a new question. Should we look into adding more content to the Wilderness in attempt to revamp it. Or is it not worth the time and energy. I feel like as we're a 718, the Wilderness is fairly stagnant however, with additions of content it could be vibrant, but it'd have to be extremely good for that to be the case. People wouldn't risk losing their hard earned items just to go to the Wilderness for lower-tier gear. Please answer all of the Poll questions above and post your responses below. For the Wilderness/Drop questions, the highest votes will pass. Gambling requires 51% Yes' to pass. Normally it'd be 60-70% to pass, but I think this is the best move for Ataraxia, however, if the majority doesn't agree, I don't want to insult you guys, the loyal players. Kind regards, Jaedmo & the Staff Team
  2. All accepted. Please message me if your activity has changed.
  3. Arham_4 wins Developer of the Month! Congratulations! You're definitely a person Ataraxia values and needs to go forward. Your motivation and consistency is incredible and I love having you around as does everyone. Jaedmo
  4. Completely forgot. My bad, will edit the thread.
  5. Ataraxia Updates #19 - Skilling Champion - Fixed the Lag issue - Ataraxia Dollars - Uzi's Perk Shop - LMS Fixes!!! [+] General Changes - QBD has been made easier and less time consuming, and its dragon bones drop has been buffed - The flour bin has been removed from home. Ironmen can now get flour by talking to the "Flower girl" at the lumbridge mill. You can get there quickly by using ;;lumbridgemill - "The bonfire is keeping you warm." Message spam when bonfiring now gone - The Ectoplasmator will now drop from K'ril tsutsaroth, Tormented demons, Chaos elemental, Abyssal demons, Greater demons, Kalgerion demons, Aberrant spectres, and Banshees - Verac will now hit through melee prayers - Smithing debug message has been removed - The Sophanem creature kill count message is now filtered - Red topaz can now be obtained from gem rock mining - Gem rock mining has received a major buff - The Falconry and Feldip hills teleports now take you to the correct locations - The Prayer teleport now works - Craft <x> rune contracts will now complete by runes crafted - Smith <x> arrowheads contracts will now complete by arrowheads smithed - String <x> oak shieldbow contracts are now properly tracked - Herblore contracts have been expanded to include the creation of complete potions - Rocktails have been added to fishing and cooking contracts - Runecrafting XP receieved from contracts has been buffed - Double fish perk is now counted towards completion - Contracts will no longer be given that require you to complete something higher than your level - The points to give you 50% contracts has been increase to 250 from 100. - Experience in LMS is now locked, you will no longer gain experience while attacking players - Reflection prayers will no longer work in LMS - Fishing Colony now has fishing spots, a bank and a Teleport - Hill giant attack has been nerfed - Pyromaniac health boost has been lowered from 50% bonus to 25% - Great White Shark fishing & cooking experience has been boosted - Gregorovic will now drop 8-11 Uncut Dragonstones rather than 1 - Dreadnips are now cheaper, but require 200 KC to buy - Superior items are now tradeable - Player of the Month now has a title and an icon in-game, enable it through ;;settings > Appearance - Coal is now used from the Coal bag automatically - Ironmen can now get karambwan vessels from Bob. [+] Squeal of Fortune Changes - The new Rotation for Squeal of Fortune is the Divination Outfit. This means the following Animations are also in the Squeal of Fortune - Agile Divination, Powerful Divination, Powerful Conversion & Agile Conversion - Read up on the outfit here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Elder_divination_outfit [+] Uzi's Perk Shop - You can now find Uzi's Perk Shop at ;;home, Member's Zone & Platinum Member's Zone. - When going to dialogue you'll be offered a choice between the: Combat, Skilling, Utility, Perk Package & Squeal of Fortune shop. - This is basically our Store in the game. You can now buy "Ataraxia Dollars" from the store which transfer as $1 in-game. - This tradeable currency should make it easier to transfer Donations as you can now also use them to buy the Perks/Spins. - Hopefully this system makes all Donation trading easier. [+] Skilling Champion - The Skilling Champion is awarded every 24 hours! It will display how long until the next champion is picked and the current champion. As you can see here: - You can be the Skilling Champion by completing the most Skilling contracts in the 24 hours. - The rewards vary.. From 1000 Green dragon-leather.. To 10 Uncut Onyxes.. or even 1000 Elder logs. Become the Skilling Champion and reap the rewards! [+] Diango Rotation - Some cool items in the rotation this month: [+] Bug Fixes - Can no longer equip Balmung without 75 Attack - The Lag issue is fixed! It came down to one small addition to try and fix a different null, small mistake, big issue. All fixed and we're so very grateful that you stuck with us despite the issues. - Fixed people being able to sell Mystery Boxes back to specific stores.. You know who you are. We're aware the Update isn't huge and there were a lot of delays with it. With the lag issue key in our minds & irl responsibilities taking over, the past 1-2 weeks of Development have been slow. With Lare taking a few days off (extremely deserved) and myself working an annoying amount & having some family responsibilities. As well as Arham being the genius wonder child he is being extremely busy with Schooling.. It's been a rough week/two. The next few weeks should bring much better and juicier updates. And thankfully, the lag issue is fixed. Thanks for sticking with us, and over the next few weeks, we'll show you why you made the right decision. Thanks, Jaedmo Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele Ask the developers questions here!
  6. Developer of the Month - February 2019 This Title is given to the Developer who has performed the best for the Month. This includes: Content Updates, Community Interaction, Beta testing, The Developer who wins will have this icon for the Month: Developer of the Month The Developer will also receive a Golden Discord title for the Month. And obviously, $50 PayPal bonus. Players, Staff and Myself will Vote on a Poll. Arham's Month - Majority of the Telos testing and modifications - LMS Edits, adding new modes, fixing bugs & smuggles - Multiple smuggle fixes in Dungeoneering and LMS - Discord rich presence Xenthium's Month - Xenthium has been working on a few handy tools for Staff. - Some media: Right click option main menu Assist Menu Punish menu Other options menu Session info dialogue - He also added dialogue to Kick/jail/ban/mute rather than typing the command to kick Display names/login names without worrying which. Lare's Month - Skilling expansion, Skilling contract system - Various pest control changes - Lottery changes - Skilling teleport rework (with help from E36) - Skilling Champion (to come) - Skilling backpack changes Jordan's Month - Araxxor pet reward - Giant Mole Pet reward - Boss Timers - Make soul siphoner heal 25% more instead of doing 25% more damage. - Dungeoneering improvements It shouldn't dictate your decision completely as interaction is definitely something you should consider. Regards, Jaedmo
  7. Player of the Month - February 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Voting has been done during the Staff meeting and the Player of the Month is: @Nemesis Your positivity and activity in game hasn't gone un-noticed. You're always a pleasure when online. I doubt anybody has a bad word to say about you and while your Forums activity isn't amazing. Your in-game and Discord efforts are amazing and I look forward to having you in the community further. Regards, Jaedmo
  8. @Snowie& @Arachnid share Staff of the Month for February 2019. An excellent month from both of the Mods and they are extremely valued on our team. The consistency both showed throughout the entire month was insane. Can always rely on them both and look forward to the future working with them. Jaedmo
  9. Jaedmo


    We are working on this. Range/Mage t95 prayers are currently included in Turmoil. But we're working on adding the proper interface to have all of the displays of them as well as the t99 prayers.
  10. Hey guys, despite having a great Issue Tracker that we can use to track and fix issues you guys tell us.. It can get rather out of hand and some little bugs can go under the radar, which is what we don't want. So. This thread is intended to find out what you guys know. Please post below, all of the bugs that are consistently occurring and always annoy you We want to make sure we get the bugs that people see but don't report, or the bugs that are reported but unfixed. So please, post all of the bugs you see all the time yet hasn't been fixed in 5 months. The next week we'll be focusing these kinds of bugs and ensuring all of the Bossing on Ataraxia is at a good stage before releasing Telos. We can't give the Car a new V8 engine, replacing the V6, while the brakes don't even work. Jaedmo
  11. Staff Feedback - February I want you guys to rip apart my Staff team. And having it anonymous will help towards you guys being more honest.. Don't get me wrong, don't force it, if they're doing awesome, say it. Uzi and I will be reading the responses. So if you're scared of us just give us really nice feedback and then rip apart the rest of the staff. Fill it out here: https://goo.gl/forms/MmdMAMcwNG19taWl2 What's in it for you?: A random 3 people who complete the feedback will receive: - $15 Store credit - 3 Deathtouched Darts - 10 Mystery boxes ... Each Kind regards, Jaedmo & Uzi
  12. The winners of the giveaway are: @Exoz @D E F & @Anytime Please contact an Admin+ to collect your prizes. Congratulations.
  13. Staff of the Month - February 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Regards, Jaedmo
  14. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about your applications. We currently have an apt amount of testers at the moment, but will refer to you all first should we require more.
  15. Yup, will add this this week. Moved to Server Suggestions