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  1. Okay, so - We're working on updating some of the shops. I'm currently digging through item databases and lists compiling possible options, and would like some help from the community. The items I'm working on would be "Reward shop" items. So think Trivia shop, vote shop, etc - Not items that will be purchased with gold. With the upcoming 907 cache we'll have access to tons more items, with that in mind - What are your favorite items from RS3? Items that we don't already have access to in game. Things you would like to see available in some way or other, outfits you would like to see, etc. Post some suggestions here for items you would like to have considered. I'm in no way saying that they'll actually make my list, but by suggesting them they at least give me some ideas to work with. Prefer cosmetics, or items with some moderate use that we can not already obtain. Try to avoid over-the-top items, as we're not trying to add new Best-in-slot things. If suggesting usable combat equipment, please keep it BELOW T85 gear. I'm not trying to make shops the best place to get gear, I'm simply trying to get some community opinion on what items you guys would like to see brought into the game. Sooo... Yeah, that's really about it - Leave some suggestions below on what you would like to see added, and I'll keep them in mind while working on my finished list. The more items you guys suggest, the more ideas I have to work with. 🙂