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  1. I think maybe adding the option for general comments would be nice. There was things I wanted to say in general that weren't directed towards a specific staff member.
  2. bump as this clan is now active again.
  3. Hey man, welcome to the server. If you have any skilling related questions feel free to PM me in game my name is Space.
  4. Dave

    Selling $20

    Selling $20 it can be in any increments or less than $20 I am flexible. I am interested in mostly GP however I may take items depending on what they are. The rate is $1/60m although maybe you can talk me out of it if your offer is decent. Can message me here or PM me in-game on Space.
  5. Decided to change this to my Hardcore Iron and a Legendary account. The username is still Woodcutting.
  6. I haven't seen a guide posted for this yet and I figured this would be good for newcomers to the game as there is quite a few different modes offered on Ataraxia and they all have different exp rates and drop rates. If you feel anything is left out please feel free to message me in-game my account name is Space. If this is in the incorrect section feel free to move it. I thought this was the most appropriate section for this type of thread. I myself looked at the knowledge base section shortly after starting for general information about the server and I thought something like this was missing. First I should start by defining a few terms. The exp rate % basically means how it compares to runescape. So for example on the Intermediate mode the exp rate is 50% better than Runescape. Along with that, the drop rate is 5% better than if you were playing on an account with a 0% drop rate like novice. I am unsure if the drop rate applies to chests (barrows, defender rng, and rots) or if that only applies to drops that are normally picked up from the floor. I will try to get some confirmation on this and update the thread. As an added bonus for choosing a harder game mode, if you choose the Legendary, Ironman, or Hardcore Ironman game modes you will get access to a non tradeable weapon called the Widows Wail. The Widows Wail is a weapon that is effective and is comparable to the stats of a mithril/adamant scimitar but slightly buffed. Regular Game Modes Novice: Novice is the easiest game mode offered on Ataraxia. Novice has a 100% exp rate as compared to runescape and offers a 0% drop boost. There is no trade restrictions associated with Novice accounts and they have access to all shops. Intermediate: Intermediate offers a 50% exp rate and is the second easiest mode on Ataraxia and offers a 5% drop boost. Similar to Novice there is no trade restrictions associated with the Intermediate accounts and they have access to all shops. Expert: Expert is one of the more difficult regular game modes you can choose. Expert boasts a 25% exp rate and is the third hardest game mode offered on Ataraxia. Along with that Expert has a 10% drop boost. Similar to the above game modes, Expert does not have any trade restrictions and they have access to all shops. Legendary: Legendary is the hardest regular game mode offered on Ataraxia. Legendary boasts an impressive 5% exp rate and a 15% drop boost. As an added bonus for choosing the Legendary game mode, you get access to an exclusive weapon that is only available to the Legendary game mode, Ironman game mode, and the Hardcore Ironman game mode. Like the above game modes Legendary has no trade restrictions and has access to all of the shops. Ironman Modes So the nice thing about Ataraxia is they have a few different Ironman modes to choose from. Each mode is similar to the rates offered by the regular game modes with restriction on some trade. Ironman accounts are allowed to use most shops around home and at ;;market but they are not allowed to use the Grand Exchange and they are also not allowed to trade. All of the Ironman modes offer the exclusive Widows Wail (please correct me if I am wrong, I have not tested the individual ironman modes). Ironman is not affected by the well or dxp weekends and the only benefits we get in the terms of increased exp is the voting books. The nice thing about these modes being offered like this is if you are interested in the Ironman mode but don't want a wicked hard exp rate this is an idea. Novice Ironman: The novice ironman mode offers a 100% exp rate similar to the novice regular mode. This option has a 0% drop boost and is the easiest ironman mode due to the high xp rate. Intermediate Ironman: The intermediate ironman mode offers a 50% exp rate similar to the intermediate regular mode. This option offers a 5% drop boost and is the third hardest ironman mode offered. Expert Ironman: The expert ironman mode offers a 25% exp rate similar to the expert regular mode offered on Ataraxia. This option offers a 10% drop boost and is the second hardest ironman mode offered. Legendary Ironman: The legendary ironman mode offered on Ataraxia is the most difficult ironman mode that is offered. This option boasts a 5% exp rate similar to that of the Legendary regular mode. This mode also offers a 15% drop boost and access to the widows wail as stated above. Hardcore Ironman Mode Hardcore Ironman: The hardcore ironman mode is in my opinion the most difficult mode offered on Ataraxia. This mode offers a whopping 5% exp and a 20% drop boost which is the highest drop boost offered on any game mode on Ataraxia. The hardcore ironman mode also offers the Widows Wail which is a weapon that is effective and is comparable to the stats of a mithril/adamant scimitar but slightly buffed. The hardcore ironman mode restricts all shops besides a few, you are unable to trade with other players, and you are also unable to use the Grand Exchange. Hardcore Ironman is not affected by the well or dxp weekends and the only benefits we get in the terms of increased exp is the voting books. For more information on the Hardcore Ironman mode reference this guide I have written with tips and tricks to the Hardcore Ironman mode. Tips and tricks for a successful hardcore ironman King of the Skill King of the Skill: King of the Skill is a new game mode offered on Ataraxia. This game mode offers a 50% xp rate and a 0% drop boost. This mode works similar to the iron man modes in the sense that you cannot trade, use the Grand Exchange, and your account is unaffected by the well and any other bonus xp. The kicker to this account is you only have 24 hours to get as many levels as possible before the account is locked and you will no longer have access to the account. The incentive for this game mode is the winner each week will be recognized on the discord server and the forums with a special user group and they will be rewarded with in-store credit on an account of their choosing.
  7. Woodcutting is an important skill because the logs you collect will be used to Fletching and Firemaking. I will add pictures to this guide soon and this guide is a work in progress so I will slowly be completing it over the next few days. I will go over the most practical method to approach Woodcutting if your intention is to eventually max your account. On a side note, I will also include other way to level for those that decide to chose that path. The woodcutting perk is an option if you choose to purchase it. I did not purchase the perk because I found the benefits of the perk weren't really super beneficial to me. I would invest in the fletching perk instead as that will save you SO MUCH TIME. It will be important that you get the Dragon Hatchet as this will help you cut logs faster in the future when you get to those higher tiered trees. To get the dragon hatchet you will either need to kill DKS or get it from the crystal key box which would be the better choice and is less risky. If you wanted to take this a step further I would suggest you crystalize the hatchet if you have access to Prif. If you are unable to get the Dragon or Crystal Hatchet another option is the Inferno Adze which we will talk about when we discuss Firemaking because when start firemaking you will need to do more woodcutting to collect the logs. If you have the ability to get the minimum donor rank and get access to the Memberzone the Dramen tree will be your best friend. The dramen tree when chopped will give you all of the logs talked about in this guide which is really helpful for being able to maximize your time. Woodcutting: The fastest method for Woodcutting isin't really all that practical if you plan to also do Firemaking and Fletching because you will gain little to no logs and will need to spend further time gaining the logs to complete Firemaking and Fletching which will cost you a ton of time. With the fastest method in mind this would require you to drop the logs which would not be optimal if your plan is to max. 1-15: For levels 1-15 I would do normal logs South of Seers Village. The area has quite a few trees and there is a grouping of three that would be a great place to start. 15-30: For levels 15-30 I would highly suggest Oak trees. There is a plethora of Oak trees near the bank south of Seers Village. 30-45: for levels 30-45 I would suggest Willow trees in Draynor Village. There is a bank nearby if you wanted to bank them for use later. 35+: On the off chance you are just doing woodcutting and have no plan to do Fletching or Firemaking Teak Trees would be a decent option. The Jungle teleport under the woodcutting section will teleport you to the enclosure where there is teak trees. If you are planning on doing teaks it would be impractical to bank them and you will most likely be power chopping these. Power chopping is where you chop and then you drop allowing you to stay in the same area and maximize your gains. I would really suggest you stray away from this unless if for some reason you are just looking to maximize your gains. 45-60: Once you reach level 45 Maples become a good option. These logs should be banked as you will need these for when you start fletching and firemaking. 50+: If you are looking into the future Mahogany logs may be a good choice. These logs can only be found at the Jungle teleport under woodcutting and will play a pivotal role in Construction as you will need to make your own planks and to do that you will need to have the logs. 60-75: At level 60 you are able to chop yews. Yews can be found in the graveyard outside the church south of the bank in Seers Village. 66+: If you are only concerned about maximizing your gains for Woodcutting Ivy becomes an option at 66 woodcutting. Keep in mind that Ivy provides no logs so this is purely just for Woodcutting XP. The spot I would choose is in Varrock. There is a million other spots that you can choose to chop. 75-90: Magic trees are further south than the yews in the graveyard south of Seers Village. It becomes important that you have a good hatchet once you start to chop Magics because they are slow and will take awhile to get a full inventory. Using the best hatchet you can will ensure you are collecting at the best rate possible. 90-99: Elder trees are the best trees available in Ataraxia. It is really important you have the crystal hatchet for these as they are very slow to collect so having the best hatchet available to you will be helpful. They are spread around 10 different location. Elder trees can be found in... - The tree gnome stronghold, North of Falador, Near the magic trees in Lletya, North of the Legends guild, South of yanille, South of varrock, West of remington, near edgeville, North of wizards tower, and near the piscatoris hunter area. I am not sure if all of these trees work but figured I would list them here regardless. I had about 17k actions for 99 woodcutting. I have heard of people having less but my 17k includes a lot of woodcutting dailies so maybe that's why mine is quite a bit higher. The other individual I talked to also had the Woocdutting perk and I do not have that perk.
  8. I think this idea is really neat, but if I attend 3 of those events I can get enough points for a 1m xp lamp? That means like 24ish of those events and I can have a 99? How will this affect ironmen? Spending 1.5 hours for 1m xp seems like a lot. How does this scale to the xp rates? Is the 1m lamp for Novice only at the 100% rate so for the ironman rate it would be 5% of the 1m XP?
  9. I figured I would make this guide as a starting point for the HCI community to come and get some tricks and pointers for how I approached my HCI. Hopefully after reading this more people will give the HCI mode a try or utilize some of these tips to further advance their HCI as the gamemode is rather difficult. We are only given one life meaning any death that is outside of pest control, dungeoneering, and dominion tower is not safe and you will lose your hardcore iron status. If you think I have forgot anything or think something should be added please let me know. I can be reached in-game on Space. I figured I would start off with a basic overview of the gamemode and go from there, so without further adieu.... The basics: The HCI gamemode boasts a whopping 5% xp rate which make it the hardest gamemode Ataraxia has to offer. As HCI we are not allowed to utilize most shops with exceptions to... - The shopkeeper which stores some teleport tabs and other generic items for starting out. - The vote store - The trivia point store - The skillcape store - Nurmof which is the Bronze Donor shop. Nurmof sells a few nice items like mystery boxes for 20m each, high tier herblore supplies, potions, and divine locations. - Slayer reward store - Runespan reward shop - The rare item shop which has mostly cosmetics - Bobs skilling store which is a great hub to get some of your basic skilling items. - And finally Xuan the aura shop. The HCI mode also has a nice 20% drop boost which in theory gives us a better chance at receiving drops from NPCs but be careful as if we die then your account will revert to a plain Ironman. The server hosts double xp weekends every weekend unfortunately as Hardcore Irons we do not benefit from this. Voting: Voting is important not only because it supports the server but it also gives you a few added bonuses which make the HCI gamemode easier. Voting gives you 5 points per 12 hours along with 2m GP per vote and the chance at a few different items ranging from mystery boxes, SOF spins, deathtouched darts, and a chance of a trial 7 day membership at the bronze level. Vote books are also pretty helpful. Vote books are received every 100 votes. So for 100 server votes everyone receives 1 vote book. And for every 200 votes everyone online receives 2 vote books and so on. The books give you a few different options. You can either claim the book for a combination of xp and money, just xp, or just money. I usually just choose the 30% boost as that is most valuable to me. Early on I would suggest using your vote points for crystal keys. You can get 1 crystal key per 1 vote point. The crystal key chest provides a lot of skilling items, armour, runes, and the dragon hatchet and pickaxe which is really nice for those of us who aren’t really into PvM or haven’t had the opportunity to train their character to be able to acquire those items. Mystery Boxes: Mystery boxes are also good for providing Armour. I have gotten quite a few barrows pieces from those boxes along with other assorted items like a whip. This allows you to get some items early on in your career as a HCI so when you start combat you don't have to do much farming for gear as you should have a fair supply. I delayed combat for a long time so I had a large stock pile of items prior to when I started combat which really helped and saved me time from having to farm the supplies. If you are a bronze donor you can buy a mystery box for 20m per box. I did this for awhile but I would save your GP as you will need it for other things down the road. Trivia: Trivia questions are a nice way to get some good weapons once you start advancing your character. You get 1 point per correctly answered trivia question and a varying amount of GP depending how fast you answer the question. As far as the trivia shop goes most of the items are cosmetic however, I would suggest you get the crystal bow as that is going to be one of the best bows you will have for a long time on your journey as a HCI. There is some mage armour in there was well but I wouldn’t suggest getting that unless if you see a need for it. The staff of light is another good idea as well. The rest of the items are mostly cosmetics and are up to you about what you want to get. Random Skilling NPC's: While skilling you may have noticed those skilling NPC’s popping up. Those are randomly generated NPC’s that show up while you are skilling. Clicking them will give you a different amount of GP and it is usually random. I have gotten nothing above 300k and nothing less than 1k gp. At every 1000 actions in a certain skill they also will give you a piece of the skilling outfit. (Thank Moo for this idea, I didn't even think about this) Dailies: Every 24 hour period you are given 3 dailies to do. Those dailies are important because along with 1.5m GP each completed daily you have the chance at getting a huge xp lamp that can be used on any skill which is really helpful from advancing your lower leveled skills. Each lamp gives about 27.5k xp which will advance you from level 1 to level 37 instantly. Along with that you get VIS Wax which can be used as fast teleports or to change a daily if you do not like your daily. The dailies can range anywhere from mining, woodcutting, smithing, firemaking, fishing, or thieving. Donations: I know this is a odd topic to throw into a guide for HCI but I feel like this is something that should be touched on because it will make your experience as a HCI significantly easier. Not everyone has the ability to donate and that is okay, but for those that do I wanted to touch on a few perks I found EXTREMELY helpful and the member zone itself as it has a lot of skilling methods that will make it very easy to train certain skills. As far as perks go if you are only investing in the bronze rank for the member zone it is hard for me to pick just one but instead I will list the ones that I have purchased and my reasoning for it. - Sleight of Hand: This was one of the first perks that I bought because at the time I was a level 3 HCI and I found it tedious to have to continue to eat while thieving because the stalls damage you for minimal HP each time you have a successful thieve. - Herbivore: This was a recent acquisition of mine. I purchased this to hopefully make Herblore a little easier as collecting the herbs/supplies for this will be one of the tougher skills along with farming and construction. - Master Fisherman: Although this allows you to potentially double a caught fish that is not the reason I got this perk. Along with Sleight of Hand I was level 3 at the time and collecting the living minerals would prove difficult. This perk eliminates the need to have the applicable bait to fish. - Key Expert: This perk should be obvious. I purchased this to double my opportunity at getting something from the crystal chest in hopes of getting my dragon hatchet and pickaxe sooner rather than later. - Perslaysion: This is probably one of the most important perks you could get on your HCI. This perk allows you to cancel slayer tasks for free which saves you points and will save you from potentially fighting a NPC that has the chance to kill you. - Elf's Friend: I purchsed this perk to get access to Prif so I could use the harps for free crafting XP and the ability to make the crystal hatchet and pickaxe. Seren stones are also here and there is a prayer training method that are both useful. - Convincing Cook: I purchased this perk so I wouldn't have to worry about burning fish. - Dedicated Divination: I purchased this perk kind of on a whim. I'm not all that impressed with the bonuses that it offers but I have already achieved 99 Divination on my Ironman account and this is a very slow 99. This perk provides a 25% XP boost and it is still slow. - Master Fledger: This perk proves to be extremely useful. This perk removes the need to have bow string to string bows which will save any HCI a TON of time and effort from picking flax and stringing the flax into bow string. - Alchemic Smithing: This perk was useful because it removed the need for Coal while smelting. The member zone itself has quite a few nice features that make it worth getting even if that's all you invest in. - Dramen Tree: The dramen tree is a tree that when you chop it has the chance to give any type of log that you can chop on Ataraxia. This is beneficial because it also gives you mahogany logs which you will need to convert into planks for Construction as we cannot use the construction shop. The variety of logs is also nice because it allows you to build up quite a collection so when you are ready to start Fletching and Firemaking you already have a variety of logs at your disposal. - Blurite Rock: The blurite rock is a stone that you mine. The rock gives you every type of ore that is currently mine able in Ataraxia. The benefit of this is similar to the Dramen tree because it gives you a variety of ore to use for Smithing. - Gem Stall: Besides giving a variety of uncut and cut gems, the gem stall also yields one of the best thieving xp in the game along with the chance at receiving an uncut onyx from the stall. This is nice because once you have the crafting and magic level you could make yourself an amulet of fury which is a good amulet that is relatively easy to get. -Fishing spots: The members zone also offers two fishing spots. The fishing spots are cavefish and rocktail and with a convenient range right next to it this also allows for good cooking abilities. I will continue to update this guide as time goes on to include more tips and tricks and I will be making skilling guides specifically for the hardcore ironman gamemode. As always, let me know if you have any advice or things that you would like to see added and I will add them!
  10. Thanks a lot Moo! That's a pretty fair comment. Like I stated in the Other Notes section I started playing the Server a few days after it re-opened but took a small break around the end of December for some personal issues. I have only been back about a week or two and it seems a lot of the old faces are gone and most of the people actively playing are new to me.
  11. Is there any specific reasons other than "Nope". Or is this just because your application got denied?
  12. In-Game Name: Space but I also play on Woodcutting. Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern United States (GMT-5). Why do you want to be support?: I am interested in the support position because I feel like I could be a benefit to the server in the position. I believe the support role on a server is important to welcome new members and be the initial point of contact for members of the community for issues or questions regarding the server. Supports are able to handle most of the questions and issues and provide assistance to the rest of the staff on Ataraxia. I hope to be that person people feel comfortable going to and having a conversation with about anything and knowing that their question or issue will receive the care and consideration that it deserves because everything is important no matter the content. What experience do you have?: I have been playing RSPS on and off since about 2011. I started in the RSPS scene developing a RSPS with my brother. We used a 317 base and typically the server loaded nothing higher than a 562. Besides that I have been moderators on a few different servers over the years but over the past two years I have really just been a player not having desired any staff roles. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I believe that everyone has something of value to bring to the table so it’s hard for me to tell you what makes me better than someone else. What I bring to the table is a drive to make the community better as a whole. Whether that be through providing support and insight to players in-game or through the discord. Also because of my shift work I have the ability to cover different hours of the day depending on my shifts which allows for more staff coverage at the times where there may be less people on. Like I said above when I am on days I play between the hours of 0700-1900 EST and when i am on nights I play between the hours of 1900-0700 EST. On my days off I play a combination of days, evenings, and late nights it just depends. I know I am not the most boisterous player and I am rather reserved with my communications but because I am reserved I am not quick to lose my temper in times where that may be tested. On the downside, I do not have a lot of experience with the end game content offered on Ataraxia because I have not really invested much time into the PvM aspect of the game. I am traditionally more of a skiller than a PvMer so I lack in ability to assist people with end game content on Ataraxia. I do however have a maxed main on RS3 and much of the content is similar so I could try my best. I also really only utilize my hci account which is great for providing support to the Iron community but methods that we utilize to gain xp may be different than methods normal players use which I may not have much experience with but then again I do play rs3 and methods are similar. I am a quiet and reserved player so I may not be as well known on the server which I hope is not a huge issue. How much free time do you have?: My free time while I am on my rotation is between the hours of 0700-1900 on my day shifts and 1900-0700 on my night shifts. When I am on my days off my free time varies but it could be anywhere from days, evenings, or nights. Other notes: I did just recently come back from a rather large break from the game. I officially started playing in September of 2018 a few days after the server reopened and I played until around mid December. I came back about 2 weeks ago now and I was gone for personal reasons. I also have an interest in assisting people with game related issues or support tickets if that is something you guys need assistance with. Thank you for the consideration for the Server Support rank on Ataraxia and good luck to all of the other applicants!
  13. Each item is associated with a number. So for example lets say the number for the Primal platebody is 34563. There is only one primal platebody number in the whole server and that specific item has stats. So if you were to take the primal platebody (34563) and add it to the shop for 1 token essentially you are just adding the same platebody with the same stats on the gear seen in dungeoneering. If that makes sense? So to add it as cosmetic only (with no stats) they would need to duplicate the item and just erase all of the stats go with it and instead of the number for a primal plate just being 34563 it would be 34564. It's been a super long time since i've developed or really looked at any rsps files so there could be a way around this Jaedmo and the developers here have more experience than I do with the newer revisions as I really just worked on 317s loading nothing higher than a 562. Maybe they could do something like if 34563 is keepsaked it cannot be reclaimed?
  14. I don't think it is possible to have two sets of the same armor with different stats. I'm also not sure if a cosmetic set of primal gear is an item in this cache and if it is not then it would need to be a custom item which would have its own specific item code just to get a cosmetic set of gear. As keepsake keys can not be taken into dungeoneering and primal gear cannot be taken out I don't think this is currently an option unless if keepsake keys are allowed into dungeoneering. The only problem I see with keepsake keys is if you can recover the item you keepsaked at the cost of the keepsake key that could possibly introduce dungeoneering only items into the economy as either items people use for pvm or to trade which would cause a problem. Regardless, if keepsake keys make this possible I would be fine with that but I do not want to see custom items introduced into the game. This is just something that would need to be tested to make sure that those items aren't introduced into the economy.
  15. Since I stopped playing for awhile but am now back figured i'd keep going with this thread. I have also added a novice account that I will be playing alongside my HCI.