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  1. Great guide Loure, small tips on improvement from me; -red text gets hard/annoying to read, consider switching out for another color -maybe separate each boss with their own text color?
  2. Smart, eventually episodes will take a lot longer to gather the clips for. good looking out
  3. Items in the chime should wont hold their value forever, especially if this is the only way t90 armour would leave the game. I guess one way to counter it, is it add new items to the chime shop every now and then. Gonna stay neutral.
  4. We did not have the chime shop back in the day, so that's true. Still tho, unsure how it'd effect the economy. There would be no scales/energies leaving the game, so eventually they'd be worthless when everyone has their t90. Pros and cons anyway, id say im pretty neutral on Omicharger.
  5. Charge Befriender used to make t90 undegradeable. There's a reason it doesnt do that anymore. Don't think it would be a very good idea to reimplement that, even at a 100% price increase.
  6. Great perks to be honest. Well done
  7. Perk Name: Builderman349Perk Benefits: Lets you do construction with noted planks, also increases construction experience by 25%. 10% chance to not use any planks.Perk Price: $7Would you buy it?: Yes Perk Name: Rune DoublerPerk Benefits: Doubles the amount of runes you get when runecrafting runes, also works within Runespan.Perk Price: $3Would you buy it?: Yes
  8. Fully updated 16/11/2018 -first ironman with a t90 shield :pog:
  9. Support to all of these, sure is annoying to die mid-teleport.
  10. Reward participation, not just wins, this would make it a viable minigame for the lower levels aswell, not just the maxed combat people. - When you kill someone it drops their food
  11. great updates, thank you to everyone who constantly puts in hours to give us new content