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  1. Loure's submission was chosen as the winner of this thread. Sorry to meisei, was a good effort but in the end I think I liked Loure's a bit better. I will give you a runner up reward tho for your effort. Thank you both
  2. Thanks fellas, love you guys will continue to work even harder in the months to come especially with 907 and group ironman up n coming!
  3. LOURE'S submission https://i.gyazo.com/cd73f930d5afdecf8c9a64f024b80189.png
  4. Hey Everyone, to anyone interested, Im looking for someone that is keen with photoshop to make me a profile picture for my forums account as well as discord account. Something with my name imagine dat in it, similar but different from Will's profile pic on discord. Make it cool and interesting, and drop your results in the comments below, winner gets a divine spirit shield from yours truly. Goodluck. (By the way, PINK theme pls <3)
  5. Just now seeing this, but nice guide bro. Will be helpful for people not accustomed to this boss. Well done!
  6. Nice guide bro, will be helpful for players new to telos.
  7. I'm surprised I was promoted to be honest, however I'll take on the role with pride and will make y'all proud 😄 Glad that I could help during the issues the other day. Side note: Penguins have flippers and wings
  8. raxx is back AND overloaded perk! nice update per usual!
  9. In-Game Name: Imagine Dat Timezone: GMT-5 (CENTRAL US) Availibility: 10am-12pm my time, or 12am-3am my time on weekdays. Weekends, anytime
  10. congrats to benny on his well deserved promotion 😄 nice choice guys!
  11. nice update, love the drop catcher feature. Also, Im glad that SoF got some reworking done to it, nice work.
  12. I vouch 110%, benny would be the best option to fill the next slot for support. Goodluck