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  1. In-Game Name: Perfect Age: 22 Timezone: US Central (CT -6)Why do you want to be Support?: I like to challenge myself and genuinely enjoying helping people so I feel like it would be a great opportunity to push myself and keep learning new things in the process! What experience do you have?: None in the aspect of being staff on servers. I've been an assistant manager and manager in real life jobs though so I know what it takes to be apart of a staff team. I also made my very first Runescape account in 2007 and have continued to play over the years sticking to RS3 so I know quite a bit about the content evolving it and around it! Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I do my very best and go out of my way to help when someone needs it! I believe fully in myself that I could fit the role needed and be the best I could be while continuing to build relations with the community on the server and helping it grow and expand into one of the top servers I personally feel like it should be especially with the amazing content the dev team keeps pumping out. How much free time do you have?: Typically I have 8-12 hours during the weekdays when I'm not working and I don't work at all on the weekends so all day and night during that time!Other notes: I currently have 346 hours of in game time, I made my forum account a bit after I made my in game account and although I don't think I have the post count I've been pretty active on the forums ever since I created my account! Accept or decline thank you for taking the time to read over my app!
  2. It has like a 50% filler rate give or take a little! There's 220 in Naruto and 500 in Shippuden so 720 total so no you only need to skip like 360 episodes 😂
  3. Let's not jump the gun here.... Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are great just skip the million fillers and you're fine 😄
  4. I just started and finished AngelBeats today it's only 13 episodes and each is 22 minutes. Was really good in my opinion should definitely check it out!
  5. I've seen your name in game a bit already but haven't talked much I don't think. Anyway feel free to say hi and welcome to the server and forums!
  6. Perfect


    Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  7. Okay so lately I've been seeing a lot of people upset about not being able to claim the 5 votes from sites. I used to have problems following the sites directions also but I switched how I did it for about a month now I still haven't had it mess up so I want to see if this helps everyone else also. So here's a step by step process and detailed explanation of my process. First off I use the in game ;;vote command to get to the vote page. Time in your in game name of the site that follows. After your name you go to that screen. Instead of going right to left go left to right. Start with Runelocus. Throughout this whole process always make sure the page is fully loaded. Patience is a virtue don't rush anything. Pick the items on the Runelocus page and vote then close out of the tab. Next up we have RSPS-List Nothing special here just vote like normal and make sure the page is fully loaded before you click things. Next up TopG Just make sure the page is fully loaded and vote. Next up the dreaded Rune-Server Open it up to vote make sure the page is loaded and vote. You'll get this on the next page don't worry about it. Just close out of the tab. You'll come back and it will say you haven't voted. DO NOT REOPEN RUNE-SERVER!! Continue on and click on Moparscape On the next page click on the reCAPTCHA and then pick a phrase from the ad that plays. I picked 300+ players as shown in the circle. This ad cycles a few ads wait for it to do a full cycle back to the one you picked. No idea why but it seems to help the site fully load just basically give it a few seconds. Click on vote once it cycles through and close out of it. Congratulations you just earned 5 vote points and the server got 5 full votes it's a win win! Honestly though please give feedback if you try this. I just found it weird how it all worked once I switched the order. If it does work then I'm glad I could help everyone out!
  8. Hey everyone I noticed we didn't have a smithing guide up so I hope this helps some people! This will be a 1-99 guide and can be used for 120 as well. This will be the fastest ways I have found which means some parts may be click intensive. Note we do have Artisans Workshop but I'll be talking about normal smithing. The workshop could probably be a guide on its own. Anyway lets get started! For starters some xp boosting gear and other ways to boost xp! Also a few misc things that could help! You'll get a Blacksmiths piece every 1,000 actions you do each piece will increase xp by 1%. It will be given to you when the random event pops up after said actions. You can also use vote books currently for 27.5% bonus xp buff for 2 hours. You can also use your wisdom aura for an xp boost that last 1 hour! This perk will benefit you by getting rid of the need for coal it cost $7 Coal bag can be bought from the rewards trader for 4,000 dung tokens. You need 35 mining to use and it will hold 81 coal ores. If you do combat I highly recommend getting it as it will help with the later levels! I'm currently a skiller on my account though and the following is how I did my smithing! Levels 1-15 You will be making bronze bars which require 1 tin and 1 copper ore then you'll turn the bars into the highest level bronze item you can. Levels 15-30 You will be doing the same thing just with iron bars. Just like in real rs you can fail to smelt it. Get around that by either making or having someone make you a ring of forging. It is the enchanted ruby ring and it cost 5 fire runes and 1 cosmic rune along with level 49 magic! They do break so maybe make a few for the harder modes. This will stop you from failing to smelt an iron bar so for sure worth it! Levels 30-50 You will be doing the same process just with steal. You no longer need the ring of forging but each steel bar uses 2 coal and 1 iron. Your inventory should look like this each run for max amount of bars. 9 iron ores and 18 coal you'll be able to make 9 bars an inventory. Levels 50-70 You will be repeating the process just with mithril. You inventory should look like this. 5 mithril ores and 20 coal which will allow you to make 5 bars. Levels 70-85 You will be repeating just with adamant. Inventory should look like this. 4 adamant ores and 24 coal which will make 4 bars. levels 85-89/99/120 (fast xp but click intensive) Here you will start using rune which will be click intensive. Inventory should look like this. Now stay with me here while I explain this setup. It takes 8 coal and 1 rune ore to make 1 bar so at most you'll be able to make 3 bars if you were to do a normal setup but that will require more clicking. Put 10 rune ores in your inventory and fill the rest with coal. You'll be making 2 bars each run but when you go to bank instead of grabbing rune and coal you now only need to grab coal. Repeat this until all 10 ores are bars then bank all and repeat! Levels 89-99/120 (slower xp but afk) You can now use corrupted ores if you have access to priff. As stated these are slower xp but can stack and are afkable. Congratulations you're now 99 smithing!! I hope this guild helps anyone who needs it!!
  9. Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy yourself and feel free to say hi in game 😄!
  10. Good luck everyone ☺️!!
  11. Figured I'd make a post sharing the goals I'm going for on here so here goes! (Side note I plan on getting the 120 Dung at the level 15 I am right now) Red = Not started Yellow = In progress Green = Done! Attack 1/99 Strength 1/99 Defence 1/99 Range 1/99 Prayer 99/99 Magic 1/99 Runecrafting 99/99 Construction 99/99 Dungeoneering 101/120 HP 10/99 Agility 99/99 Herblore 99/99 Thieving 99/99 Crafting 99/99 Fletching 99/99 Slayer 53/99 Hunter 99/99 Divination 99/99 Mining 99/99 Smithing 99/99 Fishing 99/99 Cooking 99/99 Firemaking 99/99 Woodcutting 99/99 Farming 99/99 Summoning 1/99 Other goals I plan on getting will go here as I think of them! Max Cape Comp Cape Comp Cape (T) Top 10 Legend on high scores Pictures of the more proud goals will go here as I finish them!
  12. I've been playing for about 3 weeks or so now but kept forgetting to make a forum account so hey everyone!